Jihadis with Canadian passports and privileges threaten to attack Canada. Michael Coren and Marc Lebuis

Many times I have sung the praises of Point De Bascule, one of the best counter-jihad sites out there. They only publish original research, meticulously done to the point where they are essentially ‘CAIR-proofed’.

Last night, Marc Lebuis of PDB was a guest on Michael Coren speaking about the video we posted here a few days ago. Marc marc’s central point is how the media claims they are ‘radicalized’ after leaving Canada to go to Syria and fight for a caliphate. Clearly, they were ‘radical’ (very religious muslims) before they left.


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  1. The MSM refuses to believe that Islam is trying to conquer the world, all of their lives they have been taught that the west in general and the US in particular is the root of all evil. To admit that they have been supporting people who are doing everything they have been falsely saying the west is doing would cause them massive mental damage.

  2. CBC – An imam’s view: Why some young Muslims feel disgruntled

    […]young Muslims in Canada can become emotional when they see their fellow Muslims under attack in other countries.

    And, he suggests, Muslim people have a right to be angry when a foreign country kills innocent Muslims while trying to target a political foe like the Taliban.

    At the same time, he downplays the suggestion that there is a significant Canadian problem around young Muslims becoming radicalized.

    “People are trying to reconcile their Islamic identity with Western secularism, and in some areas there may be a conflict.”

    “When it comes to the Islamic moral system and the value system … the bar is set really high,”

    Muslims have been in Canada for a long time, prior to Confederation, Subedar says. And they have co-existed with other Canadians peacefully since then practising their religion and often following Sharia law.

    If Subedar had his way, everyone would follow the faith he holds.

    “Do I wish everyone was Muslim?” he asks. “Yeah … I would like to see everyone go to paradise.”

    video on the page :


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