Ann Coulter and Australia. Same root issues. Links 2 on July 19 – 2015

1. Entertaining hour long video of Ann Coulter discussing her book, Adios America, which seems to center on immigration and busting leftist myths on the subject.

(I started to read one of her earlier books and while it was entertaining, that book did not stand up to reality as I understood it at the time. This one indeed may survive a fact check and from the interview here, she defends it well. However I did read a book on some facts on immigration by a former editor of Forbes magazine which was along the same lines many years ago and from what she says in this interview, isn’t that far off from her much more updated book)

2. Reclaim Australia North Queensland

3. July 16th Australian Border Force seize 17 illegal bullet proof vests and hoodie with Islamic logo in raid at Greenacre and Ashcroft

The man’s baggage contained the 17 undeclared ballistic vests and a black hoodie featuring an Islamic creed known as the Shahada, while two more vest were found in unaccompanied baggage.

Assistant Commissioner Investigations Steve Lancaster said the ABF was ready to protect Australia from organised crime and terrorism.

“As this operation shows, ABF work does not stop at the physical border and those involved in illicit importation can also expect a knock on the door from an ABF investigator,” he said in a statement on Thursday.\

4. Reclaim Australia demo in Mackay. Soft spoken voice of classical liberalism is verbally assaulted by the usual Alinskyite crowd of useful idiots and agitators.

5. Newcastle Australia speech on Halal by German expat


Thank you M., Jihad Watch, and all who contributed today to this site in posts and links and comments.

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  1. This is hte issue that all civilized nations face, the left has managed to seriously damage the idea that all nations have the right to limit immigration as well as doing serious damage to the idea that immigrants are suppose to change to fit into their new home.

  2. 1. Ann Coulter addresses the legal immigration issue of lack of intelligence, crime, lower wages for unskilled workers, babies without adequate housing, unemployment which then by miraculous coincidence is at the same time politically-led by both sides of the Houses in West European countries. She points out the poverty and debt caused by it, and the systematic displacement of Whites by Affirmative Action.

    But she has not said why the Left are doing it. The Left don’t care about money or anyone who is decadent enough to have savings – Maynard Keynes said they can print it. The Freudian term is Quantitative Easing.

    Was there something said or revealed at the secret Bilderberg Group meetings? These self-loathing actors with need for power realising their enemy was insight? That the White pigment, an accident of lack of melatonine, may havevcaused the European Enlightenment and this should have never happened at all? Ghosts and Goblins, Jinns and Juju, the Evil Eye and surveillance cameras were able to control the masses for a select wealthy political elite. Russia, China, North Vietnam and every Communist country killed millions of their most intelligent along with their genetic offspring after them. The smiley-face rewarded technicians remaining may not ever recover to civilization by stealing and replicating everything from America and capitalist countries. Likewise the muslims suffered the same-selection of idiocracy to survive within their ranks with cunning and ruthlessness – to stay alive long enough to be considered a leadership trait.

    Maybe they all saw a Scientology video on their destiny of to rule as members of a Galactic Empire if only they gathered every creed from every nation and NBC, CBC and the BBC etc. merged. Or that enhancement of humanity was no longer to have the lowly desire of breeding and wanting to love and nurture children, but to consentingly consume one another – and all those in D Wing, in isolation – the normative deployment of punishment for non-conformists, of the segregated residential school. Reproduction into adult memehood becomes complete.

    Ann, however, did not mention any of this, of these right-hemisphered minds in the dream of multicolored Rainbow grace and phobia of being upset. Her left-hemisphere was very very much focused, figeratively and black and white wondering what the Third World Hell America was heading into.

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