Austrian mosque gets porked. But was it a self porking mosque job?

given that the two recent ‘attacks’ on mosques were both initially reported as hate crimes but then turned out to have been done by members of their own congregations, one in Sweden and the other in California, it does beg the question as to wether or not this was a self-porking job.

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  1. Am reminded of the “vandalism attack” on Lakemba Mosque – big noise, “Islmophobia, backlash backlash…blablabla”. Vandal turned out to be the (Muslim brotherhood) grand mufti/sheik/whatever of the Lakemba mosque himself. He who attacked little Australian girls for being gang-raped by Lebanese Muslim gangs, for dressing so Austraaaaaalqan as they did. He had forgotten that his own security cameras were turned on.

    I think: “porking” is “working”…. (just for the rhyme, sorry).

  2. yep, my money is on self-porking, recently there haven’t been any real “backlash” only plays to generate the victimhood they thrive on.

  3. ‘Porking’ is destined to become a new term in the English language for giving Muslims all that they deserve.
    Imams and fathers of victim daughters will be castrated as punishment for genital mutilation of little girls.
    This will be known as giving Muslim fiends ‘a good porking.’
    Muslim rapists will be brutally executed for their involvement in Muzzy pedophile gangs.
    This will also be known as ‘porking’.
    Mosques will be burned to the ground for their involvement in jihad-preaching. This too will be known as ‘porking.’
    Muslims who try to force Sharia law on non-Muslims will be seriously porked for their efforts.
    Any Muzzloid men who step out of line will be captured, shaved and have the Star of David flag of Israel tattooed on their ugly faces. They will be referred to as having had a ‘serious porking’.
    Porking will become the new recreational activity of the Working and Middle-classes.
    Muslims will be frequently ‘porked’.
    Porking is the future trend.

    • LOVE IT…..

      “‘Porking’ is destined to become a new term in the English language for giving Muslims all that they deserve….”

      Quick to the registry office, Eeyore, to claim paternity of this neologism.

      And then there is “self-porking”….

  4. In many countries in the West the muslims follow the examples from England where a few mosques were burnt down (by themselves). How come, the muslims always put on the victim role? Then they are shaken by their hosts racist and discriminating way of behaviour against the followers of the peaceful religion. Their demands come shortly thereafter. Is this a part of their jihad?

  5. Bahrain opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman arrested (BBC, Dec 28, 2014)

    “Bahrain’s main opposition movement, al-Wefaq, says its leader has been arrested after a day of questioning at the interior ministry. Sheikh Ali Salman was summoned for questioning about “violating certain aspects of law,” the ministry said. His lawyer says he has been accused of “inciting hatred against the regime”. Mr Salman joined thousands of Shia Muslims at a protest in the capital Manama on Friday, demanding the dismissal of government and parliament. Shia-dominated demonstrations against the Sunni monarchy, have been continuing for the past three years, with thousands arrested…”

  6. Boko Haram unrest: Cameroon air strikes on Nigerian militants (BBC, Dec 29, 2014)

    “Cameroon has carried out its first air strikes against militant Islamist group Boko Haram after it over-ran a military base and attacked five villages, an army spokesman has said. The military repelled the attacks and regained control of the base, he added. The spokesman did not confirm local media reports that the militants had killed at least 30 people. The Nigeria-based group is increasingly carrying out cross-border raids, threatening Cameroon’s security…”

  7. Iran Holds Funeral for General Killed in Iraq (abcnews, Dec 29, 2014)

    “Iran held a funeral on Monday for a senior Revolutionary Guard commander who was killed during a battle against the Islamic State extremist group in Iraq. State TV said the funeral for Brig. Gen. Hamid Taqavi was held in a Guard compound in Tehran. He will be buried in his hometown Ahvaz in southwestern Iran on Tuesday.

    The Guard said Sunday that Taqavi was “martyred while performing his advisory mission” in Samarra, a town north of Baghdad that is home to a major Shiite shrine. He is the highest ranking Iranian officer known to have been killed abroad since the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, in which he fought.

    Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, told mourners at the funeral that Taqavi had died defending Iran from extremists, the semi-official Fars news agency reported. “Some ask, what is the link between Taqavi and Samarra? The answer is very clear. If Taqavi and his colleagues do not give blood in Samarra, we should give blood” in Iran, he said.

    Shamkhani said Taqavi was a veteran Guard member who had close contacts with the Iraqi armed opposition when the country was ruled by Saddam Hussein. Predominantly Shiite Iran says it has sent military advisers to assist Syria and Iraq in battling Sunni-led rebels and extremist groups, but has denied sending combat forces…”

  8. Iraq: Suicide Attack on Funeral Kills 10 (abcnews, Dec 29, 2014)

    “A suicide bomber struck a funeral north of Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 10 mourners, officials said. The bomber blew himself up inside a funeral tent in a farming area outside the mainly Sunni town of Taji, about 22 kilometers (12 miles) north of Baghdad, a police officer said. Another 20 mourners were wounded, he added. The funeral was for the father of two members of pro-government militias, known as Sahwa or Awakening Councils. The Sahwa were formed at the height of Iraq’s sectarian fighting in 2006 and 2007, and allied with U.S. troops against al-Qaida in Iraq, a precursor to the Islamic State extremist group…”

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