Belgium: he decapitates his wife and baby, but is released from prison because of a procedural error

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From MetroNews Belgian News site

Couac: – A man charged after the murder of his wife and her 13 months old daughter in Belgium should be released before his trial. Due to an error of justice, his detention is illegal.

This is a miscarriage of justice that could be costly . On Wednesday, the Belgian Court of Cassation gave judgment in which it confirmed that a man detained after the murder of his wife and his daughter, was to be released , as reported by the website The Court indicated that the criminal was illegally imprisoned since March 11 , because of a procedural error by the Council Chambers of Nivelles.

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The latter had indeed forgotten to order the immediate enforcement of the arrest warrant , and in so doing had rendered it illegal. The Belgian Daily reports that, to repair this ” forgetfulness”, a new arrest warrant against the accused will have to be issued and will have to be sent back to the Criminal Court, but this cannot be done before the 26 May.

After the drama, he had fled

By that time, he should be free, which makes the procedure risky because the man accused of beheading his wife and little girl of 13 months, in December 2013, could flee abroad. Of Syrian origin, Abdullah Saad has a residence permit valid until next year, according to his lawyers, but he does not have a domicile in Belgium.

Aged 34, the man has never denied the murders. Suspecting his wife of infidelity and thinking that his daughter was not his biological child, he had slaughtered them with a cutlass. When the bodies of Nura Horiya, his wife and Samira her daughter, were discovered, their heads “held by no more than a few shreds of skin” explains the Belgian daily. After the tragedy, the father had fled by car towards Namur and caused an accident involving three other cars. Hospitalized for a broken arm, he was arrested by the police.

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12 Replies to “Belgium: he decapitates his wife and baby, but is released from prison because of a procedural error”

  1. Back in the 80s there was a serial killer in Kansas City, the police started searching his place before the search warrant was issued. His lawyer made a deal with the prosecutors, take the death penalty off the table and he would ignore the illegal search and get the man to plead guilty. The serial killer was murdered in the pen a few years later.

  2. Barely a technicality away from de jure shariah law implementation, Belgians could start getting used to it.

  3. Abdullah Saad: Syrian man who decapitated his wife and baby girl may have to be released on legal technicality

    […]Saad has admitted the killings, which he said were committed because he thought his wife was having an affair, and that he was not the baby’s biological father. The victims’ throats were slit with a kitchen knife.

    […]After the court’s ruling on Wednesday night, Saad’s lawyers demanded the immediate release of their client. “If they fail to comply with the court’s decision, we will demand €10,000 [£7,400] in compensation for every day our client is illegally detained,”

    […]But Mr El Abouti says the prosecutors would be acting illegally if they continue to detain Saad. “There would be political consequences if they ignore the Court of Cassation’s ruling,” he said. “If the highest court in the land renders a decision that is not respected, that means anarchy.”

    “As a lawyer, I cannot say what is in his head. But he has no money, and there is a war going on in Syria. However, I don’t think he is dangerous. And he is not going to start killing again. What he did was a crime of passion.”

    video ( in French )

    • Marin on the ball as usual! 🙂

      “…we will demand €10,000 [£7,400] in compensation for every day our client is illegally detained,” Mr El Abouti said, adding that Saad should technically have been released on 11 March, the date on the prosecutor’s application…”

      10,000 Euros for EVERY DAY since 11 March – do the maths !

      The video features El Abouti (now, there is a traditional Belgian name) this legal whore (who is obviously “one of them”: is he financing his brothers at IS et al with that blood money?) – but, as it is on the chanel of this Sharia-promoter, I refuse to translate it.

      • As this sharia-compliant killer has no money, it is obviously the Belgian taxpayer who pays for this outrage !


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