News items for Wed. April 9 2014 – 3

1. Ayaan Hirsi Alli reacts to the withdrawal of her honorary Ph.D. from Brandeis

‘The slur on my reputation is not the worst aspect of this episode. More deplorable is that an institution set up on the basis of religious freedom should today so deeply betray its own founding principles,’ Hirsi Ali wrote in a statement, according to The Boston Globe.

‘I can only wish the Class of 2014 the best of luck – and hope that they will go forth to be better advocates for free expression and free thought than their Alma mater.’

Backflip: Brandeis University in Massachusetts will no longer award Somali feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali (pictured in 2007) an honorary degree after staff and students complained her views were anti-Islamic

(I have said it more times than I can count in text and video and radio interviews etc. But it bears saying again.

The entire point of freedom of speech is to criticize and even mock and ridicule, and in any way, challenge irrational religious authority. It is the basis of the enlightenment. Freedom to believe what you want and practice your religion within the bounds of the law does not mean anyone has the right to stop others from analyzing that faith howsoever they may feel is necessary. The people at Brandeis have betrayed the very principles upon which universities are built.)

2. Eastwood church fire: Eyewitnesses saw roof collapse during blaze

eastwood chapel

AN historic church where DH Lawrence’s parents are buried could be demolished after it was gutted by a huge fire. […]

Notts Police confirmed that the officers were called to the scene but said the investigation into the cause of the blaze was ongoing and any police investigation would follow this.

(Anyone out there feel like researching how many Churches burned to the ground from the year 1800 to 1900, and then from 1900 to 2000 and then from 2000 to 2014 so far? I wonder if the numbers will be revealing. Then maybe add vandalism into the search)

3. Antoin Akpom murder trial: Hussain Hussain tells jury he knifed victim because he was ‘in fear for his life’

28656130IN THE DOCK: Abdul Hakim, left, and Hussain Hussain

A teenager on trial for murder has told a jury he was in fear for his life when he stabbed a man in a city street.

Hussain Hussain (19) said he stabbed sports coach Antoin Akpom because Mr Akpom was about to hit his friend, Abdul Hakim, with a metal dumb bell.

Thank you Fjordman, UK Pete, EDL Buck and all. More to come. Tonight at half past midnight on the Glazov Gang, tune in to hear Gavin Boby. Should deb great as always.

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  1. “The entire point of freedom of speech is to criticize and even mock and ridicule, and in any way, challenge irrational religious authority.”
    Islam: No
    Socialism: No

    Therefore, the entire point of free speech is only the understanding and evocation of halal and haram. There you will find blessings and peace and the best unlimited sex you will ever have offered unconditionally to you. Read their sacred texts. And the agent for good you will become. To strike fear into those who do not believe. This is Holy.
    Please enter your local temple.
    Islam: Mosque
    Socialism: University
    LGBTQ: Government

  2. Vlad

    In reply to your comment
    (Anyone out there feel like researching how many Churches burned to the ground from the year 1800 to 1900, and then from 1900 to 2000 and then from 2000 to 2014 so far? I wonder if the numbers will be revealing. Then maybe add vandalism into the search)

    There is an excellent website called observatoire de christianopobie that logs all types of incidents.

  3. Mis en examen pour viol en réunion, barbarie et racisme anti-français

    L’affaire s’est déroulée le 30 mars, peu après minuit, dans un parc d’Évry, durant la nuit qui précédait le second tour des élections municipales :

    “Ce soir-là, une jeune fille de 18 ans descend du RER en gare d’Évry. À sa sortie, elle donne un appel de son téléphone portable. Quatre individus se jettent sur elle et l’emmènent dans un parc voisin. Ils la dépouillent de tout ce qu’elle possède, puis la déshabillent et la violent à tour de rôle. Un viol indescriptible de cruauté barbare. Les quatre vont la martyriser pendant plus de deux heures avant de l’abandonner, blessée jusqu’au sang. Un automobiliste la prend en charge, appelle les secours. Elle aura l’énergie de témoigner en portant plainte. Les policiers l’accompagnent aux urgences. On lui donnera trois mois d’arrêt de travail. La voilà choquée pour la vie.

    Grâce à ses descriptions détaillées et aux images de vidéosurveillance, les policiers d’Évry arrêtent en moins de vingt-quatre heures les quatre suspects et les confondent avec leurs ADN. Ils procèdent aux interrogatoires dès le lundi 31 après-midi. Les quatre voyous sont mineurs : deux de 13 ans, un de 15, le quatrième de 17. Trois frères turcs, un Marocain. Signes particuliers : l’aîné, 17 ans, a été rendu à la liberté six mois plus tôt après avoir purgé les deux tiers d’une peine de deux ans d’emprisonnement à la suite d’un viol commis sur le fils d’un sous-officier de gendarmerie. Libéré sans contrôle. Le voilà récidiviste. Deux autres ont déjà été interpellés pour vol avec violences. Quatre agresseurs, trois récidivistes — mineurs !

    Lors de leurs interrogatoires, et sur ce que l’on a pu savoir de l’enquête, les mineurs n’auraient pas formulé le moindre remords. Au contraire, ils ont exprimé leur haine : oui, ils n’auraient pas touché la jeune fille si elle avait été turque ; oui, ils l’ont agressée parce qu’elle était française et que « les Français sont tous des fils de pute ». Le juge qui les a fait incarcérer les a mis en examen pour viol en réunion et barbarie, mais aussi, plus rare, pour racisme.”

  4. #1 – Hirsi Ali.

    There are no ladders high enough these nasty Brandeis Nazies could climb up to reach even the ankles of this magnificent Woman.

  5. @LenaN.
    The article that LenaN posted is a news item of a young 18 y.o. girl gang-raped and tortured by 3 Turks and 1 Morrocan. They were the kind of “Canaille” which is specifically protected by the French “Minister for Justice” – being young and “recidivists” i.e. having committed violent crimes before. I dont have the time right now to translate the whole article, but will just give the gist of the last paragraph:

    During their interrogation, these thugs have not shown any remorse at all. To the contrary, they expressed their hatred: yes, they would not have touched the young girl if she had been turkish, yes they attacked her because she was French and that all French are “sons of whores”.

    I have just returned from a long(isn) stay in France and my heart is half-broken to see this once beautiful country on it’s knees, pack-raped by an extreme left, corrupt anti-French government, with a judiciary that is more politicised than any other judiciary in the world and with a police force that has been fully emasculated by a nasty, anti-white racist who hates the French “her former colonialists” and who is now “Minister for Justice”. (Christine Taubira is her name).

  6. @LenaN: 2.

    Les Sentinelles: I am only vaguely aware of them, do you know who they they are?

    J’en ai entendu parler, mais seulement vaguement. Savez-vous qui ils sont?

  7. @ Martin:
    “NORTH KOREA – Thousands celebrate Kim Jong-un’s re-election as N. Korea defines chair”

    LOL – 🙂 I like your wicked sense of humour 😉

  8. No 2. Burnt-down churches: a year or so ago, a lovely old christian church in Sydney was burnt down. Arson was “suspected” … The “priest” of that church had often let it to local muslim “youth” for boxing bouts etc. I tried to find out more about who burnt the church down, and why and met with a full wall of silence. Nothing in the news, and digging a bit further I found via Facebook etc. that this “Priest” (white Australian) had travelled to Syria for “supporting the PEACE”….Only the Australian Freedom party had some information about it which gave the impression that this “Priest” was very pro-islam…. hmmmmmm. I wonder if some Australian reader would have the time to dig a little deeper into this very smelly story?

  9. If you can’t criticize groups and their actions you live in a police state, we in the west have allowed our rights to be taken away, now we must struggle to regain the rights our ancestors fought and died to give us.

  10. @ Rita

    sorry… it’s not “my” sense of humour… I simply copied and pasted the title of the RT video … I am now at a point where I make a conscious effort not to have any ideas or opinions, so irony or cynicism would be out of reach for me … Reading that kind of news and watching that kind of videos every day only makes feel a strong sense of alienation and dissociation …

  11. @ Martin

    Sorry, this was actually “my” sense of humour – I am told it’s rather “twisted” and I often land flat on my tummy with it … in German we call it “Galgen Humor”. 🙂

  12. @ Martin PS:

    I did ask one of my friends who works in the same field how he possibly could bear being confronted with sooooooooooooo much horror daily – he said: “I put it in different boxes” (or words to that effect) and he added: “it helps to have a dog”. 🙂

  13. Rita

    Les veilleurs sont les seules gens qui manifeste ouvertement contre le gouvernement de cons ici. La police les harcèlent tout le temps. Ils les demandent de regrouper ailleurs, afin de les accuser d’attroupement illégal. Ils deviennent plus en plus nombreux et populaire.

    Dans mon milieu je trouve guère personne qui soutient le pouvoir des socialists.

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