News links, Friday April 11 2014 – 1 EDL Buck links

1. Hillary Clinton has shoe thrown at her in Nevada.

(I have 2 reasons for thinking it was a Muslim. 1. they arrested the person and no name was given. 2. Throwing a shoe at someone is a uniquely Arab thing to do as its an insult in Islamic culture. Having said that, one might imagine that the democratic process, and hence democracy itself may be in the process of what will seem irrevocable change due to the influx of those who do not understand the concept of peaceful disagreement with those in charge. Will Western nations have to have strong men in power as Muslim countries do in order to protect civilization? I would like to mention that G.W. Bush’s quip of, ‘Sounds like a size 9’ when one went past his ear in Iraq was a rapid and excellent witty response to this event. Clinton’s reaction was also OK)

2. Activists Want Israeli Justice Minister Banned from Britain

3. France now has a ‘support group’ for families of people who convert to Islam or become religious and go fight in Syria.

I can just imagine the security at a meeting like that. Think they hold them in church basements?

4. MEMRI TV weekly highlights

(The second guy is dead on the money. It is far better to have appointed people who understand the greater principles of a democracy than an elected idiot who will sell them off for a few creature comforts)

5. Faith Goldy for Michael Coren and Robert Spencer speak on Ayaan Hirsi Alli’s ‘Lucy and the football’ humiliation from Brandeis.

6. Paul Weston at Kent University UK

7. British lad may lose hand after explosion. Media characterize him as ‘far right wing’ for being a classical liberal and standing against the enemies of England and its culture and people.

More to come. Thanks EDL Buck. Its been a busy couple of days so I haven’t managed to post as much. Please check back in an hour or so for more.

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  1. 2/ Tzipi Livni?! She’s way, way *Left*.

    Not only would she give away the store, but first she’d clean it, fill it with new stock, then volunteer as a bagger.

    In this twisted world, she should be adored in the UK and banned from returning to Israel.

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