Revisiting the Rose Garden fiasco at the Vatican

There has been some discussion about a couple of statements made by the pope to Abbas, leader of the Palestinian Authority at the Vatican recently. This is not yet resolved although the sensationalist error, that the pope called Abbas an “Angel of Peace” as well as the video posted last night translated into Spanish where the pope said, paraphrasing, ‘We will be eternally one as we have eternally the same mission’, seems to have been mistranslated the same way by several people. Even so, commenters to this site who appear to be native Italian speakers have attempted to clarify what the pope actually said, which, if they are correct, is considerably a more appropriate sentiment. In fact exactly what one might expect from that office.

This seems a good time to repost something that took place at the Vatican in 2014 where I had requested the translation myself and had it checked by third parties to be certain it was accurate. This is where the pope held a peace gathering and the Palestinian delegation had an imam who broke with the script and read a prayer asking allah to help the muslims defeat the Christians and the Jews. Below is an analysis on this event by Stephen Coughlin.

Maj. (Ret) Stephen Coughlin

This was not an error by the pope or a mistranslation. This certainly looks like a deception pulled off by the Palestinians and Islamic side of this gathering. While the pope cannot be faulted for what his gusts did to him, he should be aware, is aware, of the actual mission of islam today, doubly so as he oversaw a canonization of martyrs defending Europe from muslim invasion,  as well as one would presume his knowledge of islam and access to the same information the rest of us have about current events.

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  1. One of the many dangers we face today is the massive numbers of fifth columnists in all western nations, they tend to gravitate to politics and the media where they do more damage then most people realize.

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