News links for March 30 2014 – 1

1. Trojan horse aid convoys. Your tax dollars bringing European muslims to wage jihad in Syria. (And frankly, I can’t think of a better use of your tax dollars. What is better? Paying out of your cheque from a week of hard work every week to keep these people in homes and food and gas, often living better than those who work to support them, while they spread hatred against you in the mosques and islamic centers? Or helping them get to Syria where hopefully an experienced army put them down like dogs but with a lot less weeping. The only thing we don’t do right is that we still let them back in. Once they go, that should be it for them.

2. Femen doing that thing they do in Turkey protesting Erdogan, I think. Hard to tell.

3. ‘Britain’s jails turning into breeding ground for terrorists’: Figures reveal 42% of inmates at one high-security prison are Muslim and bosses fear inmates could be radicalised

Fears are growing that Britain’s jails are becoming a hotbed of extremism after it was revealed today that nearly half the inmates of one top security prison are Muslim.

Some 42 per cent of those housed at Category A Whitemoor jail – and more than a quarter of those in London prisons – consider themselves to be of Islamic faith.

Experts now fear large numbers are being radicalised on the inside, where they say the spread of Jihadist ideas is rife.

Figures show more than a quarter of inmates in London jails are Muslim, with one Category A jail revealing 42 per cent of its convicts follow the Islamic faith

Figures show more than a quarter of inmates in London jails are Muslim, with one Category A jail revealing 42 per cent of its convicts follow the Islamic faith

4. Vladimir Putin ‘wants to regain Finland’ for Russia, adviser says

After annexing Crimea and with troops massed on the border of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will not stop trying to expand Russia until he has “conquered” Belarus, the Baltic states and Finland, one of his closest former advisers has said.

According to Andrej Illarionov, the President’s chief economic adviser from 2000 to 2005, Mr Putin seeks to create “historical justice” with a return to the days of the last Tsar, Nicholas II, and the Soviet Union under Stalin.

(Well, it could be worse. Putin could try using his enemies tactics)

5. ‘Radicals want to ruin Spain’s democracy’

  Ignacio Cosidó, director general of Spain’s police service, has announced he has “information” on strategies being used by radical protesters to “bait” police officers and then ambush them.

His words came after Saturday’s “March for Dignity” in Madrid, a demonstration in which thousands of Spaniards took part. But a 1,750 strong anti-riot force was somehow left exposed in the face of a 50-strong crowd of violent protesters who smashed windows and threw rocks, injuring 67 police.

Some 34 protesters were also hurt in the clashes, as police reacted by firing rubber bullets. Police arrested 24 protesters, three of them minors.

(The modern left, like the old left frankly, have made it very clear that freedom of speech is only for them, and that their fascism is noble and just while calling all who wish calm reasoned debate on subjects with one side not their own, totalitarian. Kettle, meet the pot. More on this later)

Thank you GoV, UK Pete, Fjordman and more to come.

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  1. Saudi arrests 3 over YouTube appeals: Activists

    Saudi authorities have arrested three citizens who posted YouTube videos urging the oil-rich kingdom to improve their living standards and criticising “corruption”, activists said on Sunday.

    The arrests were made on Saturday, the day US President Barack Obama flew home from Saudi Arabia under fire for not having done more to raise human rights concerns during talks with King Abdullah, activists said.

    In one video seen by AFP, a young man identifying himself as Abdulaziz Mohammed al-Dosari addressed King Abdullah saying he has to survive on a low income, and does not own a house or a car.

    “We are fed up, and you still blame those who carry out bombings,” the man says, urging the king to give Saudis money to improve their lives.

    “Give us our money… we do not want to beg… You and your children are playing with this money,” he said about Saudi’s oil wealth in the 30-second video during which he held up his identification card.

    In another video, a man identifying himself as Abdullah bin Othman charged that “corruption is widespread” in Saudi Arabia while “people are hungry and oppressed.”

    Othman urged other Saudis to go online and post their comments “so that our voices could reach the king”.

    In a third video, a man calling himself Saud al-Harbi said many of his compatriots are in need of “housing” and a “decent life”.

    “Please listen to us. We want housing, we want a decent life,” he said, apparently addressing Saudi authorities.

    And he added: “Do not force people to take to the streets.”

    Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy where protests are banned.

    AFP could not immediately verify the authenticity of the videos nor confirm the arrests from official sources.

    In February, media watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said that Gulf monarchies, fearful of Arab Spring-inspired unrest, have stepped up efforts to monitor and control the media, particularly online.

    Saudi Arabia, which is on the group’s “Enemies of the Internet” list, has been particularly aggressive in policing the Internet, including by arresting those who post critical articles or comments, RSF said.

    In early March, a Saudi court jailed a Tweeter for 10 years after convicting him of insulting the kingdom’s political and religious leaders and urging anti-regime protests, state media said.

    Saudis, complaining their salaries are not enough to make ends meet, are increasingly taking to Twitter and other social media to demand better living conditions.

    Despite its huge oil wealth, Saudi Arabia has a jobless rate of more than 12.5 percent among its native population.

    President Obama met a campaigner for the rights of woman in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom before leaving, after a short visit aimed at smoothing over policy differences with Washington’s longtime ally.

    The exclusion of concerns over women’s rights and religious freedoms drew–over-YouTube-appeals-Activists.aspx

    video 1 : Mohammed al-Dosari :

  2. Hello there……its me again……Don Laird……

    What I find amusing about the Whitemoor prison story is that when the balance of power shifts in the UK as it is poised to do, the useful Idiots that enabled this madness will be butchered enthusiastically by those whose arses and boots they licked, it seems that day is almost just around the corner.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. “Former Ambassador Yoram Ettinger discusses the mythology of Palestinian Demographics posing a threat to the Jewish majority of Israel if it does not abandon Judea and Samaria.”

    The whole lecture is a delight: a morale booster, an optimistic triumph over fixed notions of demography being destiny. Victory to the “non-normative” !

    All we have to do is obey the very first commandment: “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it…” Choosing LIFE is a winner.

    We’ve just seen more nonsense interjected into the “Who’s a Jew” business in British Columbia. Here’s something different, as it plays out in the only place it really matters – Israel. Starts at 36:00.

    36:00 Strategic Jews vs Rabbinical Jews:

  4. Turkey PM Erdogan claims election victory (BBC, March 30, 2014)

    “Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed victory in a local election, and vowed that his enemies would “pay the price”.

    Mr Erdogan’s government has been accused of authoritarianism and corruption after a string of scandals.

    The local election, the first vote since mass protests last June, was seen as a barometer of his popularity.

    Mr Erdogan was not standing for election but campaigned hard for his Justice and Development Party (AKP).

    With about a half of the votes counted, it was leading the main opposition party 45% to 27%.

    The AKP had been aiming to equal or better its 38.8% share of the vote in 2009.

    AKP officials and supporters were celebrating victory long before Mr Erdogan’s announcement….”

  5. Riot police called in as violent clashes break out across France after far-right National Front win dramatic gains in local elections

    Far-right National Front has beaten governing Socialists in key elections

    National Front president Marie Le Pen says party moved to a ‘new level’

    Riot police have clashed with demonstrators outside regional town halls

    Police in holiday towns of Frejus and Beziers report outbreaks of violence

    French President Francois Hollande now expected to reshuffle government

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