News items for April 22 2014 – 2

1. FEMEN seem to be protesting Marine Le Pen but it doesn’t work like it used to.

Their schtick seems to depend on provoking a reaction and then security drags them away. Sort of a, ‘exit stage left as victim’ type of thing. When ignored they pretty much just shrivel.

2. UNICEF’s new poo crew seem somehow strangely Southpark

3. Saudi ‘foreign exchange student’ faces possible life sentence for object rape in Stafford County

Hamad Mastour Alsuwat, 20, a Saudi citizen, is charged in Stafford with object sexual penetration, a felony that carries a potential life sentence.

According to Stafford Sheriff’s Office spokesman Bill Kennedy, the charge against Alsuwat stems from an incident Saturday at a county residence.

Deputy Thomas Grasso responded to the home and learned that a 17-year-old female resident had been sexually assaulted.

4. Meanwhile, in Iran, a woman who was raped faces the death penalty unless she lies to cover up the rapists acts and clear his name.

5. Australian Broadcast company does major hatchet job against the ADL, Australian Defense League. It should be noted that the ADL have done nothing compared to the Muslims they list who are guilty of major crimes.

Thank you Fjordman, EDL Buck, UK Pete, M and all. Much more to come.

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  1. 5/ When the narrator talks about Ralph Cerminara’s, “poi-oi-oi-sonous rhetoric” as only a p-p-p-poncey p-p-p-pom could say it, he’s begging for somebody to make him eat it — and then — there was EDL Buck’s clip.

    As for the musleema’s panic attacks. Well, seeing she’s a ^victim^ and all, maybe she’d benefit from sharing her PTSD experience. With some => survivors <= of terrorist bombings.

    Used to be, had to go to Israel or Lebanon for that. Thanks to the likes of her and her poisonous prophet, she need not go far.

  2. #1

    For this to work and for me to consider offering a sympathetic ear, I demand exemplary t*ts. They appear absent. Their argument sags to the ground.

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