London: Professor halts immigration debate to blast Muslim leader as ‘Islamist who supports stoning’

IB Times:

Hundreds of people are watching a YouTube video of a London professor interrupting a university conference on immigration to protest against the presence of “an Islamist who supports stoning to death and sharia law“.

Professor Reza Moradi interrupted a talk organised by the University and College Union (UCU) held at the London Metropolitan University, to criticise the decision to invite Mohammed Kozbar, vice president of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), to take part in the discussion panel.

“MAB is what is known as a ‘soft’ Islamist organisation, normalising and justifying terrorism, the Caliphate and sharia rules,” Moradi wrote on his Facebook page after the incident.

“I am outraged that my union would share a panel with an Islamist organisation, despite its links with the Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, its defence of death by stoning for adultery and support of the death penalty for apostates such as me.

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  1. Islam is peaceful…. Say the Muslims who proffer their religion which cannot be questioned on pain of death. Then you discover the utter nonsense and detatchment from reality they are living in their heads, and fit right into the homes of the believers of the Multicultural Myths of Diversity.

    Civilization is is destroyed into a regime by the deliberate educating of the uncivilized and undisciplined mind; where only the laws of halal and haram, affirmation and quota, remain; and supply the feeders and Right Honorable protectors of such society. A stagnation and depression ensues with the looking towards children as the offer a solution: to provide numbers in their old age or bring unbridled love in a dark world. The source of the twisted manipulative power of Pederasty and sucking of life Pedophilia.

    The Muslim’s Allah of Bad Things handles tortured souls for doing the right thing with the escape of distracting sex in Heaven, the Socialist West with environmental Bad Things tortures spirits of finding distracting sex on earth. A dying animal seeks to reproduce at the last change saloon. These children made guilty, are psycholically damaged, self-harm and form dysfunctional relationships.

    The prohibition of music and art, verses the hate-crime of individualism. Anxious people can be set up to kill to defend their fears.

    All rational thought, lost to upholding the sickest of perverts who makes them feel good about themselves. ‘Muslims are the most superior of Mankind,’ ‘Hope and Change’

    Only an emasculated male could state these ‘facts’ about Mohammadism:

    • I admire that you are able not only to push on through that drivel but to write reasoned responses to it. Halima was another disappointment though not exactly a surprise.

  2. And on it goes, eh? The man from Iran speaks a little bit of truth and the brainless university-educated totally clued-out white liberal woman just can’t wait to act as a stormtrooper for the Muslim/leftist axis, both vilifying and silencing the Iranian man for the crime of being “inappropriate” by speaking the truth and exposing the snake in their midst.

    They should probably tear down all the universities and just let people learn off the internet. Doctors, lawyers, and engineers can start their own schools and architects can figure it out on the job. Universities now function mainly as brainwashing centers that do more harm than good, and should be bulldozed to make room for housing and businesses and the like…

  3. Things are starting to fall apart for the left and the Islamists, I wonder how much longer their coalition will hold?

  4. Noam Chomsky: Jihadi John, Charlie Hebdo Killers Were ‘Oppressed’ Immigrants

    Noam Chomsky tacitly defended ISIS member ‘Jihadi John’ and the Charlie Hebdo killers during an appearance on Democracy Now when he justified their actions by pointing to ‘oppression’ suffered by the terrorists at the hands of the French and British governments.

    • It would be nice if there were some charge we could bring against him that would let him spend several years in the pen.

  5. DAILY MAIL – Mother-of-two bit chunk out of fellow worshipper’s head at mosque ‘with a crunching sound’ and spat skin on the floor

    Suad Awad bit extended relative Amina Essa at Shepherd’s Bush Mosque
    The 41-year-old bit a chunk out of her face before spitting skin on the floor
    Ms Essa said she could ‘think of no reason’ why there could be bad blood
    Victim has been left needing plastic surgery to heal wound below left eye
    Somali-born Awad admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm but spared jail

  6. Saudi Arabia Facebook Arrest: Religious Police Detain Indian Citizen For ‘Offensive’ Hindu Mecca Photo

    An Indian citizen has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for allegedly posting offensive religious images on Facebook, Gulf News reported on Tuesday. The man was detained by Saudi religious police after reportedly posting a photo of Mecca’s Grand Mosque and its iconic black “Ka’aba” cuboid replaced with Hindu religious symbols.

    A Saudi national reportedly alerted the country’s religious police, officially known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, after seeing the image, which prompted an investigation, according to Gulf News. The man accused of posting the photo was arrested at the airport by police under the country’s anti-cyber crime law, which bans the promotion of offensive pictures

    […]the man would now face a maximum of five years in prison and a fine of nearly $800,000.

  7. With little fanfare, infamous right-wing anti-Islam group makes its way into Quebec

    […]In January, with little fanfare and even less media coverage, PEGIDA landed in Quebec.

    A Facebook page set up by the group, featuring photos from PEGIDA demonstrations around the world, had attracted just under 600 “likes” as of Wednesday, and their first official rally is set to take place on March 28 in St-Léonard. The Montreal Gazette reached out to the organizers behind the page on Wednesday, but they did not respond to a request for comment.

    While small, the group is not alone. PEGIDA Quebec’s appearance came only two months after members of another group, dubbed Québec Identitaire, appeared to take credit for vandalizing four mosques in the Quebec City region. A Facebook group bearing the Québec Identitaire name had 502 members as of Wednesday, with the group’s description making it clear “we are not a radical extremist group,” but that “we firmly believe a native Quebecer has the right to refuse to have cultures and religious rituals imposed by ‘adopted Quebecers’ without being demonized.”

  8. NYC – Cardinal Dolan: Islamic State is perversion of Islam, as IRA was perversion of Catholicism

    The Islamic State represents “a particularly perverted form of Islam,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York has said.

    “These are not pure, these are not real Muslims,” the cardinal said in an interview with CNN.

    Cardinal Dolan compared the relationship between the Islamic faith and the Islamic State with that between the Irish Republican Army and the Catholic Church. “They were baptized,” he said of the Irish militants. “They had a Catholic identity.” But the violence that they employed “was a perversion of everything the Church stood for.”

    video – Cardinal Dolan: Comparing ISIS to Christian terrorists is an ‘accurate’ analogy

  9. CANADA – Use Qur’an to Judge Me, Via Rail Terror Suspect Tells Jury

    TORONTO—One of two men facing terrorism charges in an alleged plot to derail a passenger train offered his “sincere advice” to jurors hearing his case on Wednesday.

    The Criminal Code is a “book written by humans” and “humans are not perfect,” Chiheb Esseghaier said in a unusual written closing address.

    “That’s why I required the Holy Qur’an as unique reference of my trial and the judgement of all matter of people’s life,” he wrote to the jury.

    Esseghaier and his co-accused, Raed Jaser, face several terror-related charges in the alleged plot to derail a train travelling from New York to Toronto.

    Esseghaier has refused to participate in his trial, did not call any evidence or witnesses in his defence and even had to have a not-guilty plea entered for him by the judge presiding over the case.

    His submission to the jury was the first time the panel heard directly from him.

    “I’m addressing you today because I want to give you sincere advice,” Esseghaier wrote in the statement, which was read to jurors by a lawyer appointed to assist the court.

    “I encourage you to retreat from the charge that has been affected to you as a first step of your sincere repentance to God.”

    more :

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