The crisis of thousands of non-Europeans flooding the continent and bringing hardship, not fleeing it: Links 3 on Aug. 25 – 2015

1: Ezra and the editor of Breitbart UK discuss the current ‘migrant’ (UMI) crisis

2. A lot of Russian muslims seem to ‘vanishing without a trace’ recently.

Part 2

3. Blindfolded and barefoot, the French train terrorist who ‘watched a jihadi video’ minutes before attack was foiled by hero passengers

(This article is worth it for the one pic)

4. Military experts: Iran already has nuclear weapons

(In fact-checking of previous WND claims, we have on occasion found that the evidence for them was not compelling enough to post here. However this one stands to reason all on its own. It has been way too long. There is no way with their resources and access to materials and wealth that they could not have completed everything necessary to have a break out time of weeks or less for a deliverable nuclear weapon. They also showed the world that they can launch a working ICBM years and years ago. Off the top of my head I do not remember if it had a working reentry capability. But it certainly did circle the Earth or enough of it to hit North America)

5. German reporter on a border point covering the swarm of UMIs.


6. For Saudi Arabia, The Music Just Stopped: Scramble To Slash Spending Begins As Oil Math Reveals Dire Picture

Over the weekend, just as Gulf state stocks were in full-on meltdown mode, we outlined Saudi Arabia’s increasingly precarious financial situation. The problem – which is at least partially of the kingdom’s own making – can be visualized as follows:

7. Lots of UMIs screaming allah hu ackbar in Hungarian hospitality center.

8. 33,000 Muslims gather to pledge allegiance to Islamic caliphate

More than 33,000 Muslims travelled from across the world and gathered in Alton this weekend to pledge allegiance to Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the fifth Caliph and worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

9. Hollande condemns arson attack on mosque

France’s President Francois Hollande has condemned an arson attack on a mosque in southern France after investigators ruled that the building was torched deliberately.

Around 70 percent of the Salame D’Auch Mosque in Auch, near Toulouse, was burned down over the weekend. While no one was injured in the blaze, flames gutted the building and destroyed two prayer rooms and large parts of the roof.
By Monday, investigators ruled that the fire was lit deliberately, confirming the suspicions of firefighters at the scene, who said that there was a strong smell of gasoline in the building at the time.
Later on Monday, President Hollande released a statement condemning the attacks and promising the country’s best efforts to find the culprits.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Buck, ML., Gates of Vienna, Dan F., Richard, and all. Its time to take off your tin foil hats and make them into tin foil shields. What was crazy yesterday is orthodoxy today.

It should be noted that in the paywall article about the Stop Harper stop sign vandalism out East, it referred to a person who was arrested in NB for doing it who had a typical Iranian name.


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5 Replies to “The crisis of thousands of non-Europeans flooding the continent and bringing hardship, not fleeing it: Links 3 on Aug. 25 – 2015”

  1. It stands to reason that Iran has nuclear weapons by the nature of their oil bourse having gone off the petrodollar. Any oil producing nation that goes off the dollar can expect negative repercussions. Any oil producing country that does so with out nuclear weapons can expect war. Saddam, 2000 Iraqi oil for Euros, boom, accusations of mobile WMD factories, finally he loses his head to a noose. Gaddafi, spoke of Libyan oil being sold for gold Dinars, boom, an insurgency follows by a particularly gruesome stabbing death. So the fact that it only went to sanctions in Iran when they went off the dollar would indicate that other issues are involved.

    • I keep seeing articles about Iran getting nukes in 15 years, logic says they have them now. Back in the 40s with 40s tech the US developed the first nukes in under 3 years. Now Iran has or 70s tech and has been work to build nukes for over a decade and a half. Given that length of time to build the infrastructure to manufacture equipment to enrich the fissile material given enough fissile material they have nukes. Given that length of time they will have enough fissile material for several to many warheads.

      I don’t think the Iranian satellite had reentry capabilities but once again given the time factor they have to have solved that problem.

      The only logical way to think about this is that they have enough nukes to do major damage to all targets within their range and are waiting for 1) more nukes, 2) longer range delivery systems 3) some more end time prophecies to be filled. Probably a mix of all three with the desire to have ICBMs that will allow a fairly large salvo to be fired at the US.

    • The think I find the scariest is that we are living through events that I read about in 50s and 60s Science Fiction but those stories had patriotic leaders working to protect civilization. Now at least one major western leader is working against the west and many more seem to have been taken bribes to interfere with the west defending ourselves.

      • FYI a lot of the SciFi weapons in those books are either on line or we are capable of making them now. Plus several weapons the authors didn’t think of. I just wish I knew that enough of the weapons are on line and ready for use.

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