England stabbing the enlightenment with every sword it has.

Check this story from the Yorkshire Standard:

19-year-old released on bail after alleged Koran-burning video

A 19-year-old from Leeds, West Yorkshire, who was arrested in connection with an offensive video he posted on a social media website has been released on bail.

A video, which was shared to the Yorkshire Standard, showed a man ripping apart an English translation of the Koran with his teeth and putting it in the toilet before burning it.

The police arrested the suspect on 27 December after people raised concerns for the safety of the person who had posted the video up following a number of public comments made in response to it.

People also called the police complaining about the offensive nature of the video.

The suspect was arrested from an address in Beeston, Leeds, on suspicion of a racially or religiously aggravated public order offence.

Superintendent Mabs Hussain, of Leeds District Police, said: “Due to the nature of this offence, any decision to charge must be taken by the Director of Public Prosecutions. We are currently preparing an advice file which we will be submitting to the Crown Prosecution Service in due course. In the meantime the arrested man has been released on bail to an alternative location.

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This is a critically important story to follow.

I see three ways for this to go.

1. They arraign this man on one of the new anti-Enlightenment charges based on ‘community relations’ or other charges based on submission to extortion and violence from the muslim community. This has happened before with koran burners so its likely.

2. The American method. Some attempt to deeply hurt this individual without directly showing that he may not offend islamic limits on Western expression.Much like the American government did to the film maker of that crappy-but-factual history of muhamed, showing us all that truth is no longer a defense.

An example of this method might be that he is taken into unwilling protective custody in an unpleasant place and manner, or with many muslim co-prisoners.

3. Equally likely is he will be black listed from anything he values, schools. career opportunities, anything which involves government assistance in some way or which is dependent on grants etc. which is everything in the UK. Much like Canada.

There are other possibilities of course. The mere fact that he was arrested and released on bail, as opposed to simply released shows that the police consider it a crime. As it isn’t really, I would suggest that a significant number of Englishmen go out and burn korans now and post them to the internet ASAP. Go to a mosque bookstore, buy them online, but make absolutely sure you pay for it and for the love of any god that doesn’t despise its own creation, keep the receipt so you can show that this koran was your private property and you can legally do with it what you will.

If we don’t take a stand now when the costs are relatively low, think what the cost will be when you finally decide you have to.

Here is one of the first videos I ever did. My own Koran burning using the only one I could find at the time. they tell me that the only ones that matter are the ones printed in Arabic. As if scribbly has some magic property or something. Well, its the thought that counts.

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  1. why buy one? they are willing to post them free to you, i don’t want to infect your site with specific links, but this should work http://bit.ly/1xwO7SC
    don’t give them a phone number unless you want to tell them what you intend to do with your new free koran.

    • Good idea. If we have a spare penny or pound or Euro or Dollar, I think we should put it into Vladesblog donation box above. I bet our brave bloggers get no petrol dollars from Qatar etc. and they do enormous work ! So, lets help Vlad to a little Eggnog for the New Year 🙂


    Several blogs I visit have asked for donations towards the end of this year. I haven’t seen Vladtepes blog do this, except that up there, at the right, there is a timid little

    Help out Vladtepesblog Donation Box

    With all this, I suspect unpaid work, I think we should contribute a little for some End of the Year Eggnog to this brave, intelligent, important blog.

    Prosit New Year.

    PS: Vlad/Eeyore – if this little post is embarrassing you, please feel free to delete it.

  3. Nice with the Beethoven. People could explore different possibilities for musical accompaniment, make it an installation where visitors go from booth to booth appreciating the aesthetic effects of Koran-burning with various scores.

    Ann Barnhardt:

  4. I think a worldwide burn a Koran day could be organised. This is a chance for all of us who value our enlightenment heritage to show we have had enough and regard Islam as a mere blood-cult. It will be interesting to see what response there is to this case, it should be made as public as possible, free speech is at risk here.

  5. I think the comments above have missed the point of the author.

    From a legal point of view, buying the Koran and retaining the receipt proves that the Koran is private property. The legal concept is that your legal property is yours to deal with as you please, including burning it in a video and posting it online.

    In the US, the only exemption that I know is the US flag. It is illegal to burn or desecrate the US flag, however, the law is never enforced.

    The author of the article would like to force the court to make the Koran an exemption in the British court, outing the legal system’s capitulation to Sharia blasphemy statutes. Having the receipt, therefore, is important.

    • So does that go for the bible, the torah and other holy books as well? And why stop at a book? Symbols could become illegal to destroy, holy clothing, images, etc. It really isn’t anything that ever stops, the list will just keep getting longer and longer.
      I would be interested to see what restrictions are placed on british muslims with regards to what they do to christian and jewish items.

      • The printed name Mohammed is enough to get you in trouble. A Pakistani doctor was arrested fpr blasphemy because he threw a pushy visitor’s business card in the bin, and he was called Mohammed.
        NBC 12/12/2010

    • Yes that was what I was thinking. The argument has to be made that this is a person’s private property and one is presumably free to do with it what one pleases.

  6. What we now need is for hundreds of us to burn this filth publicly as a symbol of our rejection of the claim that it is the word of any god. This should be used as a challenge to retards who believe this bilge has any significance other than to brainwashed cretins.
    A variation of this might be to wipe ones arse on pages and scatter them to the four winds whereby anyone finding a page can see the true worth this nasty publication.
    In the case of the UK lad who was arrested, I note the local Moslems in his local area wrote to the Yorkshire Standard newspaper and called variously for him to receive life imprisonment or even worse.
    These ‘offended’ individuals are Pakistani origin (immigrant/passport holders) and therefore reflect the attitude of that anus of a nation toward Christians, since Pakistan has an atrocious record on dealing with religious minorities. Just imagine if these outraged individuals in Britain were in the majority in Yorkshire/Britain (and the USA) and they would have burned the young lad in this story. Beware Islam, beware sharia, start the fightback in 2015.

    • You don’t have to burn a koran to be burned yourself/ You just have to come across a mob of hateful muslims. Look at the case of Kriss Donald.

  7. Eeyore, in response to your question above? It is because our cowardly political classes have put us into a straitjacket called ‘multiculturalism’ and we have been silenced by the PC brigade. Both are instruments that the Islamists will use to destroy Europe and America. 2015 has to be the year we start to fight back…..

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