US ally and moderate Syrian rebel leader.

Eretz zen – July 2014 -Meet Jamal Maarouf, Syria’s Most Moderate Rebel Leader Supported by the US Govt

Jamal Maarouf, the leader of the so-called “Syria’s Revolutionary Front” (SRF) is considered by the West as the most moderate rebel leader. This interview sheds a light on the man that claims to the Independent to be not willing to fight al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra – his allies with whom he conducts joint operations – because it is not his problem, but a month later portrays himself to al-Aan pan-Arab TV station as someone who opposes extremists. His fight against the “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) is based on conflict of interest, where even al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra is fighting alongside him against ISIL because of shared interests.

He confirms during the interview that his group has received American aid and weaponry such as TOW missiles. He also confirmed that he had sent several men from his group to attend training sessions by US special forces.


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