Sunni Muslim is next United Nations human rights chief

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Photo: United Nations


Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al Hussein was officially appointed by the 193-Nation UN General Assembly to become the next United Nations human rights chief in Geneva.


“Prince Zeid’s work on sexual violence and his leadership on the international criminal court give a good foundation for this new role,” said Peggy Hicks [1], global advocacy director at Human Rights Watch.

Hicks continued: “As states in his region silence civil society and crush peaceful protests, the real test for Prince Zeid will be his willingness to stand up to abusive governments and speak out for those facing injustice and human rights violations worldwide.”

In his speech to the United Nations Al-Hussein said:

“I highly appreciate the confidence you are putting in me through nominating me to this position. Specially that I am going to be the first High Commissioner from the Asian Continent and from the Muslim and Arab Worlds. Needless to say, that this reflects the commitment of the international community towards this important dossier and this commitment to push it forward in this continent, as well as in other regions of the world.”

I suggest: If he started at his home country Jordan, Al Hussein would be busy for the next couple of years, since Jordan criminalizes speech that is critical of the king, government officials and institutions, Islam, as well as speech deemed defamatory to other persons.

Marriages between Muslim women and non-Muslims are not recognized. A non-Muslim mother forfeits her custodial rights after the child reaches seven years old.

(see Human Rights Watch: World Report 2013)


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