More evidence of the surreal nature of the world as it is today Vs. a scant 6 to 10 years ago: Links 2 on April 4 – 2015

1. Check out Obama’s statement on the attacks in Kenya yesterday. Obama’s “home country”. Not a single word about Islam or Christianity. Not a single word about the motive for the attacks or that Christians were singled out for death and muslims were spared if they could recite koran. These are Kafka’esque times indeed. Notice however how quickly he pulled the race card when someone shot 2 muslims over a parking space. Or if a black person is shot during the commission of a violent crime etc.

2. Al-Shabaab Says Kenyan Cities Will Run ‘Red With Blood’

“No amount of precaution or safety measures will be able to guarantee your safety”

The Somali terror group behind Thursday’s deadly assault on a Kenyan college campus threatened a “long, gruesome war” against the country, according to a media report on Saturday.

Reuters reports that it received an emailed statement from al-Shabaab that said Kenya’s cities would run “red with blood.”

3. CSIS Served “extremely unappetizing” halal food to ungrateful Muslims

(CSIS has a muslim prayer room in its HQ I bet at this stage and no pork in the Cafeteria)


5. PEGIDA has London rally today

(Our own Buck was there and said there was about 200 ‘ANTIFA’ to maybe 50 PEGIDA supporters. He tells us that ANTIFA blocked the roads and at one point the police ran down to meet ANTIFA head on but they decided that its best to run as they didn’t do well last time against mounted police. Perhaps he will fill in the details in the comments later on.)

6. Britain First takes on Choudary outside his favorite Beachhead

7. Hezbollah: Iran in ‘nuclear club’ after deal

A Hezbollah leader Friday hailed this week’s tentative framework for Iran’s nuclear weapons program as a major win for the Islamic republic.

Hezbollah MP Nawar Sahli praised the agreement as an Iranian “victory” in his remarks, the Lebanon Daily Star reported Saturday. Hezbollah is a Shia Islamist group in Lebanon closely linked with Tehran and its clerics of the same faith.

“There is a global recognition of Iran as a member of the nuclear club,” Sahli said of the deal’s implications.

“We hope the agreement will have positive repercussions on security and stability in the region, even though Iran had said the nuclear issue was separate from regional conflicts,” he added.

President Obama announced the landmark accord Thursday in Washington, D.C. He called it a “historic” moment after months of negotiations in a Rose Garden address that same evening.

8. Choudary and Co. scuffle with British patriots and classical liberals.

(Why do I call Britain First and the EDL classical liberals? Because the idea of fighting tyrants and fascists and those who would destroy individual freedom in favour of a totalitarian theocracy are by definition classical liberals. “Watering the tree of liberty…”, “doing nothing in the face of evil…” etc. are 100% liberal ideas.)

9. Iraqi PM: Armies have no chance against IS if it keeps recruiting foreigners

Iraq's Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi tours the city of Tikrit after Iraq security forces regained control from Islamist State militants, April 1, 2015. REUTERS/Stringer

Iraq’s Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi tours the city of Tikrit after Iraq security forces regained control from Islamist State militants, April 1, 2015.

(Reuters) – Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi told a German magazine that armies in the region around Iraq had no chance of defeating Islamic State (IS) if the militants continued to recruit ideologically indoctrinated foreign fighters.

In an interview with Der Spiegel published on Saturday, Abadi said that around 57 percent of IS fighters were Iraqis but they did not cause any problems as they simply ran away when Iraqi troops entered towns.

“It is the 43 percent who are foreign fighters who have been indoctrinated ideologically who have their backs up against the wall. If Daesh continues to recruit so many from other countries, then no army in our region can stand up to it.”

10. US Congressman Dennis Ross Harassed By Muslim Agitators On The Temple Mount

Republican Congressman Dennis Ross (FL-15) visited the Temple Mount on February 18, 2015. The video clip clearly shows groups of fully covered female Muslim agitators following and harassing the Congressman and his group with calls of: “Allah Akbar” and “Leave!” among other things. […]

When asked on camera, how he felt about the strange welcome he received, the Congressman responded: “It’s a little bit of a different reception than what I am used to, but coming from a country that respects freedom of religion we respect what they are doing.”

(Anyone still uncertain if the call of ‘allah hu ackbar’ is a prayer or a threat?)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Shabnam,

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  1. Hello chaps,
    it’s gone nine and I’m on the wine,
    So may I direct you to this article at BB London where I post as “The Buck Is Back”.
    That will be all.

  2. please, Congressman Dennis Ross, you don’t have to respect those Muslim hags harassing you and making your visit miserable. This ‘gotta respect’ meme that the left throws around has infected republicans and conservatives as well.

    • Yes why on earth respect people who want you dead. Your family and friends dead. I just wish these politicians would stop with the respect equally crap.
      If a person killed your son for money would you respect him senator. Would you respect the person that raped your kids? Fuck the respect for all nonsense.

  3. Britain First are not classic liberals. Many are ex BNP racist anti semites. They are or were always going to come out of the woodwork in support against Islam but their main reason is mainly cos they are pakis and wogs etc.
    Britain First would not stop with getting rid of muslims. I seriously think you need to dig a bit deeper on these guys. Tommy Robinson wouldnt have anything to do with them I’m sure and the estsblishment call him racist.Sorry I have been reading your site for years now but just because a group stands against Choudrey and his minions doesnt make them ‘classic liberals’. They are not. They are fascists and the worst ( yet maybe inevitable) answer to our problem.

    • Britain first hate pakis. Really so do I and I like them. I hope they kick out all muzzies. They, be, are not to your liking but the libs lab and con all let muslims in to kill, rape and blow up UK citizens and we complain about a group who wants muzzies out! as far as I can see they have stuck up for british people. Yes some are perhaps bnp but they haven’t tried to destroy western democracy have they. They haven’t raped white kids, cut off heads , introduce eating habits….
      And do you really believe they will one day be the nazi party? Take over the UK?
      Nevertheless I have to agree with you that even if they are hiding their nazi agenda they may be the solution to muzzies because we have waited too long to take action. The anger at what people see will draw the more extremist into taking action and perhaps this is the start of it? Of civil war. It needs to come or we are done, our children done, our culture done, our pubs done, our countryside done, our freedom done. Stoning, hands chopped off, slaves, under age marriage, halal food, jiziya, sound of shouting 5times a day. And no one to complain too unless you like prison or death.

    • EDL might be a little rough around the edges, but I actually saw a couple of tapes showing them in loud and public defence of the Jewish People in the UK. They MARCHED against Jew-Hatred – would you do the same? Somehow I dont think so.

      I am an unapologetic fan of Tommy Robinson.

        • It is interesting how we on the right have to fight to insure that none of our supporters are people who give the left a reason to label all of us racist while the left uses open racism in many of their actions.

        • I just wonder, with Tommy having to walk on razor blades, if his distancing was strategic (for whatever reason) or if it was the intellectual distance that, indeed, exists between Tommy and all those so-called “grass root movements” who are far from “polished”.

          Since personally I think the greatest danger now is this nasty and spreading Jew Hatred (and not only for the Jewish people- remember “first the Saturday children etc”) and we must fight this, any group who publicly makes a stand is okay with me.

          My devise: It does not matter with whom I ally myself, it matters WHY I ally myself with someone.

          • It matters a great deal to me. I won’t be used.

            Today there are OPTIONS. If you’re a walking poster of Der Juden, and you’re NOT trying to make a political statement, then get your tent back from the cleaners, put a baggie over your toothbrush, and make tracks.

            • I won’t be used either, but I WILL use in a cause as vitally urgent and important as fighting Jew Hatred. I will link arms with people I would not necessarily have as friends in my private life. I was quoting one of the few surviving personal friends of Simone de Beauvoir – who was and still is sooooooooooooo left her position is quasi horizontal. She was for example a leader in the march for abortion with de Beauvoir in the early seventies (or even earlier) I think. Yet, she supports and actually marches WITH Riposte Laique – politically the opposite in each other way. When she was speaking at one of their “Assises” she started her speech with:
              “S’allier ce n’est pas s’aligner ”
              That’s how I meant what I said above.

              Riposte Laique is a perfect example: they all pull at the same string, yet some of them come from the Left, the Right, are former Trotzkists, are the so-called “salt-of-the-earth-folk” – Pierre Cassens, the founder is a former Union Leader, Christine Tasin is a professor of Classics (dismissed from her job for her counter-jihad stance) etc.
              (I’m typing very fast before I get thrown offline, because my internet connection over the past few days is very problematic, plus – you were so right about “hands” – it seems to flare up very nastily again.

  4. #10. Eeyore, please feel free to edit this, or delete it, because I feel an accute attack of ISLAMONAUSEA coming on.

    How ugly are these chadored vagina support systems and breeding machines! How ugly is actually EVERYTHING islam is bringing to everything it touches, Islam this “religion of pieces” ie one piece of you here, another piece of you over there. ARRRGHHHH.
    Vomit bucket please !

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