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2 Replies to “Speech by Finland’s most outspoken and persecuted politician on the issue of islam, immigration and the West, Jussi Halla-aho”

  1. I stopped listening halfway through. He said there are now 5% “immigrants” (which means Muslims) in Finland. Unfortunately, he didn’t take it further from there.

    He would know that Muslim numbers double every 10 years, as we have seen in the UK.

    Therein lies the rub. Even if Finland were to stop the Mohammedan invasion right now, their breeding habits will eventually overtake the natives. Therefore, for the sake of self-preservation, European nations and Australia have to change course and enforce a rigorous repatriation program. Mohammedans, and that includes those that are born in the country, are undesirables. They must be deported to one of the 56 Muslim countries that will have them, because their religious obligations makes life for infidels very dangerous, unpleasant and expensive.

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