Signs of the times in the UK and more: Links 3 on June 3 – 2015

1. In the Netherlands, kids and school staff are going around various neighborhoods trying to get white people to send their kids to schools which are nearly all muslims, by basically calling them racist, with flyers that say: “Is this white enough for you?”

Somehow I don’t think it will work. I hope it doesn’t work if I am understanding this correctly.

2. Muslim father is jailed for 27 months for attacking headmaster and racially abusing teachers in row over school ban on beards

(Because the most important thing about a Catholic school is it has to accommodate muslims in every picayune way)

Mohammad Liaqat, pictured, has been jailed for 27 months after a racist tirade on two Catholic schools

A Muslim father has today been jailed for more than two years and branded a ‘bully’ after he stormed into a Catholic school and abused a head teacher over a religious row about beards.

Mohammad Liaqat also shoulder barged a headmaster at another school in a racist tirade in front of parents, who were picking up their children. 

The first incident happened at Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School in Accrington, after two 14-year-old Muslim pupils were banned from lessons for refusing to shave off their beards.

Liaqat, 34, was angered by the decision, despite his children not actually being involved in the case and the matter had also been resolved.

During the rampage he hurled insults at white teachers in front of the shocked.

He was ordered to stay away from the school after being arrested over the incident, but went on to continue his rant at another school close by.

3. Why Would a Devout Muslim Want to Work at Abercrombie and Fitch?

(Pamela Geller asks why a devout muslim who wears a head scarf for modesty would insist on working at a place who’s image is based on pornography. Excellent question. I would make the argument that discriminating against someone who won’t obey your corporate dress code is not preventing them from believing what they want so in fact they should have no case. They did not say she couldn’t work there because she was muslim but because she won’t suit that corporate image. Much like a hasidic Jew who shaves his head in an uncool way and has long curly side locks and a big black hat probably wouldn’t look right working at Hooters. It wouldn’t be because he was Jewish, it would be because he doesn’t look the part. All parties are still allowed to believe what they want, hence, no religious discrimination in terms of the intention of the 1st amendment etc)

4. Erdogan is reacting predictably to the journalists who exposed his dealings with the islamic terrorists by sending them weapons illegally. 

President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an has filed a criminal complaint against a Turkish newspaper and its editor over a critical news report, asking him to be jailed for life. The move came hours after Erdo?an said the journalist would pay a “heavy price,” as international condemnation poured in.

The footage released by Cumhuriyet on May 29 showed gendarmerie and police officers opening crates on the back of the trucks which contain what the daily described as weapons and ammunition sent to Syria by Turkey’s  National Intelligence Organization (M?T) in January 2014.

(This site may have been the first English site to publish a full translation of both the article and video which has Erdogan so profoundly upset)

5. Erdogan announces the Ottoman Caliphate, the fourth kingdom of Daniel 2, is RESURRECTING AGAIN!

(Can’t see why this is anything to worry about)

6. Buck, One of this site’s longest regulars and tipsters who lives in London sent some photos he just took an hour ago from Peckham SE5. A fascinating sign of the times. Buck promises to send more tomorrow. You may have to read it a couple of times before the profundity of it and the severity sinks in.

Also notice that the implication is that it is a white male of roughly her age in the photo. I think by now the truth of the matter should be widely known but as we know, the truth is now illegal.

British sexual abuse warning sign

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Buck, antikythera and all. More to come.

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22 Replies to “Signs of the times in the UK and more: Links 3 on June 3 – 2015”

    • #1.
      “…kids and school staff are going around various neighborhoods…”

      Pimping for Islam, collecting more little child-jihadi-brides for allah?

      Vomiteous !!!

    • @Buck: excellent photo>

      Is it just me or is “Sam” rather a Jewish name than an Arab/Muslim one? In which case they have killed 2 birds with one stroke:

      1. Protect the sharia-compliant child-rape gangs which, I understand, are exclusively muslim.
      2. Indulge in a little oblique Jew Bashing

      I am not surprised that this is coming with approval from a government whose Prime Minister affirms that “islam-has-nothing-to-do-with-islam”.

  1. 6. Where do you start with this Marxist government-funded poster that can’t identify the problem? Operation Islam anyone?

    The Socialist message is: It’s OK for Sam to screw her like a badger. But not his friends, who are all decent Marxists… but… she’d never let on that his training of her to be his whore meant she was now wide open to all-comers, and this office slag was equal and in control over any man that he happened to know. However, he would be arrested for her being drunk and sleeping with his best mate unbeknown to him – according to a female Judge.

    The Muslim message is: The blind leading the blind can’t touch us.

  2. 1. The Marxists are at it, and at it again, driving to the morale collapse of the country.

    “Is this white enough for you?” means, “you, you racist, White Privileged bastards”… this legalized, government-sanctioned bullying, straight out of Behavioral Science textbooks… from some quiet little rooms in every university and school that has an Equality Officer.

    Inferior cultures, paranoid superstitions, dysfunctional home life, equal diversity, guilted for being White… I can understand why they don’t want to go to these State Schools for the State Housed and get indoctrinated to spy on their parents.

  3. Meanwhile in FRANCE:

    #1. Their EDUCATION MINISTER, is an Arab/Muslim, with Moroccan and French nationality who wears the muslim veil when she visits HER country, Morrocco, where the veil is NOT obligatory..

    6. This short film shows how they portray forced child marriage, rampant in a quasi islamised country like France. What’s worse, in my opinion, is that the “mother” in the film is the mistress of President Hollande, whom he will marry (it is rumored) on his 60th birthday:

    • The Socialists love it… using the problems they create to advance their ideology.

      This video reinforces within the young mind that child-on-child sex is OK, but not adult-child.

      ‘Are you going to make-out with him?’ says her schoolgirl friend about a boy.
      ‘You are so yesterday,’ she ridiculed.

      Let that linger… and then to this innocent child we are shown she is dominated by her mother and uncle, having no idea what trap she is walking into. We are presented with a brutally gratuitous sex-scene intended to shock the pre-pubescent viewer to the core, to allow psychological imprinting to occur.

      Message to every child in France: That’s what you get if you are morale, without carnal knowledge. Because to rewind the clock back and protect yourself is to be screwing boys like her friends too, and you won’t ever be ensnared because you can now see the glint in the adults’ eyes too to what they want. You are safer if you are a fornicator.

      Nothing revealed of those daily lives lived as the example of Muhammad. These secret perverts. But they are not the intended enemy to protect yourself from… your parents are. Separate from them, and their ‘yesterday’ values, and you’ll be wise. Just a wearing a condom with strangers, wards off HIV.

      Goebbels could not have made a better propaganda video for the Communists.

      • Your additional angle (child-on-child sex is okay) is well spotted. I saw it mainly as a white-wash of Muslims (who have infiltrated France as much as making an Arab/muslim with double nationality their EDUCATION MINISTER. The ones portrayed as the “badies” are demonstrately non-muslim folk, yet – especially in France – forced child marriage is rampant among sharia-compliant and Qatar financed muslims. Their “normal” m.o. is to send the girl (even born in France) “back to the bled” (their village in the Maghreb), get her married (raped) and then back to France.
        In the multiple and increasing no-go areas, “tournantes” are a daily occurance for young girls who dont wear the veil or dont otherwise submit to sharia. Tournantes are organised gang rapes of child-girls. It’s not even an “open SECRET” any longer, it’s just OPEN !
        And for the rather popular official mistress of the socialist French President to lend herself to this charade makes it even more vomituous.

      • Right, Rita. Perfect’s on to something more.

        I was so caught up in the child-bride theme I didn’t notice the wink at sex between children. Such is the recompense for the child who knows her own mind.

        Then the State seems to be nodding at the wedding in a building that looks like City Hall. They’re all grown-ups, gathered together to celebrate an atrocity. What’s that say?

        The “brutally gratuitous sex-scene” shocked me so much I lost the subversive socialist message. Goebbels isn’t wild hyperbole in this context.

    • And finally, as to why children are constantly being sexualized by Socialist governments…

      You hear it every day… it’s common knowledge. Every Erotic-Sexual says it over and over again to justify and explain themselves…

      They admit they knew they were sex-hungry beings by the time they were seven. Their whole paradigm is based upon this fact. The ages 2-7 are Piaget’s ‘preperational self-operational ego-centric stage of child cognitive development’. Their sense of their place in the world is deeply imprinted then. The Jesuits understood this clearly, that if they had the child up to the age of seven, they produced a Catholic for life.

      And so you won’t be able to be part of their world, their vision, unless you enter through this gate too. It is a rite of passage as much as for a newborn baby to have The Call to Prayer demanded in it’s ear or Krishna evoked protect them from demons at night. Without the imprint of fear, there is no manifestation of allusion nor equality of relative deviation.

      Children protected and untainted because of the vigilance of their parents, won’t feel the talons of identity clawing at their jacket and then at their shirt and then at thin air as they descend into a drug-addled hell of perfect imperfection, because there is no drop of ego to resonate and support their claim. Life simply is one where the lilies grow and unfurl. Nonsense is just plain nonsense.

      So from departing dysfunctional state-indoctrinated nursery schools, pubescent children enter the stage of being acutely self-aware, embarrassed and earnestly want to hide and fit in, who are then exposed to sex in all its perversities and fantasies forcing them to be exposed, sexualized, desensitized and tagged; to be told of the important ever-present mistrust of adults, as they spiral into adulthood with an ever-deepening sense of unhappiness.

      Constant validation then becomes the job of the government, and what a very powerful force to wield over this approval-vain population indeed.

  4. In South Africa we also had an incident this year at a private school where there were 6 white grade R learners in one class full of black children while all the other grade R classes had no white children at all (only black children). The black parents proceeded to turn it into a racist issue and accused the school of racism. It seems that they would prefer the few white children to be split up so that each grade R class has only one white child who will have difficulty making friends with the rest of the children who tend to speak their own African language during play time. If it was the other way around nobody would have cared if children from a minority group were together in a class ….but it’s really all about hounding down the white people…which goes to show who the real racists are….

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