Tower Hamlets mayor ejected from office, Taliban and IS declare jihad. Triple play! links 3 on April 23 – 2015

1. Former deputy’s son dead in AKP election bureau attack in southeastern Turkey


2. The Classic Blood Libel Against Jews Goes Mainstream in Iran

A recent article on a high-profile political website shows how even the most primitive anti-Semitic slurs and conspiracy theories have found their way into all levels of Iranian discourse.

On April 18, the prominent Iranian website Alef published an article whose title roughly translates to “Who Are Human History’s Most Bloodthirsty People?” The long, detailed essay, complete with footnotes, pictures, and video clips, accuses Jews of killing non-Jews to use their blood for ritual purposes.

Alef is owned and supervised by Ahmad Tavakkoli, a member of Iran’s parliament who formerly served as minister of labor and social affairs and president of the parliamentary research center. A prominent conservative figure who received his PhD in economics from Nottingham University in Britain, Tavakkoli is also cousin to the Larijani bothers — Mohammad Javad Larijani, head of the human rights council in the judiciary, Sadeq Larijani, chief of the judiciary, and Ali Larijani, speaker of the parliament. Soon after the article appeared in Alef, other hardliner websites such as Mashregh News ( republished it.

3. Rape ‘victim’, 20, who took her own life days after ‘being kidnapped and attacked by a man she thought was a taxi driver’ gives evidence from beyond the grave

An alleged rape victim who took her own life is giving evidence from beyond the grave over allegations she was kidnapped and attacked by a man she thought was a taxi driver.

Masood Mansouri, 33, from Saltney, Flintshire, is accused of kidnapping, sexual assaulting and raping the 20-year-old after allegedly pretending to be a taxi driver when the woman was trying to hail a cab.

Today, the jury was shown a video-taped interview which the woman gave to police two days after the alleged incident. Five days later, the woman took a fatal overdose, the court heard.

4. Telegraph link on Tower Hamlets election fraud verdict. 

5. Short excerpt from a Pamela Geller speech in an American university. Houston, we have a problem. Brooklyn and Dearborn as well I suspect.

6. This article about abuse of a woman by a muslim in Arizona needs to get its terms straight. This was not an ‘arranged marriage’. This was a forced marriage which makes it not a marriage at all by any rational definition that a Western person would understand. We would see it more like buying a cow.

Mohamed S. Abdullahi, 30, faces sexual assault, assault and kidnapping charges. He is being held without bond.

Police noted in the court documents that the victim is Abdullahi’s wife via Muslim custom. Police did not release her age, but Sgt. Trent Crump said she is a young adult.

Police said the victim’s parents married her to Abdullahi in November without her knowledge. She learned of the marriage in December and fled the state but returned two weeks later to finish high school.

The victim’s family members reportedly took her to Abdullahi’s residence against her will on Monday. Police said Abdullahi punched, bit and strangled her before sexually assaulting her.

“I just heard someone screaming and crying and there were these guys carrying a woman and like dragging her onto the sidewalk,” said neighbor Trina Childs.

7. More on the muslim in France who shot himself after killing a woman on the way to blow up some churches.

8. Taliban and Islamic State Declare Jihad on Each Other

According to reports from Afghanistan’s Khaama Press and Pakistan’s Mashaal Radio, the Taliban and Islamic State (ISIS) have declared jihad on each other, furthering an already acrimonious relationship between the two groups.

Nabi Jan Mullahkhil, police chief of Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province, an opium-producing region along the Pakistan border, revealed in an interview that he received documents showing that both groups made the declaration.

This news comes after a brutal terrorist attack on Saturday in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, which killed at least 35 people and wounded over 100 others. The Taliban castigated the incident, with the group’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid stating, “It was an evil act. We strongly condemn it.”

Thank you M., Yucki, Wrath of Khan, Don C. GoV., and all. More to come.

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6 Replies to “Tower Hamlets mayor ejected from office, Taliban and IS declare jihad. Triple play! links 3 on April 23 – 2015”

    • That he did.

      This is good and bad, they will fight each other but will still fight us, and possibly combine forces for a while to fight us.

  1. 2/ I didn’t realize there were synagogues in Iran, or that there was Jewish representation in the Iranian parliament. That surprised me more than that the Iranian government is cranking up anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and slurs.

  2. 5/ A friend insisted I read Philip Zimbardo’s The Lucifer Effect: How Good People Turn Evil. Zimbardo is the Stanford U professor emeritus who ran the Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971, and the book is largely about that. Most of the rest is about American abuses at Abu Ghraib, ‘a grim journey into the heart and mind of darkness’ for which Zimbardo ultimately blames George W. Bush:

    ‘The seeds for the flowers of evil that blossomed in that dark dungeon of Abu Ghraib were planted by the Bush administration and its triangular framing of national security threats, citizen fear and vulnerability, and interrogation/torture to win the war on terror.’

    Whatever. But though the self-declared purpose of the 2007 book is to raise ‘fundamental questions about the nature of good and evil – and how and why most of us could be initiated into the ranks of evil doers,’ there are no references to Jihad – Islam – Muslim in the index. I did find Islam in the text in a reasonably accurate, if very thin, three-page account of the motives of jihad suicide bombers.

    At the end of the book, however, Zimbardo has a chapter on ‘Resisting Situational Influences and Celebrating Heroism’, with a table displaying his ‘working taxonomy that includes twelve subcategories of heroism.’ Most of these fall under ‘Social Heroism – Fortitude, Courage, Intrepidity.’

    Subtype 3 is ‘Religious figures.’

    Definition: ‘Dedicated, lifelong religious service embodying highest principles or breaks new religious/spiritual ground. Often serves as a teacher or public exemplar of service.’

    Risk/Sacrifice: ‘Sacrifice of self in ascetic path. Upsetting of religious orthodoxy.’

    Exemplars: ‘Buddha, Mohammed, St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa’

    Peculiar company for the old sex-slaving, child-raping, poet-murdering, kafir-slaughtering warlord, and yet another contribution to the American intellectual collapse Pamela Geller describes in her talk. And here is the consequence, Stanford Prison Experiments released from the lab and running unchecked on American university campuses.

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