AM radio call from the organizer of the freedom of speech event at Parliament Hill scheduled for May 20, subsequently cancelled, along with limits to Danish event

Here are segments of tonight’s Late Night Counsell from AM radio CFRA after the show host was made aware of the Free Speech event planned for Parliament hill tonight. Emails and callers including the woman, Alexandra, who organized the event called in to discuss it. Show host John Counsell was very good on the issue.


Earlier today, Vlad Tepes posted an article about a gathering for irreverent religious drawings to take place in Bornholm Denmark. The mayor of that town has now said that no drawings of mohamed should be shown at this meeting as of 1:30 AM ET. So early morning in Denmark.

Liberty Dk translated this article from the Danish press for us:

The peoples meeting must be held with words and arguments, not with deeply provocative drawings.

So says Mayor of Bornholm Regional Municipality, Winni Grosbøll (S), who flatly refuses to let the works from the recent “Draw the Prophet Mohammed” competition by American Islam critic Pamela Geller be exhibited at the political festival.

“The people’s meeting is about words and arguments. The drawings would completely short-circuit the debate. There is no reason to do that, and you can easily have discussions without doing it with pictures and drawings” she says, calling it an unnecessary provocation:

“They do not belong here. They will have to find a gallery or an art exhibition that will show that sort of stuff” she says.
It is the organizations “Stop the Islamisation of Denmark” (SIAD) and “Free Denmark”, who are organizing the political “Progress Party” tent at the public meeting who wanted to include the drawings. Anders Gravers Pedersen, the head of SIAD, explains that they had intended to exhibit the drawings from Islam critic Pamela Geller’s competition. The competition was the victim of an attack in early May.

Two armed assassins who were self-proclaimed Islamists, allegedly linked to the Islamic State, were shot and killed as they tried to penetrate the arrangement in Garland, Texas.
Pamela Geller is known as a very vocal critic of Islam. She has, amongst other things, fought against the building of an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in New York. She has also accused President Barack Obama of being a secret Muslim who wants to destroy the United States.

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10 Replies to “AM radio call from the organizer of the freedom of speech event at Parliament Hill scheduled for May 20, subsequently cancelled, along with limits to Danish event”

  1. Beggars can’t be choosers.

    Western governments, built only upon their public’s positive-approval to stay in power, have emptied the coffers in keeping everyone post-war citizen happy.

    In 2010 the outgoing UK Treasury chief secretary Liam Byrne left a note for his successor. ‘Dear Chief Secretary, I’m afraid there is no money. Kind regards – and good luck! Liam.’

    There are no new Americas to colonize, to exploit or expand into. The oil producers therefore act as deep sea hydrothermal vents propping up and providing a lifeline to these failed economies, and if the oil stops… the savagery of humanity will descend. Movie-makers give us warring tribal dystopias for what our subconscious already knows. Info-wars trades on it.

    The toppling of Saddam and Gaddafi was an attempt to maintain access and influence while not upsetting the imprinted ideology that made those populations of slaves who sought out and prostrated themselves to anyone they deemed as “boss”. But instead of ruling as a new Caliph strong-man for them, applying insult to insult they only found Socialism – that pink version of Communism. The remaining Axis of Evil were thus allowed to grow in authority and directly fund the buildings of Mosques in every Western country, these fortresses of religious-fatality, in the heart of the West’s political-fatality: those with no confidence in using their own souls live as zombies amongst those without a moral compass. ‘I think democracy means we shouldn’t say the truth if it offends someone,’ both concur.

    You never have an independent people if you don’t have an independent country. Socialists are busy making everyone co-dependent, to tie down the mind for them to master it; and Islam breaking the soul to control it; and there are even those who seek out the body of others by proxy, to do things with it.

    This Draw a Muhammad Day, has the government squirming at the lost influence at the court of oil-rich Islam. The more dependent, the more the politicians state the man with the bloody knife quoting the Koran was not a Muslim.

  2. flaunt homosexuals rather then do the drawings. This will set off the left and get the point across. make sure it’s directed at Islam.

    • There are tons of things that piss of devout Muslims. If the left is stuck on that one go to one that makes it a bit more difficult to refute

  3. Well, whether or not freedom to insult is a Western value, Islam has nothing to do with it. It lays emphasis on its exact opposite: the freedom from insult. It values human dignity, decency, and harmony in the society. The freedom of religion it ensures includes freedom from insults. While it does not shy away from academic discussion of its beliefs and showing the falsehood of non-Islamic beliefs, it makes sure that the discussion remains civil. In those discussions it wants to engage the intellect of its opponents; in contrast those who itch to insult their opponents are interested in satisfying their vulgar emotions. Thus while its most important battle is against false gods it asks its followers to refrain from reviling them. (Qur’an, Al-anam, 6:108). It also reminds them to stay away from harsh speech. “Allah loves not the utterance of harsh speech save by one who has been wronged.” (Qur’an, Al-Nisa, 4:148). Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, who is being reviled by the scum of the world, taught Muslims to never let the low moral standards of their adversaries dictate theirs.

    As a result of these teachings Muslims can never even imagine insulting any Prophet — from Adam to Moses to Jesus to Muhammad, peace be upon them all. Even when they ruled the world, Muslims treated the religious leaders of non-Muslim also with respect – even during battles. In the Baghdad court Jewish and Christian scholars engaged in open discussions with the Muslim savants. Needless to say they had not been attracted by the freedom to insult but its exact opposite. Freedom from insult is a fundamental value that assures peace and harmony. It leads to healthy societies. And Muslims are very proud of their impeccable record here.

    What is true of a home or a village is also true of the world as it has become a global village. Now, more than ever before, the world needs the harmony and tolerance that can only be assured by the freedom from insults.

    • There is no such thing as ‘freedom from insults’. That is an attempt to use intellectual slight of hand to oppress people so they cannot view a destructive ideology accurately. It is, logically speaking, like saying that the Nazis did not hate Jews, they just wanted affirmative action for Aryans. It is in fact offensive to me Iftikhar, that you post your crap here whenever you fancy doing so. Yet here you are. There is no freedom from insults for us is there? Muslims continue to chant that they will defeat the filthy unbeliever 5 times a day.

      So the freedom you speak of is only for you, and enforced by thuggery and terror.

    • There is so much to be done, so that long-suffering Muslims can once more enjoy freedom from insult by kuffar. What are some of the conditions that Christians in London might assent to, to stop giving offence to Muslims there?

      Not to build a church in our city—nor a monastery, convent, or monk’s cell in the surrounding areas—and not to repair those that fall in ruins or are in Muslim quarters;

      Not to clang our cymbals except lightly and from the innermost recesses of our churches;

      Not to display a cross on them [churches], nor raise our voices during prayer or readings in our churches anywhere near Muslims;

      Not to produce a cross or [Christian] book in the markets of the Muslims;

      Not to congregate in the open for Easter or Palm Sunday, nor lift our voices [in lamentation] for our dead nor show our firelights with them near the market places of the Muslims;

      Not to display any signs of polytheism, nor make our religion appealing, nor call or proselytize anyone to it;

      Not to prevent any of our relatives who wish to enter into Islam;

      Not to possess or bear any arms whatsoever, nor gird ourselves with swords;

      To honor the Muslims, show them the way, and rise up from our seats if they wish to sit down;

      We guarantee all this to you upon ourselves, our descendants, our spouses, and our neighbors, and if we change or contradict these conditions imposed upon ourselves in order to receive safety, we forfeit our dhimma [covenant], and we become liable to the same treatment you inflict upon the people who resist and cause sedition.

      What could Muslims do, to stop offending the rest of us? That’s a taller order, the Koran being one long insult to non-Muslims, and the two Sahihs and the rest of the hadith literature, and the classical commentaries, and any manual of Islamic law. Iftikhar Ahmad’s comments unfailingly are an insult to the intelligence.

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