Sterling Heights USA. City council meeting to approve an application to built a giant mosque is met with a lot of opposition.

Here is an extraordinary moment from a planning council meeting to approve a mosque in the US. Within the first minute, the muslim seeking the application claims that islam is essentially a sect of Christianity. The audience demonstrates a greater knowledge of Islam than they might have 10 years ago. There is also an implied threat in the presentation for the mosque.

Detailed article here.

An opponent of the application speaks:

More testimony against the mosque application

Will post more as it comes in and those who have more on it please post to comments. It is fascinating how quickly a population has learned enough to oppose a mosque for the right reasons. This is an enormous shift in the culture. Hopefully all these good people will watch the Gavin Boby lectures about the effects on an area a mosque has and be more effective at opposing them at council meetings in future.

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  1. If I were the politicians I would be worried, the people are becoming informed on how badly they have been betrayed and are doing their best to rectify the situation legally. If my memory of the schedule of the Islamic conquest has eithegir 2016 or 2017 as the time when they are going to start direct confrontation to force the locals to live by Sharia. Given what we just witnessed the Moslems might want to look at their hole cards, they aren’t going to like what is coming down the pike.

  2. It appears that the “block-busting” techniques used by unscrupulous real estate agents back 30 to 50 years ago in inner city neighborhoods to stampede residents from their homes are being revitalized by Mohammedans to take over neighborhoods in the Detroit area. I am encouraged by the citizen response to yet another Mohammedan initiative to place a mosque where it serves no purpose other than to claim territory and signal intent to take it over. They asked many pointed questions of their council, including 1. Why was the rezoning proposal so quickly rushed? 2. Where is the funding for the mosque coming from? 3. How is it that speakers at a previous meeting, who gave their names, addresses and phone numbers, are now apparently under surveillance by unidentified parties?

    I am appalled and disgusted that the process of Islamification is ongoing anywhere in the Western world. The process that is underway in Sterling Heights, Michigan has been applied with great success in the UK and continental Europe. While there is some evidence of push-back in Europe, albeit perhaps too little and (hopefully not) too late, there is still a small window of opportunity in the US to stem this tide. I am not certain how well Gavin Boby’s techniques for mosque busting would work in the US context, but it’s worth looking into. In any event, community cohesion is the key to resistance. So long as ii is sustained, there is hope. The block-busters will be looking to create fractures. The block-busters thus need to be identified and publicly hounded.

    This means most particularly the thugs who are showing up uninvited in front of the speakers’ homes. These individuals need to be identified and their associations need to be made public. This will be tough and dangerous work. With the current porosity of the southern border, it is possible that some of the people involved in this intimidation have all too much experience in this kind of activity from other parts of the world. But nevertheless they need to be identified and their associations made known for the preservation of life and liberty. This ordinarily is the job of the police department and the police department should be given every opportunity to do their duty. However, the security of the nation ultimately rests in the hands of its citizens:

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” — Second Amendment, US Constitution

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