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6 Replies to “Brian Lilley on Mark Stey’s new column, ‘The Slow Death of Free Speech””

  1. Both Brian and Mark have hit the ball out of the ball park, the left hates anyone disagreeing with them and want to force us to believe in the approved manner only.

  2. Haven’t watched yet. I look forward to seeing them tonight.

    I stayed here to celebrate Patriots’ Day. How could I not?

    Dreading it for months, remembering horror. Had decided to cut-&-run. At the last minute chose to ‘stand my ground’. And so did everyone else! There was record turn-out, weather was perfect, I cried. Lovely.

    [See great pictures below.]
    Gallery: Battle of Lexington Patriots Day reenactment

  3. Mark Steyn absolutely bloody brilliant! …..No surprise i have never seen him on any British national TV programme. He would wipe the floor with the leftist apparatchiks that controls all of our UK media.

    And they know it!

    Just like they dare not allow Robert Spencer into the UK they would be powerless to intimidate him.
    And just like the scenario of events taking place at the moment with Farage.

    The guy says it like it is! Ordinary people seem to be listening.

    Which is why entities like the BBC have to attack ….even if that attack makes the BBC the bigot and is in contradiction to their self appointed “equality policies”….

    .Here the BBC attack Farage for employing his “German” wife instead of a “British worker”….

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