Ikea stabbers from Eritrea, living at Govt. Asylum center and more: Links 1 on Aug. 11 – 2015

1. PEGIDA Dresden

(Is it just me, or is this unusually good looking video? I wonder what camera/post-production etc. is on it)

2. Malmö shaken by another grenade attack

(Clearly its time for more stringent grenade controls in Sweden. Maybe a law that says you have to be a registered terrorist before you can buy grenades and maybe a special course you have to take about fishing with grenades before you can carry one on the street. Yes that should do it)

The hand grenade exploded on a residential street near one of Malmö’s busiest bus stations in the Möllevången area of the southern city late on Sunday night.

No one was injured in the blast, which took place at 11pm at a street crossing between Ahlmansgatan and Claesgatan, although some 30 windows were shattered.

(Still no word on the identities of the 3 people who did the Ikea stab attack earlier today even though the suspect is in custody. Perhaps they need more time to make up a Swedish name for him and fake some psychiatric records from Islamic State hospitals. Interestingly, there were scores of witnesses yet no descriptions in any media seen so far)

3. Syria: Sunni jihadis fire 1,000 missiles at Shi’ite towns

(This might be a great time for Shiite people to fire thousands of missiles at Sunni towns. Im sure any of the readers of this site can help find telemetry)

“Al-Nusra and many of its hardline allies consider Shiite Muslims to be heretical” — and in Islamic law, a pious Muslim is to put a heretic to death.

How many missiles have “Islamophobes” fired at Muslims over the last few days? Why, none. Yet how much publicity does “Islamophobia” get in the West, compared to that given to the Sunni/Shi’ite jihad? Now, why is that?

“Syria rebels fire 1,000 missiles at Shiite towns: monitor,” AFP, August 10, 2015:

Beirut (AFP) – Syrian rebels fired around 1,000 rockets, mortar shells and homemade projectiles at two besieged Shiite towns in Idlib province, a monitor said Monday.

4. Secure Freedom video on Obama’s FP legacy

(Yes its worth watching)

5. $20.000.00 being offered for info leading to arrest of person who bombed 2 Churches in New Mexico.

6. State of emergency called in Ferguson after gunfire mars protests

7. Report: British Sniper Saves Boy, Father From Islamic State Beheading With Half-Mile Shot

8. one smart girl

9. Both random Ikea stabbers are Eritrean asylum seekers

Police confirmed on Tuesday morning that they had arrested two people over the violence and said that both were from Eritrea.
Officers told Swedish media that the youngest suspect, 23, had already been questioned but added that a second 35-year-old man linked to the attacks remained in hospital with life-threatening injuries.
The suspects knew one another and were living at the same accommodation complex for asylum seekers, they added.
Meanwhile police said that the shoppers who were stabbed to death at the Ikea store in the central Swedish town of Västerås on Monday were a mother and son, aged 55 and 28.
But Västerås police chief Per Ågren told reporters there were “no political overtones” in the investigation.
Deputy Chief Prosecutor Eva Moren also told Swedish media at the conference that the stabbings were unlikely to have had a political or personal motive.
(Yes the ‘Eritreans’ had a very rare disorder called, ‘Stabby Tourette’s Syndrome’. Or possibly the victims where just unusually magnetic when the two perps where trying out knives for their Cordon Bleu course)
A press spokesperson for Ikea, Daniela Rogosic, told The Local on Tuesday morning that the company was offering counselling to staff at the branch where the violence took place and said that the store would remain closed until further notice.
(Because the leftist’s solution is not to get rid of, or even slow down importing large volumes of criminals, but help victims feel better about the crime. It is interesting that still, no names are released. Odds are at least one of them is Mohamed)

‘It is an insane incident that has taken place, that two people have been knife-murdered in IKEA.’

The 35-year-old murder suspect was also injured in the attack and remains in hospital. As he suffered life threatening injuries, police have not been able to question him about the incident.

(Yep. Stabby Tourette’s’)

Thank you Malca, M., Richard, Tundra T., Richard, Wrath of Khan and all who sent in materials.


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  1. re: 2, Ikea stabbing attack…Eeyore remarked:

    “Perhaps they need more time to make up a Swedish name for him and fake some psychiatric records from Islamic State hospitals. …”

    Very plausible and most unfortunately, even likely. Early on, as I searched for details about the Ikea incident online, I do recall reading a google translation of a Swedish article which did mention someone suggesting “loneliness” as an excuse.
    Second suspect in surgery a second time
    The 55 year old woman and her 28 year old son were from outside the village of Skellefteå The 23 year old suspect was living in Arboga , he denies murder. The 35 year old suspect remains in critical condition. Police are convinced the two are culprits.
    Both suspects reside at Cold Stone Farm, Arboga (currently cordoned off) where Eritrean asylum seekers receive accommodation while awaiting residency decision

    Photo of 23 year old murder suspect arrested at bus stop in Erikslund?

    No political motive behind the knife attack There is no link between the two suspects for knife murders in Västerås and the victims, police said at a news conference. The conclusion is that the attack was not politically motivated.

    “The 23-åringe suspects were arrested in connection with that he ran from the IKEA store in Vasteras after the knife attack. In the interview after he was arrested he denied the charges.
    Lawyer Maria Wilhelmsson met on Tuesday morning his client, who continued to claim his innocence.
    – He has been there but have not done anything, says Maria Wilhelmsson told TT, adding: – It may suffice that you are at the wrong place at the wrong time you can be reasonably suspected. It’s very low standard of proof for that one should be reasonably suspected, she says.” . . . “The alleged perpetrators, who are not known to police for previous crimes, knew each other, according to data Aftonbladet”

  2. @2 Ikea…Emirates24/7: Ikea attack suspects identified
    By AFP Published Tuesday, August 11, 2015

    The two suspects in a knife attack at an Ikea store in Sweden that left two dead are Eritrean asylum seekers, one of whom is in critical condition, police said Tuesday.
    The motive for the midday attack on Monday in the central town of Vasteras was still unknown, deputy prosecutor general Eva Moren told reporters.
    “The two suspects are both from Eritrea. They have been living at an asylum centre,” she said, adding that the pair knew each other.
    “We know nothing about the motive yet, the investigation will have to determine that,” Moren said.
    The suspects’ identities were not disclosed.

  3. #1:

    “…(Is it just me, or is this unusually good looking video? I wonder what camera/post-production etc. is on it)…”

    The quality of the (post?)production is technically nearly as good as the IS productions. (Although seeing that the content of this video is at the other extrem of Islam, the money for making it was obviously not oil-stained.

    Makes me nearly proud again to be German – especially as there is an Israeli Flag flying, free and lovely. 🙂

    Yes, Frau Merkel and assorted collabos: put THAT in your pipe and smoke it !

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