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7 Replies to “Canadian Prime Minister says face cover is from anti-women culture”

  1. Pakistan soldiers raid and seal off MQM headquarters (BBC, March 11, 2015)

    “Paramilitary troops in Pakistan have raided and sealed off the headquarters of the MQM, the biggest political party in Karachi. Soldiers recovered sophisticated weapons and detained a number of people wanted in criminal cases during the pre-dawn raid, a Pakistan Rangers spokesman said. Pakistan’s Dawn news agency said several party workers were detained.

    Supporters and party activists have gathered outside the headquarters. MQM called for a day of protest and peaceful mourning against the search operations. Speaking to Pakistan’s Geo News, senior MQM figure Farooq Sattar said the operation was “inappropriate and beyond understanding”. “MQM has itself always maintained its policy of zero tolerance against crime and terrorism, and it has always offered to co-operate,” he said.”

  2. Ezra Levant: Speech Proves Justin Trudeau is Unqualified to be PM

    (Odious Trudeau is luckily also ludicrous Trudeau.)

  3. Many of the world’s women like wearing niqabs. A great many more like wearing hijabs. As hijabis replace kafir women in Canada, and then niqabis replace the hijabis, it will become harder to say, on the evidence, that niqabs are anti-woman. How can something be anti-woman if most women want it? It is better that PM Harper keep to the angle that niqabs are anti-Canadian, not anti-woman, and it would be far better than that if he reduced Muslim immigration to zero.

    • Muslim women are ordered by their psychotic males to cover themselves from top to bottom. They are Islam’s biggest victims who don’t have the freedom to decide anything for themselves, and that includes what to wear.
      PM Harper is making a disastrous mistake by allowing the UN to dictate Canada’s immigration/refugee intake, which is mainly Muslim, but he can at least grant Islam’s women the same rights as any other ones in Canada.

      Liberate those poor, suffering Muslim females from their enforced–by their menfolk–captivity, Harper!

      • Don,

        My argument with that point of view, that Muslim women only behave like Muslim women because Muslim men force them to, is that it is a simplification of a complicated reality and a potentially fatal one. It might be a chicken/egg sort of thing, but once Muslim women get that hijab on, many if not most of them would rather see their men folk pour boiling oil on our heads, or pour it themselves, as we ride up on our white horses to rescue them from their prison towers than have themselves saved. Muslim women are not our allies in this, or not reliably.

  4. Where is all the backlash from us the majority of Canadians who agree with Harper and are sick and tired of these crackpots including all the islamics who dress in costumes with their heads covered
    Harper is right
    Most Canadians are sick and tired of these crackpots who refuse to integrate
    And refuse to acknowledge the values of Canada as their values
    Canadians are sick of the over immigration of people who’s only desire is to change the very fabric of the land they come to, as enemies they join a collective of enemies within, the ghettos of refugees and scum that hate us and everything
    We stand for…who lie in wait for war from within…who play on the stupidity of the left and the liberal minds. ( ops oxymoron liberal masses lack minds and operate as one flowing molten mass fuelled by dramatic idiocy)
    Why do all the news channels cover all the extremist positions and support the NDP and liberals in their political bullshit comments about supporting all the cultural relativism….. It is so sad and so disgusting that so many fools support
    Gender apartheid under the guise of tolerance… I guess we just have to wait till the next election when all the crackpot voices are shut down once again
    Three cheers for Harper and Kenny

  5. OTTAWA- Kenney criticized for Muslims tweet, release of special forces photos

    Defence Minister Jason Kenney has come under fire for his decision to allow the release of photos potentially identifying Canadian special forces in Iraq and his tweeting of a picture he suggested was of Muslim women put in chains by Islamist extremists, but was actually from a religious ceremony.

    Kenney, then Immigration Minister, refused to apologize at the time, blaming public servants in his department for the incident.

    “This guy will do whatever it takes to advance his own party’s political agenda,” Murray said.

    She said Kenney’s tweeting of the photo showing Muslim women and claiming the link to brutalities committed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) was the minister “cynically exploiting a cultural group in our country for political benefit.”

    Murray said the minister’s decision to release the special forces photos put troops at risk and is hypocritical because Kenney’s office has prevented journalists from taking photos of other military personnel at other events for security reasons.

    The photos of the special forces personnel were taken at a ramp ceremony in Iraq as they carried the coffin of a fellow soldier killed in a friendly fire incident.

    The photos were tweeted by Kenney and provided to news outlets by the Canadian Forces and used extensively, including in the Citizen.


    …. should have tweeted – “burkas on the beach” instead :


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