Islamic slaughters, attacks, wars and skirmishes post 2 for Oct. 31 – 2014

1. At least 8 killed in Nigeria bus station blasts

Many people were injured in the rush-hour blast in Gombe city. Witnesses spoke of three bags of explosives going off.
Gombe shares a border with three states placed under emergency rule to fight the Boko Haram Islamist insurgency.
The group has taken full control of Mubi, a commercial centre in Adamawa.

2. School Filing ‘Racial Discrimination’ Against Students Who Refuse Muslim Education

Parents of students at Littleton Green Community School were outraged after they found out that if their children decided not to attend a controversial field trip, they would be officially deemed racist. The trip was to a religious workshop about the Muslim faith, and administration warned that a “racial discrimination note” would be added to the students’ school records, should they fail to join.

3. Congo crowd kills man, eats him after militant massacres: witnesses

(Why not drift that past any of your friends who claim to believe in multiculturalism and see how it goes over? In this case however, it appears the dinner was halal)

4. Foreign Office issues worldwide terrorism warning for British tourists

British holidaymakers travelling anywhere in the world have been told to be vigilant as they are at risk of being attacked by Islamist terrorists.

The Foreign Office on Friday night issued a worldwide travel warning, saying tourists were at a risk of attack as a result of Britain’s intervention in Iraq and Syria.

5. CNN report on the DC Axe attack.

(Better than previous reports I have seen on this one so far)

6. Children of 8 are ‘racist’ if they miss Islam trip: School’s threatening letter to parents is met with outrage

Parents were ordered to send their children to a workshop on Islam or have them labelled  as racist for the rest of their  school career.

They were sent a letter warning that the primary school pupils would have a ‘racial discrimination note’ put on their records if they did not go.

Families were told to pay £5 per child for the Explore Islam trip next Wednesday to Staffordshire University, which would involve Year 4 and Year 6 children being shown Islamic artefacts.

Parents accused Littleton Green community school of 'blackmailing' their children to go to a workshop on Islam

Parents accused Littleton Green community school of ‘blackmailing’ children to go to a workshop on Islam

The letter: Parents were sent a letter which threatened to brand their children 'racist' if they didn't go

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  1. 6/ ‘Bonkers.’ ‘Heavy-handed.’ ‘Seems unfair.’ Such strong language! These parents know oppression when they see it. They may just be ready to rise up in revolt. They hate the Romans already. Dead sure. They really hate them. How much? A lot!

    • Yes they hate us that much, they hate all that Western Civilization stands for and all it has achieved, the left wants to destroy western civ any way it can.

  2. School Issues ‘No Trespass Order’ on Iraq Veteran After Questioning Homework Assignment on Islam

    ‘We’re not teaching religion, we’re teaching world history.’

  3. VIDEO: Dozens of Libyans in town close to Egypt border pledge allegiance to IS

    Dozens of residents of a town in eastern Libya have pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of Islamic State militants fighting in Syria and Iraq, according to a video and a resident.

    Around 50 young people could be seen in a video posted on social media gathering in Derna to support Baghdadi, who calls himself “caliph”, or Muslim leader, of Islamic State, an Al Qaeda offshoot.

    A Derna resident confirmed the authenticity of the video, taken late on Friday.

    There has been growing concern among Western nations and Libya’s neighbours that Islamic State is trying to exploit lawlessness in the oil producer where militant Islamists and other militias who helped topple Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 are carving out fiefdoms.

    U.S. and Arab forces have bombed Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq since the militants declared a caliphate in the territory under their control.

    Derna, a port halfway between the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi and the Egyptian border, has since 2011 turned into a gathering point for militant Islamists and al Qaeda sympathisers.

    Fifteen members of Islamic State, led by an Egyptian and a Saudi national, traveled to Derna from Syria in September trying to rally support and establish an Islamic State branch in Libya, Egyptian security officials have said.

    Youth driving through the town waiving Islamic State flags could be seen after the visit, according to a video on social media.

    Authorities were unable to open ballot boxes for Libya’s parliamentary elections in June in Derna due to threats from militants. Militant Islamic youths also executed an Egyptian for alleged murder in Derna stadium.

    Derna, already a stronghold of Islamist opposition under Gaddafi, has also made headlines with pictures of Islamic courts and police stations.

  4. UK – Education secretary Nicky Morgan urges Muslims to become school governors after Trojan horse

    Education secretary says it was right to investigate Birmingham schools allegations although no violent extremism was found

    Education secretary Nicky Morgan has sought to reassure Muslim parents by saying that the Trojan horse affair in Birmingham was an exception, and that it was important for Muslims to sign up as school governors because they “had a huge amount to contribute”.

    “We are not aware of anything else like Birmingham, in terms of the scale, across the country,” Morgan said of the investigations into a series of schools with large numbers of Muslim pupils, in an interview with Muslim News.

    […]Morgan took over as education secretary from Michael Gove at the tail end of the Trojan horse investigations, but the interview marks her first extended public comment on the affair that saw the management of five Birmingham schools replaced over allegations of hardline Islamic influence.

    […]“What Peter Clark’s report had found was that there was no evidence of radicalisation or terrorism or violent extremism in the schools in Birmingham, but there were examples, I think he called it a ‘concerted attempt’, by a small number of people, to follow a particular ideology,” Morgan said.

    […]Asked about the incendiary language surrounding the debate around Trojan horse, Morgan said that politicians should be “very conscious of the language we use and make sure it is appropriate, proportionate and absolutely not seen to be criticizing one particular community”.

    Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan tells Editor of The Muslim News Ahmed J Versi there was no evidence of radicalisation or extremism in Birmingham schools

    […]In an exclusive interview with The Muslim News Editor, Ahmed J Versi, she said she was not aware there would be other investigations on the scale of Birmingham and acceded that she would also consider including Islamophobia as part Key Stages 2, 3 & 4 Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education.

  5. Harper’s silence on anti-Muslim backlash disheartens Muslim groups

    Muslim groups are disappointed that Stephen Harper hasn’t spoken out against a spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes since two separate attacks by jihadist sympathizers left two Canadian soldiers dead last week.

    […]the killers were Canadians with an alleged history of drug addiction, mental illness and admiration for extremist Islamic terrorists who’ve been on a brutal rampage in Iraq and Syria.

    But when political leaders denounce Muslim extremists but don’t come to the defence of moderate Muslims, Mostefa said young Muslims will think: “This is my country and you don’t come to my support to stand by my side.”

    Mostefa’s mosque issued a statement Friday urging all elected officials, from the prime minister to municipal councillors, to denounce acts of hate against Canadian Muslims.

    […]Alia Hogben, executive director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, said it’s “very disheartening” that Harper has not bothered to speak out against the anti-Muslim backlash.

    Canada is a multicultural country with over 1 million Muslims, most of whom are Canadian citizens whose religion is only part of their identity, she pointed out.

    […]Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, has acknowledged the concerns of Canadian Muslims more than once since the shootout on Parliament Hill.

    In a televised statement that night, he directly addressed “our friends and fellow citizens in the Muslim community,” saying that Canadians know acts of violence “committed in the name of Islam are an aberration of your faith.”

    Trudeau repeated that message the next day in a speech in the Commons and during a visit Friday to a mosque in Mississauga. He also issued a statement condemning anti-Muslim vandalism.

    NDP Leader Tom Mulcair issued an open letter to the Muslim community several days after the Parliament Hill shootout, promising that New Democrats can be counted on to fight racism and “Islamophobia” and to stand up for human rights.

  6. CANADA – EDMONTON – Muslims pray at Alberta legislature for victims of Ottawa, Montreal attacks

    video on the page

    Nearly 100 Edmonton Muslims visited the Alberta legislature on Friday to offer prayers of sympathy for the families of the victims of attacks in Ottawa and near Montreal last month.

    The icy fall wind carried a breathtaking call to prayer as they unrolled their prayer mats, knelt and pressed their foreheads to the ground while small children waved Canadian flags and signs that said “in solidarity.

    Edmonton-Mill Woods PC MLA Sohail Quadri took part in the prayers.

    “This was not an attack on our Canadian soldiers, it’s an attack on all of us. We condemn those vicious acts,” Quadri said.

    “Those people cannot be Muslim, because the Islam I believe in says that if you kill one human, you kill all humanity.

    “This is a very sad moment, but it is also an opportunity for us to build bridges among fellow Canadians, and show them the real Islam, real Muslim values. There is no difference between Canadian values and Muslim values — they are the same.”

    In a moving speech to close the ceremony, house Speaker Gene Zwozdesky said:

    “We do stand with you, together, as brothers and sisters, united by the great country that has brought us all together — Canada.”

    Edmonton is home to about 100,000 Muslims and 15 mosques.

  7. Egyptian police arrest local ‘terrorist cell’ who trained in Syria

    Interior Ministry said Egyptians were trained in Syria on how to carry out terrorist attacks

    Egyptian national security officials have discovered a local “terrorist cell” whose members received training in Syria, the Interior Ministry said on Saturday.

    A statement on the ministry’s Facebook page said the cell members returned to Egypt after receiving training on carrying out terrorist attacks.

    According to the statement, those who were arrested confessed to receiving military and fitness training in Syria, as well as learning how to prepare explosive devices.

    Egypt’s security forces are currently battling a militant insurgency in North Sinai that has been present for the last decade but has drastically increased its attacks in the past year after the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.

    While the attacks have mainly targeted security personnel in the Sinai Peninsula, they have also spread to Cairo and surrounding cities, with citizens killed and injured in the violence as well.

  8. Germany pledges to ban anti-Islamist rally after Cologne clashes

    The German capital Berlin is scrambling to ban a planned rally against Islamists by neo-Nazis and self-styled soccer hooligans after rioting in Cologne in which 49 police officers were injured.

    The disturbances coincided with growing concern that Western-led air strikes to stop the advance of Islamic State insurgents in Syria and Iraq are radicalising some young people with Muslim immigrant backgrounds in Germany and elsewhere.

    Sunday’s clashes, when some 4,000 hooligans – many drunk – and neo-Nazis hurled objects at police who responded with pepper spray and water cannons, also raised fears of violent youths with no political agenda joining forces with a racist group.

    The hooligans – as they term themselves – want to stage a protest against ultra-conservative Islamic Salafists at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on Nov. 15, a week after the capital celebrates the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    Berlin’s senator for interior affairs Frank Henkel told ARD television he had heard talk of 10,000 people wanting to attend.

    “We will do everything we can to ban the demonstration,” said Henkel. “We are experiencing a new quality, a new dimension of street violence and militancy. (In Cologne) it was clear from the start that it was not about a political statement but seeking physical clashes, especially with the police.”

    However, although German courts regularly ban marches by neo-Nazi groups, Henkel said this should be decided on a case-by-case basis rather than trying to impose a long-term ban.

    Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, the BfV, monitors neo-Nazis and the far left but does not currently keep watch on football hooligans, perceiving most as apolitical.

    “They see their values, Western values, if I can put it like that, as beer drinking and beating people up,” said BfV president Hans-Georg Maassen. “We have, however, established that there were a lot of right-wing extremists trying to mix in with the hooligans (in Cologne).”

    The German security services have warned of an increased risk of street violence between rival radical groups while sounding an alarm about a rising number of Islamist militants inside the country ready to join Islamic State.

    Salafists advocate a puritanical form of Islam and the BfV says their numbers in Germany are rising, along with the number of potential recruits for Islamic State.

    The BfV estimates that 450 people have traveled to the region from Germany to join radical jihadist forces.

    The marchers in Cologne bellowed “Hooligans against Salafists” and “Foreigners out!”

    Germany is sending arms to regional Kurdish forces in Iraq to help them fight Islamic State while the United States is spearheading coalition air strikes on the insurgents.

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