Western left continues to support Islam in all its horror: Links 2 for Dec. 18 – 2014

1. Two videos on the trial of the surviving Boston jihadi marathon-bomber

relative of jihadi claims the attacker is really the victim. We are all very surprised at that.

News item on the trial

2. Iraq jihadists behead man on sorcery charges


The Islamic State group on Thursday beheaded a man publicly on charges that he was a “sorcerer”, north of their bastion of Tikrit, the jihadist organisation and residents said.

The group released pictures of the execution on a square in Nahyat al-Alam, a town a few kilometres north of Tikrit.

Pictures here (Pictures that pretty much define savagery IMO)

(If sorcery is illegal, I have to wonder how you couldn’t accuse and convict pretty much anyone who uses anything more sophisticated than a rock and a stick could not be found guilty of using it, so long as the jury can be convinced that it operates by rules they can’t understand. Assuming there is a jury of course)

3. ISIS fighters now in Golan Heights near Israeli border

(This could represent a setback for the jihadis should they decide to expand their campaign)

(ANSAmed) – TEL AVIV, DECEMBER 18 – Islamic State (ISIS) forces are now in the Golan Heights area near Syria’s border with Israel, reported Haaretz in quoting Arab media outlets on Thursday. The daily noted that three local jihadist groups fighting the Assad regime in the southern Golan had pledged allegiance this week to ISIS and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

4. Ottawa Canada: Hospital axes nativity scene

(I find it interesting how they protect the people who’s complaints caused this 100 + year tradition to end at this hospital by referring to them only as ‘faith groups’. It certainly wasn’t the Jews who just fired up a massive candelabra at City Hall in Ottawa yesterday)

5. Controversial Dutch far-Right politician Geert Wilders to face trial for inciting racial hatred after vowing to make sure there were ‘fewer Moroccans’ in Holland

(Moroccans are a race now. Someone needs to update all the textbooks on evolutionary biology in the world now, not to mention medical texts. This article needs to be read, but people should understand that what is really on trial, is the people’s right to discuss major government policies at all. Because if you cannot discuss immigration in a democracy, you can’t discuss anything, and it is not a democracy. Two links from Gates of V. on this trial here and here.)

6. ‘We have killed all the children, now what do we do?’: Taliban death squad’s frantic request for instructions after slaughtering 132 innocents… as military airstrikes kill 57 in hunt for ‘Radio Mullah’ who ordered massacre 

The depraved Taliban gunmen who slaughtered 132 students at a school in Pakistan contacted their commanders to ask: ‘We have killed all the children, now what do we do?’, it has been revealed.

Having stormed the Army Public School in Peshawar using machine guns and rocket launchers to massacre those inside, the six men were instructed to await the arrival of soldiers before detonating their suicide vests, according to a security official citing unspecified intelligence gathered on site.

The details come as it emerged sixteen prominent commanders from different wings of the Pakistani Taliban were involved in organising the attack, with another senior militant named Umar Adizai – also known as Umar Naray and Umar Khalifa – acting as the six killers’ overall ‘handler’.

The hunt is now on for the 17 men, all of whom have been named, with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif moving to end the moratorium on executing those convicted of terrorism – effectively signing the death warrant for the savage Peshawar commanders should they be caught.

Thank you M., GoV., UK Pete, Buck, and many more. Just warming up. More to come.

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10 Replies to “Western left continues to support Islam in all its horror: Links 2 for Dec. 18 – 2014”

  1. With regards to those pictures of the “sorcerer”, is that pile of beaded necklaces and the green flag near his body supposed to be the evidence of his misdeeds? Can anyone identify the flag and what it stands for?

  2. AUSTRALIA – SYDNEY – Just dump Man Haron Monis’ body at sea, Muslim leaders say

    […]If Monis’s partner does not claim his body he will be given a “destitute funeral” by the Department of Health.

    […]Muslim leader Keysar Trad said the imam of the Lakemba mosque “doesn’t want a bar of him”. But he added that according to Islamic law, no Muslim can be denied a holy funeral unless they renounced their religion prior to death.

    […]“Local health districts are responsible for the processing and payment of destitute burials and cremations in their district.



    NYT – For Australia’s Muslims, Relief Is Shadowed by Fear

    When television networks this week showed hostages being forced by a gunman to hold a flag with Arabic script against the window of a Sydney cafe, it was the first sign that their captor wanted to link his cause to Islam.

    […]The gunman, Man Haron Monis, an eccentric and troubled man with a history of crime, appears to have acted alone. Prime Minister Tony Abbott described him as a “sick and disturbed individual.”

    […]Ms. Mourad, who wears a head scarf, said that as the siege continued into the night, she was jeered while playing in an indoor soccer tournament. “I heard people on the sidelines saying, ‘Kick her! Tackle her, take her down!’ ” she said

    […]Efforts by Muslims to better integrate into Australian society were also marred by the 2002 gang rape of young girls by a group of men from Lebanese families, one of whom was sentenced to 55 years in jail


  3. People talking about maybe tuning this whole media freak show out, gonna be hard.

    hearing the name of a monster – that it has parents –

    shoulda been offed on the spot – put down & under –

    earth shoulda opened and swallowed it –

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