Muslims in Minneapolis threaten a slaughter if terror pals not released and much more: Links 2 on April 26 – 2015

1. Video: German writer meets Isis: ‘Isis much stronger than assumed. Their mission is to destroy all religions and democracy’

Isis believes the West ‘has no strategy’ to fight them because they don’t understand them. The West doesn’t understand that the problem is with the ideology of ALL Muslims. The problem is Islam itself. You can arrest individual Muslims in the last minute before they commit a terrorist attack, while a thousand more are groomed constantly through every mosque by using the ideology of the Quran. It takes only three months of intense Quran to turn a “moderate” Muslim into a terrorist.

(Article continues at link. Related video below)

2. ‘The abaya unifies and liberates women,’ says Emirati student

(Link here)

This story is worth posting because it shows an important flaw in our own reasoning. We make the assumption that the head cloth and the face cloth is oppressive of women. The fact is that it is in islamic nations where they have no choice, the inevitable consequence of failing to stop islamic influence. But in the West, it is actually a symbol of islamic supremacy and this is one of the reasons many women will take to it. The primary one still though, is a symbol of the degree of islamic manifest destiny in a given area. Typically when a muslim community reaches a certain stage of colonization you suddenly see lots of these garments where the year before you never did. The reason for this I believe is that the mosques give the signal to begin the separation of  the muslims from the rest of the population at that point. Then they can increase the degree of allegations of victimhood of discrimination, as if the isalmic clothing was a genetic component or a birth defect of some kind and must not be seen for what it is. which is in fact A uniform of the soldiers of colonization for islamic manifest destiny.

3. Hamas Fundraiser Running for Office in UK Vows Not to Vote for the “Jew”

In remarks made in a Facebook exchange Saturday, Gulzabeen Afsal, a Tory council candidate running in Derby, wrote that she would never support “the Jew,”  apparently referring to Miliband.

The exchange began when Afsal wrote on her Facebook page: “Just can’t take Mr Ed Miiband seriously!! DC (David Cameron) has what it takes to be the future PM.”

When a respondent suggested that Afsal should have some respect “for the future PM”, she responded: “Nah bro! never ever will I drop that low and support the al yahud [Arabic for Jew] lol.”

Gulzabeen Afsal helped raise money for Islamic Relief UK, a group that the UAE has listed as a terrorist organization and that Israel has accused of raising money for Hamas.

Despite her remarks, Afsal still appears to be a candidate. Meanwhile in the UK people go to jail for saying something derogatory about Islam.

4.  battle in Anbar – Iraq – graphic

(The Islamic State has some seriously high tech weapons)

5. Iranian General Discusses Possible Terror Attacks in Saudi Cities, Adds: U.S. behind 9/11

6. Fallujah dam project aftermath of Islamic State attack I think

7. Somali Families Rally At State Capitol Over Terror Arrests

Thank you Oz-RIta, Don C., M., Wrath of Khan and many more.

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12 Replies to “Muslims in Minneapolis threaten a slaughter if terror pals not released and much more: Links 2 on April 26 – 2015”

  1. Things are rapidly aproaching a turning point where it will be obvious that we either fight or submit to the slave chains.

  2. #1.

    I just looked at Todenhöfer’s Website (there is also an english version of it) and I now think he stinks: The “assurance” he got from ISIS worked because he is one of them!

    He calls Israel an apartheid state, names HAMAS as the poor victims of big bad Israel, defames Netanjahu more nastily than Iran does, in fact the only JEW he mentions in a positive way is dead little Jewish girl – Anne Frank. (so, under his sleek veneer he seems to be one of those for whom the “only good Jew is a dead Jew” – preferably a little girl)

    Profits from his new book will go to build lovely things (playgrounds etc.) for the victims of big bad Israel ie HAMAS and Gaza’s children.

    Apparently, while a member of German Parliament, he was of the hard right in the conservative CDU – well, as I see a lot through the prism of Jew Hatred which is the second fastest growing global cancer in tandem with Islamism, I would in his case assume it was the right side of the Nazis, those who today are on the Left.

    He is, in my opinion after reading his blog, a slimey opportunist who will go to bed with ISIS and their ilk. I would not believe his very manipulative tales, they are not meant for our good.

    P.S.: His main news-sources re Israel seems to be the jew-hating GUARDIAN:

      • The more I look into this Todenhöfer, the more I feel an urgent need for a vomit bucket. Have a look into his facebook (I wonder if his son – who also travelled with him to the IS nest – is not a link in the IS chain….) here they are both in an Iranian Nuclear facility, praising the Ayatollas and defaming Netanjahu some more:

        • Oh, sorry to carry on so:
          On his facebook this Snake Todenhöfer (who seems to have a HUGE following) calls PEGIDA an “extreme Rightwing, nazi-like deadly Pest for world peace” or words to that effect.

        • I read it as Toden as in Todenslager. So then I stopped reading
          Rita, how would I say “jew-lover” without torturing it into “Judeophilia”?

          It just works better in simple German.

          • @yucki
            “Rita, how would I say “jew-lover” without torturing it into “Judeophilia”?

            Long answer: A normal, civilised human being with a moral and political compass and a minimum of decency.

            “Eine normaler, zivilisierter Mensch mit einem moralischen und politischen Kompass und einem Minimum von Anstand.”

            Short answer: “Judenliebhaber”
            ^^^ It’s not in the dictionary, and it’s rather a clumsy made-up word. You did ask me that once before and I, cowardly, ignored it because I did not have a real answer.

            English is often so much easier even for this German born goy eg “Jew-Lover” – says it, although on reflection, it also sounds kind of not nice…I imagine it being “barked” with a connotation of “insult”.

            My personal preferences:
            I love to: read in German, write in English, speak in French. 🙂

  3. This bloke was lucky not to have his head sawn off. Right place, right time, so to speak. He’ll never know how close he came to it…

  4. From the moment that Totengraeber guy said that IS was a “one percent movement,” I suspected there were some dead bodies to be found in his basement. However, I have never had a closer look into his case. Now we do know thanks to Rita, who dared to open those seemingly “closed doors.” After all, those doors were open, we were just too lazy, or not motivated enough, to have a closer look at this lunar lunacy inspired tool…

    • Thank you WrathofKhan, I like your spelling of “Totengraeber” ! I think, looking at his “likes” etc. on his facebook page and the media that interview him, he is quite dangerous – one needs to lift his skirts just a little to get a large whiff of foul air.

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