Austrian magazine makes stunning claim about the illegal immigrant flood to Europe and Obama


The following article has consumed most of my day. I, and others who have read it, have felt that intuitively it makes perfect sense. It is consistent with the rest of Obama’s actions and would explain a great deal about why there is this stunning and dramatic increase in tidal waves of muslim men heading in to Europe of fighting age. This would not be the only explanation though. The first English translation I found was on a German website which is similar to something like Aryan Nations or some other white supremacist site. So a big strike against. But to paraphrase Thilo Sarrazin when he was asked how he felt about Neo-Nazis agreeing with his position on IQ and 3rd world immigration to Germany, “Just because the Nazis say the sky is blue I won’t disagree just because they are Nazis”

Oz-Rita was kind enough to do this translation for us first thing in the morning her time and although we are waiting for confirmation or denial from what Austrian sources we have, I thought I would post the translation here anyway and let people judge for themselves as to its authenticity. All I can say about the originating Austrian German language website is it appears to be very anti-West in its general orientation. Speisa, a better known English publication from German sources also republished the article or at least referenced it. I suppose they also felt it was too large to leave alone entirely. ‘Just in case’, sort of thing.

Please feel free to comment on this article, especially if you have any insight into the story or its sources.

The USA pays the traffickers who smuggle people to Europe

An incredible accusation comes now from the ranks of Austrian intelligence: According to information from an employee of the “Austrian Defence Office” * it has been discovered that certain US organizations are paying the smugglers, who on a daily basis bring thousands of refugees to Europe.

“Smugglers demand exorbitant sums to bring refugees to Europe illegally. The conditions are often very poor, yet a transport currently costs from 7,000 to 14,000 euros, depending on region and smuggler organisation.

“In police circles, who deal daily with with asylum seekers (more than 100 officers are active every day even in the ‘Initial Reception Camp’ Traiskirchen) these costs and conditions have long been known. Also, the suspicion that the United States has its fingers in this game, in terms of geostrategy, is voiced repeatedly. Few experts are willing to leak reliable information; no one wants his full name revealed to the public.

“It is known that organizations from the US have created a co-financing model and are contributing substantial amounts to the smugglers’ costs. Not every refugee from North Africa has 11,000 euros in cash. Does nobody ask themselves where the money comes from?

“Apparently, a strict news blackout prevails about the relevant contexts. Even the HNAA (Note .: Army Information Agency) has received no information or may not pass such information on. But it must be made public. Here, the same arsonists are at work that have plunged the Ukraine into chaos a year or so ago.”

Editor’s note from

We ask journalists, police and intelligence officials to actively participate in the investigation of the allegations expressed herein. Please contact us at: if you can pass on reliable information. The current situation is extremely dangerous and educational work can prevent further escalation of the crisis.

* The “Abwehramt” is the news service of the Austrian Armed Forces and subordinated to the Federal Ministry of Defence of Minister Gerald Klug.

Image: Public Domain / Wikimedia John Edwards

Thank you M., CB Sashenka, Gates of Vienna, and Oz-Rita for your help and advice on this. (Even if i didn’t take it)

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6 Replies to “Austrian magazine makes stunning claim about the illegal immigrant flood to Europe and Obama”

  1. I have been looking at the NGOs (non govt org) and VOLAGs (voluntary agencies) that contract with a myriad of depts and bureaus (State, PRM, etc). There are thousands of these NGOs and VOLAGs. Thousands!! The ones I concentrate on are those being paid by the State Dept. to resettle refugees. One conclusion is that no one is really auditing these orgs at all. Since many have annual grants under $100M and many under $10M, who knows what is really being done with this money. I would not be surprised that some of these NGOs/VOLAGs are involved in making the exodus (and paying smugglers) from Muslim countries into the West, not at all.

  2. this source looks suspicious because of mentioning “Ukraine”.
    resembles Putin’s troll campaign trying to shift the blame to USA.

    reality I think is more sinister and familiar.
    Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Islamic State and all that jazz.

    it is very hard to believe that the whole agenda of resettling considerable parts of rural Pakistan and Bangladesh to Britain, North Africa to Neitherlands and France, and Somalia everywhere – that all goes without external control and funding.
    too many businesses open, too many madrassas, too many “charities” paying for lifestyle and loyalty to islamic cause.

    so the next stage is weapon smuggling and formation of islamic state enclaves, “people militias”, large gangs attackng police, collapse of what is left of external EU borders, even faster invasion, more appeasement from mainstream politicians, more pressure on non-muslims etc.

    basically, it is all solvable – the key is total ban and confiscation of islamic finances and removal of the oil mordor rulers from power.
    I suppose the only people capable of doing that, will be some pro-Western group of military commanders among US and NATO forces.
    but, they will need to go against “democratically elected” politicians.
    for that to become reality, situation should be even more dramatic than today.

  3. Yes, it must be asked how thousands upon thousands of the poorest of the poor have 10,000 Euros on hand for the venture. If they were that flush, wouldn’t that negate the need to leave for best pastures?

  4. I imagine if civil war hit where I live. I own my house but it has been destroyed. The banks are closed. My affluent relatives are in the same predicament. I have sold all goods worth selling. I would maybe have enough money to get two of my immediate family to safety and I live in the rich west.
    Anyone who doesnt ask how many of these people are paying for these journies is an idiot.
    What makes sense is someone is funding it.Someone is setting up apps for travel . You may have Libya as an open country now but if your telling me that the U.S and all can take out a modernish army and country out in 100 days and not a bunch of fanatics in pick up trucks then I am afraid logic dictates that for whatever reason, the situation is promoted on purpose.

  5. This report sounds like some propaganda report from teh Cold War and may turn out to be a propaganda report. The sad thing is that it could be semi true since Obama and Company are funding a lot of far left groups that hate the West and freedom.The “refugees” (yes I know some are legitimate refugees) are an invasion force that include both people coming to get away from the violence, some for economic reason and some who are coming to be agents in place to commit sabotage and terror attacks. Because they are an invasion force the Obama administration funding their invasion fits the pattern of his other actions.

    This also could be a disinformation report, all good disinformation starts with a kernel of truth that is then surrounded by a massive body of lies but sounds plausible.

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