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  1. US freeing Iran funds as Tehran cuts uranium stockpile (BBC, Apr 18, 2014)

    “The United States is to release frozen Iranian funds, saying Tehran has kept commitments made under an interim deal over its nuclear programme.

    It said $450m (£270m) would be made available in light of a report by the world’s nuclear watchdog, the IAEA.

    On Thursday the agency said Iran had neutralised half of its higher-enriched uranium stockpile.

    The six-month deal saw Iran agree to scale back its nuclear programme in return for sanctions relief.

    World powers are concerned Iran is seeking the capability to build nuclear weapons, a charge Iran strongly denies…”

  2. Brighton teenager Abdullah Deghayes killed in Syria (BBC, Apr 18, 2014)

    “A British teenager killed in Syria “died in battle”, his father has said. Sussex Police said they received information on Monday that 18-year-old Abdullah Deghayes, from Brighton, had been killed “in recent weeks”.

    His father, Abubaker Deghayes, said his son had gone to Syria to fight “against the dictator” and was not a terrorist. The teenager was the nephew of Omar Deghayes, who was held by the US at the Guantanamo Bay camp between 2002 and 2007 following his arrest in Pakistan.

    At his home in Brighton, Abubaker Deghayes said he had heard of his son’s death though Facebook …. “I am sad for the loss of Abdullah, but at the same time, I can feel some comfort as he went for a just cause…”

  3. Syria crisis: Homs bomb kills at least 14 in Alawite area (BBC, Apr 18, 2014)

    “A car bomb has exploded outside a mosque in the central Syrian city of Homs, killing at least 14 people. The explosion occurred as worshippers left the Bilal al-Habshi mosque in the neighbourhood of Akrama after attending Friday prayers, state TV reports.

    The area is largely populated by President Bashar al-Assad’s minority Alawite sect. Homs has been a key battleground between government forces and rebels, with large parts of the city in ruins.

    Earlier this week, the army launched another major offensive to recapture opposition-held areas in Homs’ Old Quarter…”

  4. Is this just some random fool or is this yet another Mohammed… Hmmm…

    Cops Charge Alleged Shooter Accused of Targeting Kansas City Drivers (nbcnews, Apr 18, 2014)

    “A Missouri man accused of turning roadways in Kansas City and its suburbs into a shooting gallery faces 18 felony charges in nine separate incidents since early March, officials said Friday.

    Authorities had been tracking suspect Mohammed Whitaker, 27, at his Grandview home, south of Kansas City, after receiving tips from the public.

    “Tonight might be a good night’s sleep. It’s been few nights [like that] for so many of us,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said at a news conference after Whitaker was charged…”

  5. We pay the Saudis and in return we get Global Jihad and a 1 km erect penis.

    Saudi Arabia to build world’s tallest tower, reaching 1 kilometer into the sky (CNN, Apr 18, 2014)

    “Dubai, long champion of all things biggest, longest and most expensive, will soon have some competition from neighboring Saudi Arabia.

    Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, could be stripped of its Guinness title if Saudi Arabia succeeds in its plans to construct the even larger Kingdom Tower in Jeddah — a prospect looking more likely as work begins next week, according to Construction Weekly.

    Consultants Advanced Construction Technology Services have recently announced testing materials to build the 3,280-feet (1 kilometer) skyscraper (the Burj Khalifa, by comparison, stands at a meeker 2,716 feet, or 827 meters).

    The Kingdom Tower, estimated to cost $1.23 billion, would have 200 floors and overlook the Red Sea. Building it will require about 5.7 million square feet of concrete and 80,000 tons of steel, according to the Saudi Gazette….”

  6. The Kingdom Tower will be designed and built by non-muslim architects and engineers as the saudis are too retarded to put up anything more than a tent.

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