Tahiti: One of the few places left willing to stand up for their own culture, customs, laws and peoples.

Here is an article and video translated by Oz-Rita (Thank you very much for your hard work OR) on the most recent issues and protests in the Polynesian Island’s attempt to resist Islam, sharia, halal foods etc. from dominating their island paradise.

From Facebook:

Dear Friends,

We all share the same concern regarding the presence of the self-proclaimed Imam Hicham El Berkani on our territory. His personality, his lack of transparency (his origins, funding), his defiance of our laws, his insistence on returning here while he is banned in the USA, lead us to have serious doubts about him.

In the interest of keeping our social peace, the collective “To Tatou Hiro’a, Ta Tatou ‘Arora’a” has organized a peaceful march to show the authorities that our fears are justified and that we want to have answers to our questions:

Why is this imam allowed to circulate freely on our territory, while he is considered potentially dangerous by the American Secret Services?

Why is he allowed to officiate freely, while he is manifestly an outlaw (illegal)?

We ask for the definitive expulsion of this suspicious “Imam”.

Lets march together to preserve our identity, our culture, our future and that of our children.


The march took place Saturday 12 July 2014 at 1 pm.

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4 Replies to “Tahiti: One of the few places left willing to stand up for their own culture, customs, laws and peoples.”

  1. Thanks for the good work, Rita.
    Without you who would know? Great admiration for these spunky people who “just say no.”
    Imagine turning Paradise into a Mosque parking-lot!

  2. I don’t see why some country somewhere just work up the nerve to ban all Muslim immigration in the name of national security. Imagine how terrible it would be to wake up one day in a democratic nation and find that Sharia Law had just been imposed, and that Muslims were now in the majority. There would be absolutely nothing you could do at that point. Nothing!

  3. They stop at nothing.

    The Tahitiennes need to drag this Mohammedan dog out of his illegal mosque and drag him to the airport, where he can catch a plane to the desert that spat him out.

    The Polynesians have a G-d given right to expel all Muslim soldiers from Tahiti.

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