A thousand grateful refugees riot in Greece and try and take over a ferry

Refugee Situation ‘Out of Control’ Says Greek Island Mayor

Greece’s Coast Guard with the help of police on Friday morning made use of stun grenades to deal with the uprising of about a thousand refugees at the port of Mytilene, on the island of Lesvos.

Thousands of refugees are stuck at the port of Mytilene since the number of ferries that can carry them to the ports of Piraeus or Thessaloniki. On Friday morning, about a thousand of them, with most of them being Afghans, tried to take over a ferry.

While shouting “Athens-Athens,” the refugees stormed Blue Star 1 ferry. The ship crew raised the passageway trapping hundreds of regular passengers who had already embarked, among the refugees.

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    • Tundra Tabs described the mechanics of one criminal enterprise – together with a score of middlemen – taking advantage of this crisis/ -opportunity. No doubt there are many more. Spencer’s description is most apt; this is the promised hijira, no doubt about it.

      If ordinary Europeans wake up, it shouldn’t take their armies more than a few weeks to bring this lot under control. Send everybody fighting age back to the hellhole claimed as place of origin. Allow women and young children to stay in decent refugee centers until they can be repatriated to relative safety.

      Done properly, this should obviate the need for birth control. No more anchor-babies.
      Unless they’re Yasidi or Christian.

      With their numbers greatly diminished, UIMs can be evaluated for genuine refugee status. That still won't be easy, but it has to be done with no expectation of a future in a land earned by the blood and toil of indigenous peoples.

      This appalling display of entitlement demonstrates the spurious claims of this mob. Any boy or man filmed near that train or fighting police elsewhere should be immediately set packing. ASAP. Some of the kids have gone completely feral. Their compatriots can deal with their emotional welfare far better than western social workers.

      • This would work but it will be a while before the European nations decide that they have to support their native population rather then the Middle Eastern invaders.

        • There are still some not many but some worshipers of Zoroaster in the areas around and in Iran, those are also acceptable as refugees. I don’t know if there are any other pagan religions still active in that region.

          FYI there are more Zoroaster worshipers in India then Iran, a lot of them refugeed out to India when Islam came into Persia.

          • I dated an Iranian guy – Zoroastrian father, Jewish mother.[*] His father was ambassador to Italy during the Shah’s regime.

            Taught me a whole lot about Zoroastrians. (And his mother taught me even more. From her perspective inside.) They’d really resent being characterized as pagans.

            I met Zubin Mehta, a Parsi and great friend of Israel. Also a nice person who tells long, wonderful stories.
            [*] I guess I should say Iranian-American, but he’d really hate that.
            Zubin Mehta => https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zubin_Mehta

            • I just looked it up, it use to mean anyone who was not a member of a Abrahamic religion, from what dictonary.com is saying the left has changed that meaning.

        • Unless something really terrible forces their hand.
          G-d forbid, a 9/11- or Boston Marathon- scale event. Right now, right in the faces of these do-gooder volunteers offering treats to tots.

          Look, the Marathon Monsters came here as cute little kids too. So I’m not as broken up as perhaps I should be when I watch these terrorists-of-tomorrow.

          • You are learning an old lesson that most people have forgotten, the old saying is that nits make lice, Back during the settling of the west a lot of people who had lost family members to the Indians would not care about the age or sex of the Indians they killed. If the war of survival lasts long enough we will see this attitude among a lot of people in the west. You can take this as a given and this is one of the reasons I say that civilization may not survive.

          • We in the west, especially in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have gone so long without having war either on our doorsteps or in our nation that we have lost many of the survival attitudes that our ancestors developed to keep them, their families and their culture alive. If the left hadn’t disarmed the European civilians you would see more resistance to the Islamic conquest. Armed people tend to think for themselves.

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