A list of important links to news about Islam, leftism and geopolitics: Links 3 on Aug. 5 – 2015

Today is already a massively busy and ominous news day. Thank you all who consistently and occasionally send in these items as you see fit.

1. FBI: Middle Eastern Men Intimidating U.S. Military Families In Colorado & Wyoming

2. ‘I came to kill Hindus, it’s fun doing this,’ says captured Pakistan terrorist Naved

Udhampur: “Its fun doing this,” said Naved, a suspected Lashker-e-Toiba militant from Pakistan who was caught alive after the attack on a BSF convoy here on Wednesday that killed two constables.

Naved, who says he hails from Faislabad in Pakistan, claimed before the media that he entered the Jammu region 12 days ago along with a fellow terrorist identified as Momin Khan. Khan was killed in retaliatory fire by BSF.

This is the first suspected Pakistani terrorist to be captured alive after Ajmal Kasab, who was nabbed during the dreaded terror attack in Mumbai in 2008.

“I came to kill Hindus,” said Naved, dressed in a dark blue shirt and brown trousers, with a relaxed demeanour. He also alleged that Kashmiris were being killed all the time.

3. Shots fired for second day near Camp Shelby



Soldiers involved in a training exercise reported the shots about 8 a.m. Wednesday in the same area where gunfire was heard about 11:45 a.m. Tuesday, Lt. Col. Christian Patterson said.

The shooter in both incidents is described as a white man in a red pickup truck, Patterson said.

“The Camp Shelby Joint Forces training center is currently at a heightened state of alert,” Patterson said. “No service members have been hurt or injured in (Wednesday’s) incident.”

4. Man ‘threatened to burn ISIS flag’ at Livingston mosque

(It would be interesting to see the statute on that. Do the Scots really have a law saying it is illegal to threaten to burn a flag in public or in front of a mosque or whatever?)

A MAN has been charged with threatening to burn an ISIS flag in front of worshippers at a mosque.

Kenneth Meek, 54, is said to have made the threat during an alleged Facebook rant posted on his page last year.

Meek, from Livingston, is also alleged to have encouraged online friends to film themselves burning similar flags and to upload the images onto social media sites.

The 54-year-old appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court where he denied the allegations against him.

(If the members of the mosque are against the Islamic State, why would it even be a problem for them? WOuldn’t it be like burning a Nazi flag in front of a German community center which claims to have no affiliation or sympathy for the Nazis? Should be no problem, shouldn’t it?

5. Austrian Fighter Mohamed Mahmoud Calls for Lone-Wolf Attacks in Austria, Germany in IS Video

Austrian fighter Mohamed Mahmoud (AKA Abu Usama al-Gharib) appeared with a German colleague in an Islamic State (IS) video from Tadmur, shooting to death two captive soldiers and calling on Muslims in Austria and Germany to come to IS-held territories or wage lone-wolf attacks at home.

Video here (Jihadi website most likely)

6. Anti police protestors in NY run to police for help when bikers and vets oppose them. Also a group of patriots use the now standard Alinsky tactic against them to great effect all at this post at Pat Dollard. 

7. This is actually from the BBC if you can believe it. There is no attempt in this clip to mitigate or justify or apologize for islam in terms of its treatment of gay people.

8. Israeli PM does webcast on where he stands today in terms of the Iranian nuclear deal

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, and many more who contribute with comments and links. More to come.

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9 Replies to “A list of important links to news about Islam, leftism and geopolitics: Links 3 on Aug. 5 – 2015”

  1. *Sigh* You’re working too hard Eeyor.

    “WOuldn’t it be like burning a Nazi flag in front of a German community center which claims to have no affiliation or sympathy for the Nazis? Should be no problem, shouldn’t it?”

    By association he would be accusing the mosque with ties to ISIS, the German’s to Nazis. But if that is his opinion, then hey, it was once a free country.

    Now it is a Hate Crime in the book of the munchkin – even if it’s true.

    But I can’t see what real law he is breaking if he does not create an obstruction and disturb the peace. The only ones to riot are muslims and this appears in the Land of The Brave to be a foregone conclusion with Islam having achieved the whole world’s acolade of low expectations.

    I guess therefore he’s better off threatening to burn the Israeli flag for say, ‘occupying Palestine,’ outside a synagogue. His right to protest peacefully will be upheld and the government-sponsored charities would join him to gain leverage on the international stage.

    Anyway, if you don’t want to read someone’s private facebook page – don’t read it. And those who like it, will.

      • Yeah, it rations health care and kills of the elderly, a group that I belong to, the optometrist at the VA is talking about cataract surgery so it will be done before I am old enough for Obama Care to prevent the procedure.

  2. 7. “My dad is a religious man”.

    For every boy, their dad represents God. Someone they look up to, respect, is balanced-minded to guide their mother, and they naturally want to emulate. The father imprints into them his identity. I know that I have onto my three boys, a little in awe that I know all their games and cannot play me like their mom. A rock. But this young man couldn’t take that identity off the muslim carpet-beater, for the stronger person with all the power of infuence on the muslim’s preoccupation – was his mother.

    So when his dad found out he was rodgering roosters, he screamed at him. What would his neighbors say? A collectivist to his dhimmi dying day.

    No man screams. Ever. Only feminized-men do on Communist Day of Rage peace marches.

    I would have been disappointed if I failed to connect with that young mind for I know he would be in despair, looking for a real man he had never known to complete him, a wandering lost soul, on the path of vanity and tears, and closer towards a sex-change in the rejection of self.

    Islam is the castrator of malekind into a nation of suck-up “yes boss don’t pick on me it’s kuffar’s fault”. Feminist’s in power delight over them – exactly like lesbian dykes rule the fem homosexual men.

    It’s weird even writing about the weird.

  3. 1 – The wanna be martyrs are in the right part of the nation to have a military or police husband or father react with lethal force.

    3 – Just because he is white doesn’t mean he isn’t Moslem.

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