News links for April 2 2014 – 3

1. Here is a blast from the past. Take this all the way back to April 1 2014, yesterday. Seems so long ago when you think about what happened today at Ft. Hood

2. Data Privacy Breach: Disqus Suspends Account, Contacts Law Enforcement in Wake of Swedish Tabloid’s Attack on Group of Users 

3. Egyptian police chief dies in blast in Egypt

A police brigadier-general was killed and at least five people were injured when three bombs went off near Cairo university, officials said.

A group calling itself Ajnad Misr, or Soldiers of Egypt, said it was behind the attack.

4. Andrew Bostom on Steve Malzberg discussing Iran and antisemitism

5. Turns out the Klingons didn’t need a device so much as a can of paint.

(It was uploaded March 31. If it was April 1…)

Thank you ML, Yucki, M and many more.

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  1. Hello there….its me again……Don Laird

    One could have almost predicted the explosion or use of terrorism violence in the wake of the conviction of the Muslim Brotherhood members and their subsequent death sentences. Its their standard issue trademark and the trademark of Islam around the world.

    Personally I hope that the Egyptian government and the military have the courage to move ahead and execute the entirety of the Muslim Brotherhood persons in custody and then pursue the remainder loose in Egypt with the same resolve and intent.

    Of course this terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, that seeks the destabilization and total collapse of European and North American governments, is, in the United States, protected and planted by Obama so those groups like CAIR, CAIR-CAN, the Muslim Students Union, the Muslim Students association and many others who are directly controlled with MB directives and policy, enjoy protection, promotion and preferential treatment.

    I am wondering when our Western governments are going to become diligent and serious in their pursuit of the Muslim in Canada as it wouldn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to make charges of treason, sedition and subversion stick against most Muslim groups in Canada. The death sentence here in Canada may be a bit harder to implement but one can always hope.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Hello there…..its me again…..Don Laird

    Here’s an interesting story……

    I checked it out an several major news agencies and dozens of blogs have picked it up… doesn’t appear to be an April Fools prank..

    Seems the animals close to the Yellowstone Caldera sit atop a “supervolcano” that last erupted in 1350bc

    Maybe worth looking at and it includes shots of wild animals fleeing down a highway.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Don

    The Yellowstone super volcano is well known…. Has been For years, same attitude as with malevolent Islam, ignored by the leaders, their own peril. But then there’s not such anyone can do really (volcano wise) apart from hoard food, fuel and water, (for the rest for us who live far away).

  4. Cultural enrichment is coming!

    Italian navy rescues 730 migrants in overcrowded boats off Sicily (CNN, Apr 2, 2014)

    “The Italian navy rescued 730 migrants from overcrowded boats in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily, it said Wednesday.

    The migrants, who departed in two boats from North Africa, are being taken to a port in Sicily’s Agrigento province, the navy said in a statement.

    Those rescued include 124 women and 29 children, it said. The overcrowded boats were losing buoyancy and the migrants were not equipped with life jackets, the navy added.

    Italy is a major gateway into Europe for migrants who come by sea from North Africa in hope of reaching EU soil.

    Shipwrecks off the shores of its Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Lampedusa are common, thanks to the frequent use of overcrowded and barely seaworthy vessels.

    But despite the dangers, migrants keep coming….”

  5. Translated this for the benefit of English speakers.

    Exclusive testimony of the dad of the young lady killed in Athus: “he stabbed Vanessa 12 times”
    by Nicolas Léonard

    On Sunday morning on Usine street in Athus ( Aubange), Vanessa Hopp’s dead body is discovered in her apartment. The 21-year-old young lady was killed, with dozen stabs. Her companion-Larbi Azzedine-was placed under arrest.


    ” Vanessa had enough of it and thought of leaving Azzedine “, according to Mario, the dad of the young lady.

    The anger, deafness. The sadness, infinite. It is both feelings that are in Mario Hopp. On Sunday morning, the police came to announce, to him and his wife, that his daughter had been found dead in her apartment of Athus. Killed by several stabs, no doubt by her companion, Larbi Azzedine, who was placed under arrest.

    Mortal love at first sight

    “It had been a year that they were together. Vanessa had met him, with friends, near the station of Luxemburg. It was love at first sight “, tells us Mario. Who, him, has never “felt forthright (senti)” Larbi. ” He is a 27-year-old Algerian. He told us that he had fled Algeria and that it was for this reason that he had no papers. And without papers he could not work. Vanessa loved him. Then we accepted him into the family. He attended the marriage of my elder daughter, played with the smallest of my children, lived under my roof and to other one of my daughters … He said that he respected me, whom I was as her father, whom never he would hurt me. “Often, Mario warned his daughter. ” How could she move on in life with someone that did nothing? I said to it to her the day before her death. But I was afraid that she would go away from me. “Nevertheless, Mario knows that Larbi is jealous and violent (person). ” But every time Vanessa said he had calmed down, every time it would not happen anymore. She raised one complaint only once, with the public prosecutor’s department of Luxemburg.

    Over the course of the months, Azzedine had a total influence on the young woman, edging out her friends. Little by little Vanessa intended to put an end to their relation. ” She told me: dad, I am going to return at home(with you), I can’t bear him anymore. ” Vanessa ran out of time. The last weekend, she was struck by 12 stabs. ” He stabbed her almost everywhere on the body. In particular at the level of the neck … It is obvious that he wanted to kill her. He gave her no chance.

    Http: // ge-ex uee-a-athus-il-a-porte-12-

  6. Throat slit by husband : « She cooked couscous badly”—elle-faisait-mal-le-couscous–20209678

    By Christian Humbert

    The trial of a Tunisian at the criminal court started on Tuesday morning . He killed his wife in 2010, but he presents himself as secular, tolerant and attached to human rights.
    Why would she want a lover, I assumed my marriage obligations? The ex-accountant at the Tunisian embassy, 2010 wife killer in Fribourg, talked to the court without pause since Tuesday. “may she rest in peace” the 47 year man often expresses, who describes himself as a “socialist, secular, sentimental, not jealous and respectful of human rights”. “I was considered as a calm person”. That did not stop him from raping his wife and then urinating on her.

    The accused, who believed that he was being followed by the Tunisian dictator’s police at the time, also acted as a tyrant towards his wife, banned from going out. He declared that she was threatened with kidnapping to be resold. He followed so often the one from which he was separated from now, “ an angel, a very fragile flower”, 7 years his junior.

    He ties her up, knifes, shoots and cuts her throat

    But he also describes her as “psychiatrically ill”. nevertheless, it is him who gagged, attached her at the foot of the bed in the middle of the afternoon, while their 2 daughters were in the flat, in the area of Schönberg, in Fribourg. Then, he hit her with 15 knife blows in the back, before shooting her with an airsoft pistol, a ball is lodged in the victim’s lips. He then strangled her again before cutting her throat. The accused slept next to the body and explained to the teenagers that their mother had gone, then that she has been hospitalised. Jobless, drinker, the one who was called David, claimed that he can explain all. A break up, it isn’t the end of the world, but I needed to know why”. He accused her of not looking after the children and not know how to make couscous. She fed them badly and returned late, he added.

  7. Eeyore both are interesting what makes them semi believable is that serious scientist are working on both ideas.

  8. I dated a particle physicist for a long time. He was worried he’d end up making rocket fuel; I had to push him to finish his thesis.

    (Because we both adored his advisor, a Nobel Prize winner, who surely would’ve cried for months.)

    Lost touch, but I know he’s doing something fun like this now.

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