Hijra, conquest, Papal stupidity and the decline of reason: Links 3 on May 16 – 2015

1. Turkey detains soldiers in ‘Syria arms interception’ case

Arrest warrants were issued for 10 soldiers, of whom eight had been detained by Friday night, the official Anatolia news agency reported.

They have been accused of membership of a terrorist group, impeding the work of the government and espionage, it said. They should now appear in court to decide whether to remand them in custody ahead of trial.

The arrests are the latest in a string of detentions related to the stopping and searching of trucks in the southern provinces of Hatay and Adana near the Syrian border in January 2014 on suspicion of smuggling arms into Syria.

Documents circulated on the Internet claimed the seized trucks were Turkish National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) vehicles delivering weapons to Syrian Islamist rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad.

2. RAW: Residents of Ramadi flee the city as ISIS takes it over

3. Pakistan protestors burn flags and scream things over the creation of the state of Israel.

(Interestingly the state of Pakistan was created under the exact conditions that people who do not like Israel claim it was created under. Oddly no one protests that)

4. Bill Mahar hosts Ayaan Hirsi Ali

5. Pope calls Abbas ‘angel of peace’ during Vatican meeting

The summit took place days after the Vatican said it was willing to sign its first treaty with “Palestine,” an expression of the Holy See’s declared policy of recognizing Palestinian statehood in defiance of Israeli objections.

Abbas and the pope met privately for 20 minutes, according to the report. AFP quotes a statement released by the Holy See calling for a resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

“The hope was expressed that direct negotiations between the parties be resumed in order to find a just and lasting solution to the conflict,” the statement read.

6. It would appear the IS is taking territory here

7. IS distributes a circulare clarifying Allah’s hodud (Islamic punishments)in a mosque in al- Raqqa City

SOHR received a copy of a circular distributed by IS in a mosque in the city of al- Raqqa. They said that it explains “ Allah’s rules and hodud” (Hodud are the Islamic punishments carried out against someone who commit a deadly sins). The circular states “Islamic State believes in Allah almighty, who revealed the Quraa, and denies the United Nations which fights Allah, and due to we disbelieve of the rules legislated by human beings we promise Allah almighty to carry out his Sharia (law) on his land among his worshipers even though the Unbelievers may detest (it).

The circular continues “We clarify Allah’s Hodud for people by mentioning the sin and its punishment as follows:

    • The punishment of insulting Allah is the death.
    • The punishment of insulting the prophet is the death even though the person repent.
    • The punishment of insulting Islam is the death.
    • The punishment of adultery is to stone the married person to death and to whip the single person 100 whips and exile for 1 year.
    • The punishment of sodomy is to kill both men who do this sin.
    • The punishment of thievery is to cut the person’s hand.
    • The punishment of drinking alcoholic is the whip of 80 whips.
    •  The punishment of accusing somebody of adultery is the whip of 80 whips.
    • The punishment of spying for the sake of unbelievers is the killing.
    • The punishment of apostasy is the death.

(Continues at link)

(This needs circulation. It is the inevitable end game of the conquest of territory under islam. The Shiia version differs in the most subtle of ways. People need to understand this, and that the process of determining guilt etc. are even more problematic than the punishments or the nature of the crimes.)


Thank you M., CB Sashenka, Gates of Vienna, Tundra Tabloids, Richard, Yucki, so many more who sent in materials.

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  1. ” Pope calls Abbas ‘angel of peace’ during Vatican meeting”

    Actually, no, that is not what he said. This is what he said:
    “May the angel of peace destroy the evil spirit of war. I thought of you:
    may you be an angel of peace.” Pope Francis to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ( http://vaticaninsider.lastampa.it/en/the-vatican/detail/articolo/palestina-palestine-palestina-vaticano-vatican-vaticano-41113/ )
    Very different, yes??!

    & this: the first two Palestinian saints in modern times
    ( http://www.wdam.com/story/29080713/humble-palestinian-nuns-to-be-made-catholic-saints )

        • doesn’t change anything…words of translation by who?? on the screen while the Holy Father is speaking in the background. it’s the same spin.

          “As is tradition with heads of State or of government, Francis presented presented a gift to the Palestinian leader, commenting: “May the angel of peace destroy the evil spirit of war. I thought of you: may you be an angel of peace.” Pope Francis had called Abu Mazen a “man of peace” when he visited Bethlehem in May 2014, just as he called the then Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres, a “man of peace” during his subsequent visit to Jerusalem. The Argentinian Pope had then invited both leaders to a prayer vigil for peace int he Vatican Gardens which took place on 8 June that year and was also attended by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew. Upon his arrival in the Sala del Tronetto (“little throne room”) of the Vatican Apostolic Palace opposite the papal library, Abu Mazen greeted the Pope with a light-hearted joke: “You look younger”. The Pope gestured to him to enter the library before him and the Palestinian leader finally did so after trying to let the Pope enter first. ”
          Iacopo Scaramuzzi, vatican city

      • ask puty about Fatima & the consecration of Russia by the Pope. rt has no interest in this Holy Father….only great concern.

        • In the Spanish version of the video – much closer to the original Italian -Bergoglio says :

          «He pensado en usted que “es” un poco “angel de la paz”»

          that is an affirmation in the indicative tense… after hearing that flattering lie Mahmoud Abbas beats his chest and they both go smiling into rapture….

          If Bergoglio would have really meant «may you be an angel of peace» in that case it would have been more correct to use an exhortative subjonctive and he woul have said « He pensado en usted : que “sea” un angel de la paz » or in Italian : « che “sia” un angelo de la pace »

          but even more disturbing and ambiguous than that is when a few minutes later he says : Estaremos siempre unidos porque nuestra misión es la misma – We will always be together because our mission is the same .

  2. DAILY MAIL – Pope reaches out to the Middle East: Francis hails Palestinian leader as ‘angel of peace’ as two nuns are made the first Arabic-speaking saints in church’s history

    nauseating pic near the bottom of the page :

    palestine – land of jesus – land of the saints


    Vatican Insider ( page in Italian )

    […]Riferendosi in particolare allo scambio di doni avvenuto ieri tra Papa Bergoglio e Abu Mazen, padre Lombardi precisa: «Personalmente ero presente ieri all’udienza ma non ho sentito le esatte parole perché erano dette in un modo colloquiale e ravvicinato fra i due.

    The speakperson for the Vatican , Federico Lombardi SJ, as a face-saving compromise, says jesuitically that he did’nt hear the exact words …


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