So what happened in Sweden? And what about the Iranian ‘side deals’? Links 2 on Aug. 11 – 2015

1. Exclusive: IS Bombers In UK Ready To Attack

Islamic State is now focused on urging British would-be recruits to carry out “lone wolf” attacks in the UK instead of travelling to fight in Syria, Sky News has learned.

Fictional characters created online by Sky with an undercover freelance journalist were sent terror guidebooks by senior jihadists in Syria – including advice on raising funds and making weapons.

And we were told IS already has a number of potential bombers in the UK – some of whom have been trained in Syria and are ready to attack.

By posing on Twitter and in chatrooms as two individuals committed to jihad – one male, one female – we have gained a disturbing new insight into the extremists’ tactics.

2. The Glazov Gang – Victim of Muslim Grooming/Rape Gangs Speaks Out.

3. J-Post publishes Robert WIstrich’s last article. Anti-zionism, anti-semitism and the new left. 

“Jews who arrived in British Mandated Palestine manifestly did not come in order to destroy or displace the Palestinian Arab ‘nation’—contrary to the myth propagated by the pro-Palestine radical left, until today,” he wrote, asserting that economic modernization spurred by Jewish national revival turned Palestine into a land “attracting substantial Arab immigration.”

According to Wistrich, there were around six hundred thousand Arabs in the entire British Mandated Territory in the early 1920s, rising to well over a million by 1940, “hardly an example of colonial dispossession of the ‘indigenous’ population.”

Most Palestinian Arabs during the Mandatory period were “either immigrants from neighboring Arab lands or descendants of immigrants who had arrived since the late nineteenth century,” he added.

4. Here is a non-MSM source, photo from the IKEA in Sweden which alleges to be of the victim in the ‘stabbing’ attack.

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Decapitated or not?

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20% enlarged and enhanced



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Another 20% or so


5. US Congressional hearing questions Kerry on Iranian side deals

Thank you M., Buck, Phil M.,Gates of Vienna,

Our own Oz-Rita was suspicious of the video posted earlier of a muslim man asking a British girl on a date and being rejected because of the Islamic reputation (and facts) on how they relate with women. She felt it was staged and looked into it farther.

It was sent to me by Tundra T. who, like myself, felt he had intended to show muslims as victims of unfair discrimination when harassing women in public but in fact we thought it was good because it showed that the average person might now be aquatinted with enough of the facts to make healthy decisions for their own survival. Rita however, suspected the whole thing was fake and looked into some other of his videos which seem all to be staged with the express purpose of making muslims look like victims even when they are the sole cause of the circumstances. Like in this video below

He fakes hitting a muslim woman and laments that no one shows up to help. Of course the same people aren’t around so its meaningless. Also I don’t believe the people in the first case are real interveners either, I think he staged that to fake his point. They were too coordinated in their ninja moves to stop him. But the point that needs making is that muslims have isolated themselves from the general public very deliberately and when muslim men treat women in an Islamic fashion anyone who tries to intervene will suspect they will be arrested for racism, and they probably would especially in the UK, and so they won’t. This is the price of ‘multiculturalism’.

Thank you Oz-Rita for being alert. Tundra T. observes this is the same woman as in the video where he is turned down for a date posted yesterday.

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27 Replies to “So what happened in Sweden? And what about the Iranian ‘side deals’? Links 2 on Aug. 11 – 2015”

      • It is how the liberals think, blame the weapon and not the terrorist or criminal, after all it was that inanimate object that made them commit the act of violence.

        • Only when the perp is a non white or a leftist. Then its the weapon. If the perp is a white male or conservative then its all about the person. Everytime.

        • I have never in my life imagined to hear such ridiculous stuff. You’re right, it’s so asinine you can’t make it up. Asylums commit crimes, fine the people that report them or better yet, take away the implements they use to do the crime with. Something is seriously messed up in the head….I wish somebody could really explain to me why Europe ONCE AGAIN is brainwashed into letting folks hurt their own population. It wasn’t bad enough the first time?

  1. Amnesty approves policy to decriminalize sex trade

    LONDON (AP) — Amnesty International has approved a controversial policy to endorse the de-criminalization of the sex trade, rejecting complaints by women’s rights groups who say it is tantamount to advocating the legalization of pimping and brothel owning.

    At its decision-making forum in Dublin on Tuesday, the human rights group approved the resolution to recommend “full decriminalization of all aspects of consensual sex work.” It argues its research suggests decriminalization is the best way to defend sex workers’ human rights.

    The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women has argued that while it agrees with Amnesty that those who are prostituted should not be criminalized, full de-criminalization would make pimps “businesspeople” who could sell the vulnerable with impunity.

    Amnesty’s decision is important because it will lobby governments to accept its point of view.

    ****well, this appears to be one way to make all those pesky “sex grooming” and “pedo” investigations/prosecutions disappear. [/sarc]

    • There is a sizable industry already offering high-class and cheap-sleeze prostitution in this very efficient non-government initiative in a very flexible capitalist marketplace with a whore for everyone for every occassion. Women are shipped from all over the world making it the most Equality and Diversity compliant employer in the hospitality and enterainment sector.

      The only problem is if workers are forced against their – and we already have laws against slavery.

      A girl can rise up the ranks to earn millions. Regulation will stifle talent and introduce corruption to an Islamic or Communist brothel.

      If the government want to tax every session with more placed onto the most risky-dangerous act as part of their arbitrarily created ‘good-sleeping’ campaign or extra on the customer because they are a high income earner and it’s not fair they always get to consume better, that’s their Chief MD’s and Social Engineers’ prerogative.

      Amnesty to move from poor children and trafficking onto regulation is at best misguided to think to control the distribution of crack you win. (You just legitimize it and the use of it grows with every spouse to expect it from their partner late from the office, and don’t worry because it’s “safe sex”), or the perverts have occupied the Amnesty ranks and now want to start their own regulated businesses with a hefty subsidy.

      Communists and Islamists have brothels for their dehumanized believers. Now the socialist want to venture there to, in the name of solidarity, sister.

      Tackle the root causes of poverty: ignorance, religion, low self esteme. Not feed the comforters.

  2. @ Eeyore: 🙂 Thank you – I’m walking 10 feet tall at the moment, in my head the tune of “Lets get physical” sounds to lyrics that go: “I’m so cynical, cynical….” 😉

  3. I was born and raised in Sweden myself, and it is today a country I don’t recognize anymore. Antisemitism has exploded across Europe and in Sweden in particular.
    I suppose that this recent attack will somehow soon be blamed on some sort of ” zionist conspiracy”. After all a Swedish left wing (Social Democrat) in the city of Malmö in the south of the country declared in earnest that Anders Breivik of Norway ( the man who went on a rampage and killed close to a hundred people) was in fact just that; part of a “zionist conspiracy” to create terror among the muslim immigrants in that country. Yes, you read that correctly!
    I come from a Jewish family myself, but have decided to move to Israel as soon as possible as Europe, including the Scandinavian countries, has become absolutely surreal!
    Insanity rules, and nothing surprises me anymore.
    Daniel Less

    • Daniel –

      Get thee from the lion’s den, stat! The Simon Wiesenthal Center put out a warning. Don’t let vile Swedes make a shrine of dead flowers, stuffed animals and snuffed candles where you’ve become a grease-stain on the pavement.

      Contact the Jewish Agency, some will help you even if you choose not to go to Israel. Check-out the Times of Israel blogs. There’s a good one by a Scandinavian who made aliya quite recently.

      I’m Yucki, the YankeeKafir.

      • Yucki please post those url’s on a periodic basis, we need to get as many out of the line of fire as we can. I realize that there is no truly save place for people to go but there are some that are safer then Europe.

        • It’s just sooooo hard……..

          My Dad was among those devoted to getting Soviet Jews out. The Jackson-Vanik amendment was passed and many left, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

          This morning a friend told me that her parents were among the first to jump at the chance to leave for the USA. But she had a young family, her husband had a good job, “Everything was getting better, why leave?”

          Only then it got really bad. They lived near Chernobyl. With little reliable information they swallowed gossip and lies. And fear, lots of fear. Getting exit visas had become complicated again. Finally, with sick kids, they got to Israel.

          They had a hard time adjusting, but medical treatment probably saved one of the kids. Another one missed her bus by five minutes – just in time to watch it explode and see bits of flesh and blood everywhere.

          They fell apart emotionally, something not all that unusual in Israel. (Despite saturated media coverage of life in the Holy Land, you’ll never read that part of the story.) Eventually her parents and our community brought them here.

          She cried telling me the story. Leaving everything twice, like an “egg broken just before hatched.”

          And then cried some more as she took out a phone with pictures of beautiful, healthy Sashenka. A first grandson for one very grateful Babushka.

          * * *
          We can’t know how difficult it is to leave. Sometimes you want to grab every last one – even kicking & screaming – and carry them to relative safety, somewhere. We can’t do it. We can open doors and hold hands, but that’s all.

          We can – sometimes – know what happened to those who waited too long.
          * * *
          An Ottoman Jew in Paris: The Story of Moïse de Camondo and His Museum.

    • I am really sorry to hear that, people, who respect the worth of human life and its freedoms and are worthy member of the society, feel need to flee Europe and followers of dark medieval nazi Islam are coming in.

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