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  1. Italian navy rescues over 1,000 migrants from overcrowded boats in a day (CNN, Apr 9, 2014)

    “The Italian navy said it rescued more than 1,000 migrants from several overcrowded boats in the Mediterranean between Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

    The migrants, who included women and children, had set off from the North African coast and were not equipped with life jackets, the navy said.

    They are now being taken by ship to the port of Augusta, on Italy’s Mediterranean island of Sicily.

    On Tuesday, three other navy ships disembarked 1,049 more migrants rescued since Monday in the ports of Augusta and Pozzallo, also in Sicily, the navy said.

    Italy is a major gateway into Europe for migrants who come by sea from North Africa in hope of reaching EU soil….”

  2. @ WrathofKhan:

    I can’t help thinking of that story about “scorpio” who wants to get to the other side of the river and asks froggy to give him a lift since he cannot swim. Little froggy is at first reluctant, he loves life and has heard bad things about the sting of “scorpy” – but when the latter convinces froggy with the rhetorical question ” why would he sting froggy, as they then would drown both”, froggy believes this taquia and allows him to mount on his back. As they both are in the middle of the river, “Scorpy” stings Froggy and as they both start to sink, Froggy asks: “Why did you do this, now we both drown”, Scorpy answers: “Couldn’t help it, it’s my nature”.

  3. This may well be the result of years of applied multicultural “reneducation classes” up there in Sweden…

    Swedish pupils’ maths skills don’t add up (thelocal, Apr 9, 2014)

    “The majority of Swedish high-school students can’t work out simple sums, researchers have warned after grading a math skill test taken by 1,500 pupils in Sweden. They were stumped that teachers had not raised the alarm.

    The two researchers, one a university lecture and the other a former lecturer, said that the study was carried out on 1,500 first year high school students, when the pupils are on average 15 years old, in an unnamed central Sweden municipality.

    “Far too many students have very poor knowledge when it comes to simple competencies like adding and multiplying basic fractions or figuring out percentage calculations,” they wrote in an opinion piece in the Dagens Nyheter newspaper on Thursday.

    They added that it seemed some Swedish pupils ground to a halt in math class after sixth grade.

    “Understanding simple calculations is roughly the same in the eighth-grade as in the sixth,” the wrote. “Even during the first year of high school, half of the students had problems with basic calculations that they should have learned in middle school.”

    The researchers argued that this slow down in math skills probably meant that the student simply did not understand what they were being asked to learn in earlier grades.

    “It’s remarkable. It makes you wonder how it’s possible that a pupil can go year after year lacking basic maths skills without the teachers reacting.”

    Here are some of the questions from the testing process, followed by how many of the 1,500 students answered incorrectly.

    7×8+5 (38 percent answered incorrectly)
    What’s 15 percent off a 720 kronor item? (54 percent were wrong)
    Divide 0.16 by 4 (50 percent wrong)
    Add four fifths and two thirds (44 percent wrong)”

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