Exposing Islam links for May 29 2014 – 2

1. Apostasy woman in Sudan sentenced to death forced to give birth ‘with her legs chained’ 

Daniel Wani said his wife Meriam Yahya Ibrahim gave birth to a girl in the early hours of Tuesday morning in the hospital wing of Omdurman Women’s Prison.

“They kept a chain on her legs,” he told The Telegraph. “She is very unhappy about that.”

2. I killed my first wife, stoned Pakistani woman’s husband says

The husband of Farzana Parveen, the Pakistani woman stoned to death for refusing to participate in an arranged marriage, told CNN he killed his first wife so he could marry Parveen. ( he strangled her to death )

Authorities said the first wife was killed six years ago.

“I wanted to send a proposal to Farzana, so I killed my wife,” Mohammad Iqbal said Thursday in an interview with CNN.

CNN video on the page :

3. “Islam is to blame for attack on Jewish Museum in Brussels”

Islamic ideology rather than individual groups of religious fundamentalists is behind violent actions similar to the gun attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels that killed four people, Czech President Miloš Zeman said Monday at the Israeli Embassy in Prague. Two Israeli tourists and a member of the museum staff were killed by an unknown shooter Saturday, and another staff member died of his injuries Sunday.

Zeman’s speech sharply condemning “the hideous attack” was posted on his official website today. Zeman took part in the celebration of the 66 years of independence of Israel.

(I have admired the Czechs since I learned of Vaclav Klaus. One of the few world leaders from the sciences instead of from audience manipulation. He was one of the first prominent people to talk about the dangers of the myth of man caused global warming and how it is basically a commie plot)

4. Australia: the president of the WA Islamic Council Dr Rateb Jneid, 43 is one of five arrested on major drug and weapons charges.

5. Creil/France: Ten Kilograms Of Gold Stolen From Mosque

The imam of the great mosque of Creil (Oise), which stands in the heart of the sensitive Plateau district, made it known after the prayer: ten kilograms of gold – worth some 300.000 euros – and some 2000 euro in cash have been stolen from the very place of worship. Since then, questions have been arising in the Muslim community: how, but first and foremost why was such a treasure hidden in the mosque?

Thank you WhupTdue, M, and all. Who betide the people who fail to recognize the nature of an enemy this determined. As Islam accelerates its efforts to implement sharia everywhere it feels it possibly can, it may come down to us to start being a bit more open about what we know about it. Yes, there will be a price to pay, and each of us will have to run the abacus carefully and several times to determine what the cost/benefit of speaking openly about Islam is in our own communities. But I would hope each of us also factors in the cost of not doing so.

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  1. * There never was gold or that amount of money. Muslims always lie to let somebody else pay.
    * It was for weapons
    * It was for drugs
    * It was there to white wash

  2. “Islam is to blame for attack on Jewish Museum in Brussels”

    Muslims always state after every Muslim outrage, that the outrage has nothing to do with Islam. In a way they are right. Islam is merely a religion, with its guiding text the koran. A book cannot kill or murder. However, words have greater potential for evil then guns or knives. Mein Kamph is also just a book- a collection of words. Yet it is in this book lies the seed of the tree that grew from, it and the evil fruit that it gave rise to – vehement and murderous Jew hatred.

  3.  Eeyor:“As Islam accelerates its efforts to implement sharia… each of us will have to… … determine what the cost/benefit of speaking openly about Islam is in our own communities.”

    A bit of a ramble… but trying to address the underlying motive, rather than grappling with allusions.

    To understand Islam, (and why among the political class it has been so successful as another LGBT victim ‘feedme’ group), to take its seat, we have to know psychology.

    Socialism can be defined as “monitoring the needs and wants of women”. Men after all are disposable and sent off to war.

    A subconscious intent, like herding cattle, is how unsuccessful men get laid. To get women out of the home and into the bed, or else cram four or more into the home and onto the bed.

    Socialism and Allahism. Those are the maneuverings and rewards for the masses.

    But what of those championing their bid for sharing and ‘fairness’, the Communists and the Mohammadans?

    Why aren’t they out celebrating? Why are they full of pedophiles, and pederasts, these ridding on the financial backs of these wage-slaves and Allah-slaves?

    Why do they want children educated in their particular schools: the comprehensives and Maddrassas?

    Pedophile acceptance: Rimming and thighing. Big Hitlers always train Little Hitlers.

    Homosexuals in power – The Homosexual positive legislation. It’s not a democracy. Just as some societies allow tiny little girls to marry fully-past middle age boys.

    There are three attacks upon such children:
    – Loyalty
    – Reward-Punishment
    – Ignorance-pride

    An imprint upon the child to Allah and His Messenger by a dissociation of affection in the home, rigidly controlled by halal/haram and a head filled with memorized Holy Koran verses.

    International Socialism has the love for the Dear Leader, critical thought appraisal sessions to remove harbors of individuality, and the Little Red Book of sacred sayings.

    Impressionable, impressionable children.

    Socialism was used to weaken the hold of parents until a third generation laid down this foundation: broken homes and emotional attachment to peers, every consensual sexual deviancy good and criticism imprisoned, (note the use of ASBOs, Cautions and Registers as ‘a beating as light as a feather’ to enforce their will as the people are afraid to protest lest they are scarred for life on some socio-police document), and poor fractious schooling that allowed David Ike to appear to have actually succeeded in joining the dots.

    Into this vacuum the Communists intended to boldly march and pick up the unruly and patriotic kids fighting the tyranny in their class-warfare as they had done in every other birth of The State for The People. The Occupy Movements and Antifascist groups were being trained and funded for this. And the older generation of Tea Party members, would soon be history.

    But Islam, seeing the demise of The West, grew confident in stature too.

    One slavery where women were rewarded as the best at complying; and the other where men were rewarded as the most dhimmied. Both ‘achievers’ holding a vanity of disdain looking at the other gender failing miserably within such environments.

    International Socialism squaring up to National Socialism. Woman-Man relations ruled by a creature consumed by hatred, to force-feed women everything, or starve them of everything.

    So Socialism has nothing to do with men. Men can look after themselves. Why would they care? Capitalism is the free market of trade and capital. Why would you need to regulate it? You only imprison crooks, not those you think might be crooks if you were not there.

    Such womenphiles have destroyed excellence (to remove hunger), for job security, (create the victim to help the victim); and the womenphobes, have destroyed creativity (capitalism so hated by the NAZIs) for rigid control (“yes boss”). Sociopaths and psychopaths, respectively.

    Fascism has risen, and so the Communists had better make their bid to fix the mess they created, quickly, lest they be strung up in the streets by young Muslims at Saturday Schools learning Arabic, who were once their eager liberals in their midst listening to every word and now know how they think and where they live.

    Perfectchild – undecided member of Islamic Caliphate Worldwide Peace Movement.

  4. India rape victim’s mother ‘beaten by accused’s father’

    The mother of an Indian rape victim was allegedly beaten by the father of the accused after her family refused to withdraw allegations against his son, police said Friday.

    The mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was critically ill in hospital after suffering multiple fractures in the attack at the family’s home in the Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh, police and medics said.

    The father of the accused has been arrested and police said they were still looking for several other suspects accused of taking part in the attack on the victim’s mother on May 26.

    “The father of the rapist was arrested by our team this morning. Other accused shall be arrested shortly,” local police chief R. K. Chaturvedi told AFP.

    According to the NDTV network, the mother was attacked in a field near the family home by five men who had already tried to pressure her into dropping the complaint.


  5. Spain smashes cell suspected of sending militants abroad

    Madrid (CNN) — Swooping in at 4 o’clock in the morning, Spanish police arrested six Spanish men on suspicion of recruiting and sending 26 radical Islamic fighters for terrorist groups in Syria, Mali and Libya, the Interior Ministry said Friday.

    […]The suspected leader of the cell disrupted on Friday is Benaissa Laghmouchi Baghdadi, 42, who spent about eight months in Syria and recently returned to Spain, via Mali, said an Interior Ministry spokesman, who by custom is not identified. He was among the first Spaniards to be detected as working with terrorist groups in the broad Sahel region in northern Africa.

    The other five suspects arrested were identified as Mustafa Al Lal Mohamed, 42; Kamal Mohamed Dris, 32; Rachid Abdel Nahet Hamed, 37; Mohamed Mohamed Benali, 26; and Mustafa Zizaoui Mohand, 26. All of the suspects were being flown to Madrid, to be taken to National Police headquarters. Arraignments are expected on Monday.


  6. BBC News – Big money for Niger’s child brides

    Nearly 80 percent of girls in Niger are married by the age of 18. It is the highest rate of child marriage in the world

  7. Brussels May Be Lying About Museum Shootings, Professor Claims
    Tariq Ramadan Claims Victims Were Israeli Secret Agents

    Read more: http://forward.com/articles/199177/brussels-may-be-lying-about-museum-shootings-profe/#ixzz33ClHN7kF

    Given Tariq Ramadan’s publicised take on the Brussel’s (Sablon) Jewish Museum shooting . . .as well as the political demographic of Brussels & the intentional obfuscation of security camera visuals provided by the authorities & msm. .. the stench of state (resurgent Caliphate) sponsored Islamic terrorism is becoming more apparent.

  8. related to anti-semitism:
    Parents outraged over students’ anti-Semitic game Listen carefully @ @2:10 as Tisha Lewis, FOX 32 News Reporter’s voice inflection/emphasis changes when she states. . .

    “CBS reported that several students were suspended but has since returned to the school. This is the anti-bullying literature that was handed out at tonights meeting. Another parent forum is scheduled for tomorrow night. Lisa Wolf-Clemente wants the “accused bullies to apologise and also acknowledge what she describes as a hate crime”. ”

  9. “A subconscious intent, like herding cattle, is how unsuccessful men get laid. To get women out of the home and into the bed, or else cram four or more into the home and onto the bed.”

    For the males to disengage rational thought, into the sexual reproduction of ‘death becoming life’, the Communists have allowed, for now, the Socialists promote inconsequential sex, and opened free spot-check-and-go clinics around the country. In Islam, Muhammadism has permitted four wives and what your right hand possesses.

    The shaping and running of society is left to these legislators and protectors of rights. That women are highly examined from top to toe within Socialism all over the previously conservative quality newspapers as celebrity totty or hidden completely from view in Islam on point of death to have caused shame; is not a clash of two great cultures, but two wankers. (UK term to mean incompetent, under-achiever. Dhimmi).

    And this is attractive to a certain kind of woman, who understands the hypnotic power her body has, either in artificially enhanced beauty, or in meanspirited ugliness. A feminist, demands and derives power from such as these weak males who develop such and intense love-hate relationship, because they can’t escape, they feel themselves becoming them…. and all the permutations of cross-dressing, cross-being and same-sex outlets ensue.

    So all you have to do as a man, is not get into women. It’s simple. And Socialism and Islam has no attraction. There is no booty call on earth as it is in heaven. And their further belief that you should let the State or Allah take care of it, rings as impossible a concept to be achieved; and then needing them as the intercessors a flat deception.

    Wtd makes a good observation of Communism:
    “accused bullies to apologise and also acknowledge what she describes as a hate crime”. ”

    Islam demands accused kufar to apologise and also acknowledge Allah is Great and Mohammad makes a profit.

  10. What not one major Western politician seems so-far bright enough to figure out is that if you import a hundred people from, say, Sudan or Pakistan or Bangladesh or Somalia, the probability is that you have just imported around fifty people who actually think it’s a good thing to torture a woman to death for marrying a Christian, or for eschewing the religion of Islam. Why can’t they see that it is a mistake to give Canadian citizenship to people who, in all likelihood, believe that little girls actually should have concentrated hydrochloric acid thrown in their faces for the crime of wanting to learn to read? Why can’t they see that it’s a bad idea to let in people who despise Christians and Jews and would vote for the imposition of the death penalty for apostasy, or who want to abolish freedom of speech and bring in Medieval blasphemy laws? And finally, isn’t it obvious that bringing in huge numbers of them will most certainly cause our country to resemble theirs? Why does our government want to turn our wonderful country into Sudan? What, in the name of God, is the matter with them?

  11. Spanish police arrested six Spanish men on suspicion of recruiting and sending 26 radical Islamic fighters for terrorist groups in Syria, Mali and Libya, the Interior Ministry said Friday.

    This is not good news. The cell should have been allowed to continue its operations.

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