Geopolitics, leftism and islam, the growth of hostile islamic territories: Links 3 on April 28 – 2015

1. US Democratic party wishes to ban Geert Wilders from visiting the US

(Quite a shift from the usual 1st amendment approach to visiting politicians. I believe US history is chok-a-block full of genuine tyrants speaking everywhere from congress to universities to the New York Times)

In a letter obtained by Foreign Policy, two Democratic members of Congress are urging President Barack Obama’s administration to ban a Dutch lawmaker from entry into the United States due to his controversial views on Islam.

The Dutch lawmaker, Geert Wilders, is scheduled to speak at a reception on Capitol Hill this month at the invitation of Tea Party firebrand Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas). In recent years, Wilders has become internationally famous for his bombastic broadsides against Islam, which include calls to ban the Quran in the Netherlands and to arrange for the removal of Moroccan immigrants from his country. In 2010 and 2011, Wilders was formally charged in the Netherlands with inciting hatred and discrimination and is currently facing charges for hate speech.

(As usual, Geert’s argument about the koran is not factually represented. His case is that if Mien Kampf is banned in the Netherlands, which it is due to its antisemitic content, then koran also should be banned as the criteria for banning Hitler’s manifesto applies even more to koran)

(Less demanding site to get this article from, here)

2. Yoweri Museveni: Train Ugandan youths to tackle al-Shabab

President Yoweri Museveni has ordered security agencies to re-introduce military training for Ugandan civilians to counter the threat from al-Shabab.

Writing in the state-owned New Vision newspaper, Mr Museveni said that although al-Shabab was “defeated”, Ugandans need to guard against attacks.

Uganda has more than 6,000 troops in Somalia as part of an African Union force battling the Islamist militants.

In 2010, al-Shabab bomb attacks in Kampala killed at least 76 people.

3. UK Police Officers “Stand Together” With Extremists

4. Douglas Murray: If Ed Miliband makes ‘Islamophobia’ illegal, I volunteer to test the new law immediately


(I have had this tab open for a week or more now and cannot remember if I have posted this before. But in this case, best to be sure and post it again than not at all. It is quite the trend now that in many schools, islam is being taught in a way that would have the ACLU in a litigious rage were it doing the same with Christianity)

The textbook used for the Islamic course, “Across The Centuries,” is published by Houghton-Mifflin and has been adopted by the California school system. In it, Islam is presented broadly in a completely positive manner, whereas the limited references to Christianity are “shown in a negative light, with events such as the Inquisition, and the Salem witch hunts highlighted in bold, black type.” The portrayal of Islam leaves out word of “the wars, massacres, cruelties against Christians and other non-Muslims that Islam has consistently perpetrated over the centuries.”

What if the school required children to memorize Bible verses and pray to Jesus? Atheists would be up in arms!

6. And just when you thought it was safe to visit Chernobyl again this happens.

7. Taliban set to retake major Afghan city

8. This appears to be a straight forward description of the events concerning the ship boarded and forced into Iranian waters by the IRI which is of a nation with a clear security arrangement with the USA

9. PEGIDA march in Germany last night


Thank you PVV., Wrath of Khan, Richard, M., Yucki and all. There will be more today.

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  1. Muslim Congressers Ellison and Carson want to block Geert Wilders from entering US

    And why not? America was discovered by Muslims. America’s moral and ethical pinnciples are based on Islam. America has a president who is …. well I dont know who or what he/she/it is. Therefore Geert, as a Kuffar, has no right to enter the USA – land of Hope and Sharia.

  2. “Mien Kampf is banned in the Netherlands” – so lets ban My Jihad in the western world.
    Far to logical for mere leftist polits.

    Note bene: Mein Kampf i.e. My Struggle. Hitler admired Jihad.

  3. The US school systems are under the control of the leftist teachers unions, they are working with other leftist groups to undermine the US.

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