EDL marches to raise awareness (and hopefully fury) at muslim child-sex-slavery, forced prostitution gangs.

1. EDL does demo to raise awareness of the tsunami of muslim white-child-slavery gangs. (And no, I do not mean forced to make wallets for tourists on the streets of Hong Kong. For details about what exactly these muslim-rape-gangs do, please find the time and energy to read this report.)

While some of the chants are a little anachronistic, like “No surrender to the Taliban” (it seems like pretty much everyone has surrendered to them already, at least in the area) I quite like, “Allah Allah, who the fuck is Allah”. Very much in the spirit of the enlightenment. When forced to show deference to someone’s deity in order to elevate ‘them’ and degrade ‘you’ it is important to remember that the right to criticize, mock and ridicule irrational or hostile religious and political authority is the most important kind of freedom of speech. In fact it could be argued to be the only kind of important freedom of speech.

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  1. Glad to see the EDL still kicking; haven’t heard much from them since the whole Tommy Robinson debacle. From the videos, looks like they can still pull a reasonable crowd of supporters, so news of their demise is much exaggerated.

    I wonder, and British commentators would know better, what the public thinks of the EDL now, post-Robinson. Have they moved onto other things, or are they still aware that these guys are still around? I would hate to see the EDL steadily flicker and fade into the night, because Britain needs all the help it can get right now.

  2. @ der Kanadier

    The EDL have left a legacy of exposing the British left for precisely what they are. Putrid haters of anything that could be deemed “Westernised”. The EDL are all but finished until another Islamist atrocity occurs on British streets.

    These days, the left are now “united” in targeting UKIP, with their omnipresent “Nazi, waycist, Fascist” slurs, but UKIP are an entity that is unlikely to go away, and have massive support, unlike anything else that has emanated in Britain before .

    Plus UKIP are exposing the leftist UAF/Hope not hate lie that they’re simply “anti Fascists” targeting Nazi groups.

  3. CHRISTIAN ARABS to European Union: “Israel IS our safe haven”

    Some 150 Israeli Arabic-speaking Christians on Sunday demonstrated outside the EU mission in Tel Aviv, demanding that the international community stop nitpicking against Israel and start combatting the severe persecution of Christians everywhere else in the Middle East.

    Israel Today: “Nations, organizations and international missions are quick to raise an accusing finger against Israel at every opportunity,” said Father Gabriel Nadaf, spiritual father of the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, which organized the rally. Those same nations and organizations “don’t life a finger against the ethnic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East,” the priest continued.


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