News links for April 3 2014 – 1

1. CAIR sues CSP for making documentary exposing CAIR for exactly what CAIR is and does.

(The judge’s analysis of CAIR’s complaint is worth the read. In part:

The Court finds that Plaintiffs [i.e., CAIR] have thus far been frustratingly unclear as to the injuries at issue for each of the claims.  In addition, Plaintiffs have not specified which injury, if any, corresponds to which of the Plaintiffs, and have made little effort to explain the proximate cause linking the alleged tortious conduct to the injuries at issue.  Instead, Plaintiffs speak in broad generalizations, asserting injuries and damages and proximate cause across multiple counts and multiple Plaintiffs.  As a result, the Court has received only opaque and largely unhelpful briefing. . . .  Plaintiffs are not specific as to these issues, making resolution of the threshold questions of injury and proximate cause next to impossible for the Court.)

2. British constabulary works overtime to protect muslim fraudster from being exposed.

‘The police have got this badly wrong and need to think very carefully about their actions. The public will take a very dim view of them protecting the right of a fraudster ahead of protecting the public.’ Earlier this month Desai, 33, admitted a travel agency racket which police believe has claimed ‘hundreds’ of victims.

While bankrupt, she ran a travel business in the name of Nisha Patel peddling fake holidays – and wrote out bogus cheques of £220,000 from a cloned bank account when customers demanded money back.

3. In Yemen a woman is sentenced to psychiatric treatment for conversion from Islam to Christianity

(Let’s see, electroshock, beheading. Electroshock Vs. Beheading. Electroshock/beheading. Yemen by Islamic standards is quite ‘progressive’!)

A formerly Muslim woman who embraced Christianity has been sentenced by the Yemeni court to compulsory confinement and medication in the psychiatric hospital of the town of Al Hadidah, reports the Salam1 information portal. According to the press, the 30-year-old lawyer, Fatima Mohammad As-Salem decided to abandon Islam after the slaughter committed by Al Qaeda in the capital’s “Al Ardi” hospital, leaving about 200 victims. However, following the dissemination by the television and papers of the “sensation”, Yemeni top brass, by the default judgment of the court, arrested Fatima in the town of Bajil and sent her for legal-psychiatric examination to the town of Al Hadidah, situated in the south-west of Yemen.

4. Australia: Imam Muhammad Riaz Tasawar fined $500 after performing marriage of 12-year-old girl 

(Imagine reading this headline 20 years ago. Imagine the correctly directed outrage and the feminist groups that would be burning effigies of this person)

5. At last some of the speeches of the recent conference on Islam and society that took place in Australia are starting to appear online.

Here is one of them.

6. Children at secondary school ‘infiltrated by Muslim extremists’ listened to assembly praising Al-Qaeda leader, say teachers

A secondary school in Birmingham has been accused of praising senior Al-Qaeda figure Anwar al-Awlaki during assemblies.

Two members of staff at Park View Academy claimed a senior colleague had endorsed the teachings of the now dead American-born leader of Al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula, and that a viewpoint politically sympathetic to the terrorist group had been promoted in an assembly.

The Department of Education confirmed that several schools in the area – thought to include Park View – are under investigation amid claims hard-line Muslims are trying to indoctrinate pupils.

Park View Academy denies the allegations, which were made by anonymous members of staff who were speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme

Thank you UK Pete, EDL Buck, Yucki, Fjordman and all who sent in materials.


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  1. #4 The Muslim Lebanese ”husband” claimed he had done no wrong screwing a 12 year old. The Socialist Rainbow Tribe would agree – if it was mutually consenting. The receiver does not have to enjoy it, (and are often given toys to compensate them if they don’t), but consent to the ordeal of satisfy an inadequate male riding his way to paradise.
    This type of love he too might have received when he was twelve, the number 72 coming up a lot in the mind of the protagonist to blurt out in ecstasy, as Mohammad may have then heard and later explained to his first-wife twice his age, what Heaven will be offering.

    What goes around, comes around.

    At least the Judge therefore was culturally sensitive to these people by giving their Holy Imam only a gentle tap on the wrist for supplying the means to co-join. What the legalist enjoys after hours, is up to him.

    Of the child, where was her counselling and support and break from this cult?

  2. I read about a group of cocaine dealers who were convicted of arson & murder for “clearing the air” — torching a notorious serial rapist of baby-boys.

    Maybe he’ll luck out – so many more Moh in prisons everywhere. I wish we could segregate prisons now.

    {gimmee another movie ~ please}

  3. Ok here is Kirk Douglas as Mickey Marcus, the first Israeli General since Masada, it is a true story that is almost forgotten

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