Politics, culture, war all seem to have a locus in islam today. And yet still most refuse to see that the doctrine forces this: Links 3 March 22 – 2015

1. Odd interview on BBC with Tommy Robinson about the disgraced corrupt tory MP

2. Muslims speak out after ‘thorough’ screening at Brisbane airport

(This is not the first time I have read an article about muslims demanding to be treated the same as everyone else when in fact they are being treated the same as everyone else and what they really mean is, they should be exempt from the treatment that everyone else gets because of the changes in our civilization that the behaviour of muslims have caused)

3. A long but probably really good lecture on Islam from an Apostate who actually left Germany because the degree of Islam was too high for comfort for a man who wanted to live the promise of the Enlightenment.

(I have not watched it yet but I plan to tonight)

4. Yemen’s third largest city Taiz and its airport have been seized by Shia Houthi rebels, officials say.

(That pretty much means Iran controls Yemen now. Which makes them a regional hegemony, does it not?)

Residents took to the streets in protest and one was killed as the rebels fired on them and used tear gas.

The insurgents already hold the capital, Sanaa, after overthrowing President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi in February. He fled to Aden in the south.

Instability has been growing in Yemen, where al-Qaeda and Islamic State sympathisers also pose a threat.

5. UK Tory candidate seems quite comfortable making up a defense for the clear and obvious deception he had planned for the electorate. Tommy Robinson has more to say on it here.

6. Senator Lindsey Graham on Obama’s plan to end-run congress on an Iran nuclear deal

“Twenty-two percent of the funding for the United Nations comes from the American taxpayers, and I’m in charge of that account,” Graham said. “I’m not going to allow the United Nations to be used as a way to get around the United States Congress for a deal that affects the very existence of Israel and our own national security.

“If they go to the U.N. Security Council, and the U.N. Security Council lifts all sanctions before we ever get a chance to look at this deal, absolutely I would suspend funding the United Nations, because I don’t think your money should go to an organization that irresponsible.”

Graham said the Obama administration was about to “make a mistake for the ages” by reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran.

7. ABC asks, Does Islam have a violent extremism problem?

(Later, ABC asked if insisting the sun sets in the West was really just an insult and racism against the North, South and East)

The Right Scoop offers this on the interview

8. This would appear to be a video of the capture of the downed chopper pilots by the IS

9. Thanks to many of you who chose to engage  on a 3 year old thread, a lot has been revealed about Islam and its methods but nothing new learned from our protagonist Umama. There are a lot of great, interesting, insightful and entertaining comments now on the new segments of the thread, but I think Perfect Child’s most recent one deserves to be read by all.

10. Egyptian Government Sentences Chief Of Muslim Brotherhood & 20 Other Jihadists To Death By Hanging 

(The United State should also sentence it’s members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death by hanging but I think that a good portion of the executive branch and the house would have to close down)

The Egyptian government under General al-Sisi just sentenced twenty-one more Muslim Brotherhood members to death by hanging. Amongst the twenty-one sentenced is Mohamed Badie, the chief of the Muslim Brotherhood. Badie and thirteen other Muslim Brotherhood terrorists were found guilty of organizing an “operation room” by which to guide terrorists and mobs to revolt against the al-Sisi government and spread chaos throughout Egypt.

Badie is also standing trial for violence that was done by certain acolytes Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who controlled Egypt before being ousted out by the Egyptian military.

Thank you Yucki, Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, Perfect Child, Babs and many many people who have contributed thoughts and links and to the discussions. The news, even the mainstream news, is now so concerned with matters islamic that the chaos makes it harder to determine in the short run what direction things are going. Perhaps its time to have another chat with Stephen Coughlin.


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31 Replies to “Politics, culture, war all seem to have a locus in islam today. And yet still most refuse to see that the doctrine forces this: Links 3 March 22 – 2015”

  1. 7/ This Mecca-Muslim/good, Medina-Muslim/bad approach is for the birds, though I understand that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is probably just trying to find a way into the closed system and closed mind of aggressive, supremacist Islam, visible in every gesture and expression of this one-of-500-most-influential-Muslims-in-the-world bulldog Manal Omar of the U.S. Institute for ‘Peace.’ (Holds a master’s degree in Arab studies from Georgetown University, there’s a surprise).

    The Mecca-Muslims are just the Muslims not strong enough in numbers yet to be Medina-Muslims, like the Muslims in the U.S. or Canada. Or they are the Muslims returned to Mecca after Mecca is taken by the Muslims and all is for Islam, like the Muslims in Saudi Arabia. But all remained trapped in Islam, and there is no ‘tolerance and peace’ within Islam except by its own definitions and on its own terms.

    Reforming Islam means doing away with pretty much the entirety of Islam. Manal Omar is well aware of this, hence her hostility to any suggestion of reform that does not originate with a supremacist Muslim inside the closed system of Islam. Which of course will only ever be a show of reform put on to fool credulous nonbelievers outside of Islam.

    • I think if they “reform” Islam to the point that apostasy is no longer a criminal offense the whole stinking edifice will come a-tumblin’ down, and I think the Imams know that. The main active ingredient in Islam is fear. If Islam was any good on its own would it have to prescribe the death penalty for quitting?

      Ayyan’s Mecca/Medina paradigm is, of course, nonsensical, but that’s not her fault – it’s just the way it is. But what are the Ismailis if not “Mecca Muslims”? How about the Kurds? Yazidis? If President al-Sisi is pointing in the direction of “Mecca”, then maybe that’s as good as it’s ever going to get. I’d rather have Mecca Muslims than Salafists, if they’re offering a choice. The Mecca Revelation even allows for drinking, as long as you’re cool about it. And you know what? “Mecca Muslims” is catchy…incredibly inoffensive, too…

      • This handy table lets us reorder chapters of the Koran by clicking the different headings. So listing them by ‘Location of Revelation’ clumps all the Medina chapters that the sincere Mecca Muslims need to rip from their Korans so that the message of peace and love so prominent in their chapters doesn’t get superseded.

        Then they can burn their hadith collections and commentaries and a thousand years of Islamic law. And Islam will be on the road to reform! Then Muslims will live contentedly cheek by jowl with their non-Muslim neighbors.


  2. #7 ABC asks, Does Islam have a violent extremism problem?

    After all these years it must be so exhausting for Ayyan to keep having to deal with these biased, unfair, hostile, unintelligent interviewers. Over and over again that stupid woman kept saying, “But are you really the one to be talking about this…?” – meaning, “You shouldn’t be talking about this”. Over and over again. Then she jumps gleefully all over the illogical idea that every word of the Quran can be excused because it’s possible to find a few obscure violent verses in the Bible that nobody ever pays any attention to. I swear, the strongest impulse of the leftist is always to fight tooth-and-nail for the other side.

    • I’m not 100% on this one. As the story reads, a couple of guys got into a quarrel with some revelers on the way home from a party. The partiers went after the 2 fellows who happened to be Jewish but non religious so its possible that the argument had nothing to do with antisemitism. It could have been one of those drunken people hears something and gets all riled up about it or whatever.

      The 2 Jewish guys ran and hid in that temple and then the partiers went after them but I don’t get the solid sense that this was a white mob of antisemites that attacked a jewish place of worship with antisemitic or any other malice of forethought.

      • I doubt the attackers were Tards.
        >First, because the authorities were so ready to pronounce it a hate crime. They would’ve covered for Tards.
        >Next, the women were not clothed modestly. They weren’t part of the Jewish group, probably came from the party next door.

      • Looks like a syngogue – or shul [Ashkenazi] – with a little library off to the side and young men studying there. Like where the Israeli boy was stabbed at Chabad.

        Not to be confused with a “temple”.

  3. #10 Egyptian Government Sentences Chief Of Muslim Brotherhood & 20 Other Jihadists To Death By Hanging

    Excellent! The Egyptian Government realizes that now is the time to turn the “force” knob up to ten. It’s time to go “all in”. If al-Sisi can’t eradicate the Muslim Brotherhood there won’t be any point in living in Egypt because of the daily suicide bombings, the starvation, and the constant rioting. “Hanging” has such a nice, nineteenth century, Churchillian sound to it…

  4. UK – Afzal Amin quits as Conservative candidate after EDL plot allegations

    Tory candidate for Dudley North steps down following claims that he plotted with the English Defence League



    Tory candidate Afzal Amin resigns after EDL claims

    […]party sources said he had now resigned as candidate in the Tory target seat of Dudley North “with immediate effect”, a day ahead of a planned disciplinary hearing.

    The Conservatives will now move “swiftly” to appoint a new candidate, who must be in place by the time nominations close on April 9, a source said.


  5. “…article about muslims demanding to be treated the same as everyone else when in fact they are being treated the same as everyone else and what they really mean is…”

    Because 99.9% of terorist actions around th world are carried out by bearded middle eastern or south Asian men – it perfectly fitting for Western security services to target people matching that description.

    It is illogical for the NOT to be targetting them. Those few muslims capable of logcal thinking must see the sense in that. Whether or not they will admt it is another thing. Why should they – when they can so easily play the victim card.

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