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6 Replies to “Bill Mahar is capable of seeing the obvious. Perhaps there is hope.”

  1. Good for Bill Mahar.

    I’m surprised that Charlie Rose is so ignorant on the subject of Islam All these years after 9/11 and he’s still back at the, “Terrorism is a perversion of the true Islam”, phase. I cannot imagine the discipline it must require to so assiduously block politically incorrect knowledge from entering one’s head like that. I didn’t know Charlie was such a lightweight…

  2. “Personalities” have a disproportional influence on the public. They need to switch sides.

    Movie stars, Oprah, the fauna who populate the right-hand column of the Mail, the Guardian, and the Telegraph. ASPCA and PETA are our natural allies.

    We just need to “turn” the leaders of the pack. Perhaps the paparazzi can identify them for us.

  3. I will agree with Yucki but turning the leaders of the pack is going to be very difficult, we on this blog like to think, the actors and other celebs are trained to emote they turn off the logical portion of their brains and have forgotten how to turn them on. We will have to find a way to appeal to their emotions.

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