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8 Replies to “Dr. Bill Warner: How to support Paul Weston, and how to oppose totalitarian authority.”

  1. Keeping calm,I think would be the necessary thing to do.Being intelligent and letting the the establishment bury themselves in court and act the fool while defending this rubbish in front of the eyes of the British People will be something to see. Nice meme!

  2. The other important issue is that, regardless of the subject matter of Weston’s speech, he was prevented from making a political campaign speech in an election in which he is an authorised candidate. In his own electorate/constituency.

  3. Civil disobedience is the key here. Behaving like hooligans will get you news coverage but, will only discourage those who would stand up for free speech.
    The Reverend Martin Luther King is the example needed here.

  4. I have always suspected that because of the way they refused to allow anyone to see his FBI files before they made his birthday a holiday.

  5. The sobering call from Bill for civil disobedience for the UK to read out Winston Churchill’s acurate text in public, is a tough one, to get arrested, and identified by the police as a dissident, be charged for inciting distress and victimisation of a Preferential Group,and have your home searched and you computer seized. Many secular Muslims wish they could be free and openly declare apostasy once and for all. They came to get away, but the “mad mullahs” follow.

    I would prefer a “free speech” march to come out from this, to show the mandarins what the people think, to minimise the purges that follow to want to know from a child why their parent does not know the State knows best.

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