More groups form to protect basic rights and liberties in the UK and Australia. Hope grows: Links 2 on April 12 – 2015

1. UAE funds Mass wedding in Gaza 200 couples

2. Strident RT reporter bombasts Daniel Pipes, (who is very good in this interview)

3. Koran reading at the Hagia Sophia

(I’m sure it is obvious to the readers of this site, that this constitutes no small degree of sending a signal as to the end of Turkish secularism)

4. Libyan forces fighting muslim supremacists in Benghazi

5. Baiji Iraq:

(In Islamic countries, the term, ‘heavy metal’ likely always refers to flying lead)

6. Protests at halal food expo turn violent

(The news cast is unusually honest compared to how media typically report on this. It still isn’t accurate but its so much less biased towards the humane slaughter position than usual that its quite refreshing.)

7. Extremists are setting up anti-British schools, report claims

Nearly 50 unregulated schools set up by extremists are being investigated for being anti-British, it has been claimed.

Education authorities are looking into allegations that these schools impart teachings that go against British values.

Many of these schools were set up by a teacher embroiled in the Trojan Horse scandal that saw radical Muslims infiltrating school governing bodies in Birmingham, it was alleged.

Based around the UK – including Luton, Birmingham, and London, these schools manage to scape prying eyes by operating outside the traditional education system, it was claimed.

Many of the students have been pulled out of the mainstream education system, which is overseen by the schools’ watchdog, Ofsted, and the Department for Education (DfE), and are being home schooled without proper regulation or oversight.

(But remember, its Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and oddly, Michael Savage, who had no intention of going to the UK, who are all banned from entering the country as they warn people there of what is now blindingly obvious to nearly all)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, ML., Don C., Buck and UK pete and all who sent in materials. More to come.

I have it on good authority that morale is improving in many places. People are starting to see the problem and once seeing it, have a difficult time not doing anything about it. Some interesting speeches took place yesterday on Downing St. Near the traditional residence and offices of the British Prime Minister to which I am waiting for links to video and Australia is enjoying a robust and effective counter-jihad with the usual tactics against them starting to wither from overuse and irrelevance. So chins up. The time to work is now as the results begin to show.

A food labeling organization for Canada where food producers agree to abide by all Canadian animal non-cruelty laws in slaughter and no religious consecration would still be a great idea should someone choose to do it. Perhaps a little CCL for, “Conforming to Canadian Law” between 2 red bars like a Canadian flag and meaning secular food slaughtered humanly could be a great idea. Personally shopping takes a long time trying to avoid the various symbols for halal. A nice solution I think to allow free market capitalism to settle the halal issue as at the moment, producers figure its cheaper to have all their food under one production method and are feeding us all halal, which in the case of animal products is indeed a violation of Canada’s animal cruelty laws, but also may be objectionable to people who do not want to pay a tax to build more mosques etc. Not to mention many, most people are not muslims and may have a religion or none of their own and wish their food to be non affiliated.

CCL logo for food

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  1. 3. Koran reading at the Hagia Sophia

    Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

    Turkey is asking for it, and it will be destroyed.

    Turkey was once a majority Christian country, but now the Christian population, with multiple genoceds of Christians, and severe ethnic cleansing, has been reduced to barely 0.1%.

    That region is really a part of Europe and Greece. There is no reason whyit should’nt be once again. We have the power to do so, its just the will and opportunity does not exist at the moment.

    • It took the Spanish roughly 700 years to kick the moors out, it has been roughly 550 to 600 years since the Turks took Turkey it is getting to be time to remove thedm from the region.

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