Three interviews of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Here are a few interviews with one of the most interesting and important voices of our time. Its critical to understand the basics of her background to appreciate the gravitas of her message and the best way to get that is her outstanding book, Infidel. One of the best reads anyone might experience, at least according to the people I spoke to who have read it, including myself.

But I post these interviews more to show the bias of the CBC rather than much about Ayaan who is likely well known to readers of this site.

First, an older interview by a left wing extremist named, Avi Lewis, who I believe left the CBC to go work for Al Jazeera. June 2007

Notice his repugnant treatment of someone who has endured more hardship than Mr. Lewis can fathom in his privileged existence. Because she didn’t fit his culturally marxist narrative of an evil US (as Bush was president at the time) and all cultures other than white European as morally superior to that one, he felt he could show that much derision and contempt on live TV.

Let’s see if things have improved at all now: May 15 – 2015 Wendy Mesley

Its noteworthy that the CBC interviewer lied twice by minute 7. For one thing, Prime Minister Harper did not say Islam was rooted in a culture that was anti woman but that the niqab or face cloth is rooted in a culture that is anti woman. By implication however that could mean islam. But many muslims claim that the face cloth is a tribal or cultural practice like FGM and have nothing to do with islam. So while I agree with Prime Minister Harper in either case, he did not say that. Secondly the interviewer claimed PM Harper was denying the head cloth. This is an outright fabrication. (Pun not intended but allowed to stand in evidence) Stephen Harper objected to the covering of the face with a face cloth during important ceremonies in government buildings. This is significantly different from what the interviewer said, not implied, but stated. Ayaan herself without knowing the facts differentiated between the head cloth and the face cloth.

All in all, it would appear that the CBC has learned to conceal its contempt for all things conservative better than Mr. Lewis did, while still trying to shape the narrative in the same way. When the interviewer tries to trap Ayaan into advocating for Omar Khadr as victim it becomes clear what the agenda of the show is. At least Mr. Lewis’s show, The Agenda, was more honestly named.

Now lets watch Bill Mahar in his most recent interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

He starts out by revealing her bias. This is fair. But the questions allow her to explain her PoV and not his agenda. Even though its safe to say at this point, they may be very similar.

She is of course, wrong about the idea of an Islamic reformation. It is having one now, Its called, Salafism, Wahabism and the Islamic state In fact the problem with islam is the reformation of it into what it always was, instead of the tamed version of it we forced during the colonial years. If we are no longer willing to accept the responsibilities of colonialism, then we should at least protect ourselves from the fallout of abandoning that responsibility.

(The Bill Mahar segment was removed from YT but this small but very good part is working at the moment, even if it doesn’t make the point as well)

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  1. “She is of course, wrong about the idea of an Islamic reformation.”

    You mean, you can’t refine Hitlerism? (Sorry, that was Naziphobic, they don’t like to be defined as worshippers of their Prophet (seig heil)).

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