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11 Replies to “Bill Warner: The political message of the hijab”

  1. ‘When you hear a politically correct person speak it is from an empty head’

    No, don’t give them a free pass. Any political correctness, a submission to self-removal, goes back to the public humiliation trials of the Communists. Whenever a person espouses it, I know I am the ‘individual,’ a person so hated by the collectivism worn on their sleeve, as a non-identified to the world. That they are empty headed, ignorant of the meme guiding them in their desire not to stand out from the herd, only means they are sleepers that can be awakened to a call to arms. The child is their enemy they are told, those who carry nothing.

    Likewise the muselma is obedient, doing what she is told. Empty headed too. And just as dangerous to betray the innocent.

  2. The hijab/burqa is more then subjugation of women but a statement of a conquering army – we are here, and we will stuff you. Its the equivalent of WRENS.The genius of the move is that it uses women.

    Similarly, beards and apparel used by Muslim men. Its not religious spirituality but a uniform of an army, so that the Mujahideen can identify each other with ease.

  3. Did we not witness the homosexuals climb quickly to the top of the tree? Advisors and Ministers. These programmed from childhood with unquenchable grievances. How quickly the Muslims have climbed by the same route. One thing to your face, the other by schemes.
    The unholy standing in place of the Holy. The perfect lover next to the perfect truther. The pedophile of willing consenters, the pederasts of willing submitters. Superior in their own eyes invoking Human Rights or Allah’s Rights upon the masses.

    Who will free the oppressed and openly discriminated against? They will, after demanding totalitarian compliance.

    They will knock on your door to demand the strangers out to have sex with them. For that is what their foundations spring from:
    1. The resentment of men
    2. The resentment of women
    And up rises the lust in their loins.

    These creatures dress as civilized, but shielding a loathing.

    Where are the psychologists? Running for the hills.

  4. Egypt jails four men for gay acts (BBC, Apr 8, 2014):

    A court in Egypt has sentenced four men to up to eight years in prison for committing homosexual acts.

    The men were accused of attending or arranging “deviant” sex parties, and dressing in women’s clothes and wearing make-up.

    Egyptian law does not explicitly ban homosexual acts, but prosecutors have used legislation banning debauchery to try homosexuals.

    The verdict has been condemned by human rights campaigners.

    One of the men was jailed for three years with hard labour by the court in Cairo….”

  5. “Palestinian envoy in Prague likely killed by booby-trapped book: paper”

    (Reuters) – The Palestinian ambassador to Prague who died in a blast in January was most likely killed by a decades-old charge of Semtex plastic explosive concealed in a book, a newspaper reported on Tuesday citing a police investigator.

    Police had decided Jamal al-Jamal was not assassinated, but had simply unwittingly opening a book booby-trapped years earlier, the source told daily newspaper Mlada Fronta Dnes.

    “It was an unfortunate accident. The ambassador was a thorough man who wanted to put some old things in order, and among them there were two books with explosives,” the paper quoted the source as saying.

    It did not explain why such a book might have been left at the embassy in Prague.


  6. “One of the men was jailed for three years with hard labour by the court in Cairo….”

    For these acts men would not be jailed but celebrated in the schools and among the political class in what remains of The West.

    To rid a population of monquitos you don’t leave stagnant water. Similarly, you don’t leave children in bad soil. Or you have a plague upon your house.

    “Some of my best friends are…” yes, I know… Muslims.

  7. Bomb attack by separatists kills 13 on Pakistan train (BBC, Apr 8, 2014)

    “At least thirteen people have been killed by a bomb blast on a passenger train in Pakistan.

    The explosion at a station in Baluchistan on Tuesday injured dozens of people and officials said the death toll was expected to rise.

    The United Baluch Army (UBA), one of several armed separatist groups in the region, said it was behind the attack.

    The incident comes a day after Pakistani forces launched an offensive against militants in the province.

    The train, known as the Jaffar Express, is a daily express service covering a 1,460km (900 miles) journey from Rawalpindi in Punjab province to Quetta in Baluchistan.

    The bomb was set off as the train pulled to a stop and passengers were disembarking at Sibi station, around 160km (100 miles) south of Quetta, the provincial capital….”

  8. Is not an Islamic home, one of child abuse? When a child is born the first thing they hear in their ear is a call to prayer. In a Socialist home, a call to what they’ll wear. Genderful or genderless. Can’t let the child observe, but pressure her. Hanoi Janes and Mustapha Johns rebelling. That’s the world of respect they demand. Destructive lifestyle choices while claiming they have no such freedom, a health or a disease.

    I respect everyone with the right to be wrong. Thus I expect the right, to be right. The truth to be heard and the love to be seen. If they fall short, I expect them to be able to be called out and examined and not have blasphemy and hate crimes (Conservatives hang your heads in shame) to hide behind.

    I will debate the spinal brain used for same sex attraction with anyone.

  9. “To rid a population of monquitos you don’t leave stagnant water. Similarly, you don’t leave children in bad soil. Or you have a plague upon your house.”

    Good point, Perfectchild.

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