British Colombia School, religious accommodations and bullying staff for saying ‘pigs’

Don Laird has sent in this screen grab of info on the school which has made the news and we posted about here earlier. As schools are tax payer supported in Canada, I suppose tax payers have a natural right to speak about procedure at these schools even if it means speaking in favor of Canadian culture, values and history. Please look for a comment from Don with additional links and info shortly under this post.


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  1. Hello there….its me again……..Don Laird…..

    Please use the information above in the screen-grab to send the school administrators an email demanding that they obtain a court order and ban this militant Muslim family from this school permanently.

    You can also call these administrators and leave a message on their telephones demanding (politely) that they take immediate action against this family who seek to cow and browbeat the entire school district into submission.

    You can also leave a comment on this blog and I suggest you read some of the comments and rest assured the cowardice is stunning and only shadowed by the utter denial of these parents who refuse to acknowledge what this really is!!!! ISLAM IN ACTION!!!

    My comment below is a comment I left in response to a woman who was featured in the video Vlad posted, two post previous to this one. Her name is Darcie Williams and as illustrated by her comment, she is completely and totally in denial as to the nature and intent of the Islamic forces she faces.

    This is standard issue, standard operating procedure, text book Islamic cultural warfare as prescribed and ordered by the Koran.




    Hello there…..its me again……Don Laird

    I am amused, stunned really, that in spite of evidence of this exact same brand of tactics being used by Muslims around the world, the entire community is in complete denial. How utterly ridiculous.

    To quote Darcie Williams (comment above)

    “I am one of the parents that spoke to the media. I need to be very clear when I say this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH REGLION OR IMMIGRATION. So to identify the religion of this family is a moot point as it is the sheeps clothing of the wolf.”

    Dear Darcie, I beg to differ, this has everything to do with religion, absolutely everything and it has everything to do with Islam, with Muslims and with an utterly SOP of the same in forcing the overwhelming majority of non-Muslims to capitulate to their every desire, demand, wish and whim. And as you are seeing now, played out in front of your very eyes, they mean business.

    Still, in spite of this you wallow in political correctness, you and your school administrators, wallow and waffle, refusing to deal with this family as they should be dealt with, through a court order ordering restraint and a banning of the family from the school.

    I am pleased to see the community rallying around this teacher and hopefully you will kick this family out of your school and bring this teacher back.

    But I am not confident in your success considering your denial of the reality of what you face.

    When will it sink in that this is simply one more facet of a culture war that has ravaged Europe and is now sweeping across Canada and the United States.

    A family who hates Christmas, the birth of Christ.

    A family who hates Easter, the resurrection of Christ.

    A family who hates pork.

    These are Muslims, and this is Islam, the religion of peace.

    When will you people wake up?

    When you have cut your clitoris off to satisfy this family?

    When all females are banned from associating with males in this school?

    When menstruating girls in this school are separated from other girls and boys because in accordance with Islamic law, a menstruating female is considered untouchable filth?

    When this Muslim family demands that a mosque be set up in your school cafeteria on Friday’s for Muslim prayers and girls (always subservient to males) are separated from the boys. (Google “Valley Park Middle School” in images and look at the little mosque, and the row of girls at the back, well that’s the untouchable menstruating filth)

    When the female teachers at this school are forced to wear a hijab?

    When one of you has acid thrown in your face for “offending the honour” of this family?

    The list goes on.

    Joe Rhodes has sat on the fence far to long. Both he and all the parents need to find your spines, find your courage and find your voices.

    Get a grip, this is all about religion, its about Islam and Islam is not a religion but a totalitarian supremacist political ideology that will, using everything at its disposal, achieve its clearly stated final goal of total and complete global supremacy.

    And this music teacher, well, she’s just another casualty on the road to a global Islamic Caliphate.

    Lastly, in spite of the reverence for “free speech” I cannot imagine my comment lasting for too long on this blog as it contains too much truth……and as we all know…..truth is considered “hate speech”……at least in some parts of Canada anyway.

    Find your voices!!!!

    Find your courage!!!

    Fire Joe Rhodes!!!

    Ban this family from the school now!!!!

    Bring this music teacher back, NOW!!!!!!

    And why you ask?????

    Because as Wilfred Brimley used to say about oatmeal…..


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. DL,

    I’d just change the order of one sentence. Right up top “has absolutely nothing to do with RELIGION” I’d say “its about Islam and ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION but a totalitarian supremacist political ideology…”

    Otherwise, perfect as usual.

  3. Below is my letter sent to Joe Rhodes, the caps indicate subject line.


    Mr. Joe Rhodes
    School District #79
    2557 Beverly Street
    Duncan, BC V9L 2X3

    1-250-748-0321 (ex 215)

    Hello Mr. Joe Rhodes,

    I have forwarded a few questions (below) and several photographs for your consideration.

    One is of a woman wrapped in a burqa, sitting amidst garbage bags……..a woman; human garbage under Islamic law, Islam, “the religion………of peace”.

    One is of little girls, the last row back, at the Valley Park Middle School in Toronto Ontario, in a hastily constructed “mosqueteria”, excluded from all other students because they are menstruating and as such, they are considered under Islamic law, to be untouchable filth. Islamic law, the law of Islam, the religion of peace. (The Valley Park mosqueteria was set up after numerous threats and constant harrassment by local Muslim religious leaders, the same Muslim leaders were and are directly connected to terrorist funding and activity)

    One is of a young Afghan girl, Bibi Aisha, she had her nose and ears sliced off by her Muslim husband and his family because she offended his “honour”. Her face, badly disfigured, badly wounded and screaming volumes to the horrors of Islam, graced a the cover of Time Magazine. (look it up)

    Your glaring cowardice Mr. Rhodes, combined with your gross stupidity and negligence in failing to address, effectively and expeditiously, this family of Muslim fanatics’ and their criminal and harassing behavior, is a threat that constitutes a clear and present lethal danger to the physical and mental well-being of the students and teachers in School District #79, Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

    How dare you claim to represent the interests of these innocent parents, their children and the teachers of the same, when your politically correct fawning and boot-licking of this militant, potentially violent family of Muslims has given them carte blanche to do as they please?

    When will you realize that this family of Islamic lunatics poses a threat of intimidation and violence to all persons who are non-Muslim?

    When Joe Rhodes?, when you have cut your wife’s’ clitoris off to satisfy this family?

    When Joe Rhodes?. when all females are banned from associating with males in this school?

    When Joe Rhodes?, when all pork, bacon and ham are banned from your entire school district?

    When Joe Rhodes?, when menstruating girls in this school district are separated from other girls and boys because in accordance with Islamic law, a menstruating female is considered untouchable filth?

    When Joe Rhodes?, when this Muslim family demands that a mosque be set up in your school cafeteria on Friday’s for Muslim prayers and girls (always subservient to males) are separated from the boys. (Google “Valley Park Middle School” in images and look at the little mosque set up in the school cafeteria, and the row of girls at the back, well, that’s the untouchable menstruating filth)

    When Joe Rhodes?, when the female teachers at this school are forced to wear a hijab?

    When Joe Rhodes?, when Islamic mullahs and Imams, poisonous ,bearded blowhards and windbags the lot, parade up and down the hallways of all the schools in district #79, dictating the order of every single one of your school days?….all the while you sit cowering in the corner drawing your 6 figure salary!!!

    When Joe Rhodes?, when Muslim men and Muslim mullahs and Imams are allowed to select 5 and 6 year old little girls from your kindergartens and grade schools as their new “wives” in accordance with Islamic law? (Look it up Joe, the quintessential role model for all Muslim males, for all time, is their “prophet” Muhammad and he, when he was 54, married a 6 year old little girl named Aisha. Her “wedding night” was a mind numbing course of rape and sodomy. This is why “child rape” and “child marriage” is off the charts in every one of the 57 Islamic member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, because they are acting in accordance with Islam…..the religion of peace.)

    When Joe Rhodes?, when one of you has acid thrown in your face for “offending the honour” of this lunatic Muslim family?

    When Joe Rhodes?, when this family sets off a bomb in your school?

    When Joe Rhodes?, when this family enters this school with weapons and butchers teachers and students because they have not bent to the love of Muhammad and the will of Islam?

    When Joe Rhodes?, when several of your female teachers have their throats cuts and their bodies dumped in a canal just like the Shafia women in Ontario, Canada?

    When Joe Rhodes?, when your wife has her throat cut by one of these fanatical lunatics because her existance has offended this family’s sense of “honour”?

    When Joe Rhodes?, when a child comes to school wrapped in explosive vest, sent there by their hateful, murderous Muslim parents, and they detonate this child in the gymnasium as planned, and in a blinding flash of light, a deafening roar and a maelstrom of razor sharp glass and shrapnel virtually all of your teaching staff and students at the Discovery School are borne away on a river of blood and death ?

    The list is sickening….and the list goes on.

    Have you informed your faculty, the students and staff of the danger they face Joe Rhodes?, or will you wait until the local morgue is filled with the shattered, lifeless bodies of those teachers and students who trusted you, who believed you and who allowed you to place them in harms way……well Mr. Joe Rhodes……have you?

    Sadly, I hope the recipients of this email save it and forward it to friends and family.

    I hope this as when this Muslim family butchers the students and teachers who they so vividly and clearly hate, the same students and teachers who have opposed them, when the funerals are over, when the blood has dried, when the hallways of Discovery School no longer echo with laughter of children…….then you and your fellow administrators can be prosecuted, in accordance with numerous sections of the criminal code, namely, criminal negligence causing death…..and while you are serving your sentences the survivors of those butchered children and their teachers can engage in a withering course of litigation that will strip you, each and every one of you, of everything and leave you stripped of all your worldly goods and assets save your wealth of gut wrenching cowardice, your lethal and life threatening indecision and your boundless arrogance.

    In closing, you have one course of action to follow.

    Do your job, stop being a coward, get a court order restraining this threatening lunatic Muslim family from coming with a kilometer of school property.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  4. When. Inspired by Don Laird, apologies to Rudyard Kippling.

    WHEN you can loose your head when all about you
    Are finding theirs and blaming it on them,
    When you can pride yourself when all men praise you,
    But make no allowance for their doubting ken;
    When you cannot wait and bece impatient by waiting,
    Or being truthed about, and use taqyya
    Or being forgiven and don’t give way to become forgiving
    And look so good as a talking encyclopaedia

    If you can dream – and make paradise your master;
    If you can memorize and make scripture your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two as halal and haram;
    If you can bear to hear the conceits you’ve spoken
    Exposed by kuffar to make a protection for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stomp and build ’em up with sharpened tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your gains
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again by stealing from the unbeliever,
    And never breathe a word about your dross;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your caliphate long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Submission!”

    When You can talk with crowds and keep your pretense
    ‘ Or walk with Thieves nor lose the regal touch,
    When either foes or loving friends fear your insense
    When men count with you, all too much;
    When you can fill the unforgiven minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of lazyness done,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Muslim, my son!

  5. Sadly this is not an isolated incident and has been occurring all over canada.
    Someone needs to be collecting and taking down a record of all these incidences.
    However teachers don’t talk until someone somehow gets them revealing things under the radar

    For example once many years ago when a bastard bully by the name of j bright x football hero who now has a school named after him. Was harassing gorgeous young teachers. And one finally stood up to him almost loosing her career over it because letters can misconstrue so easily. It wasn’t until she put the word out under the table and several people got in touch…women teachers who had previously been harassed and one who just left permanently because of this creepy bully and sexual harasser.

    It would take some time and effort to collect this information from across the nation and run it like the CREEPING SHARIA site.

    It could provide a clear understanding of how great the influence of islamics is perpetrating the very core of this great land. Through the structures that support and socialize our children and youth

  6. Dear Don,

    Do not presume to know anything about me. The family is Jewish not Muslim but you have your brain so twisted against a religion that you cannot see the reality of MY situation. Do not presume to tell me that I am delusional when you know 10% of a story. I am a union activist, a feminist and an educated woman with many years of experience with different cultural beliefs and religions. The only thing that your rant proves is YOU are deluded and racist. I am well aware of the practices in other cultures and you presume to know my mind, thoughts, ideas, and experiences in this area. where did you find a crystal ball such as this? DO NOT presume to understand me or any actions I have or have not taken or beliefs I may hold. I am a Christian for the record, with Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Hindi, Seik,( among a few to be named) friends. To paint every culture and religion with the same brush is ignorance at best. You hatred prevents you from seeing the crux of the matter which is why the religion was not the forefront of the story. And for the record, what I do with my clitoris is my business and no one else’s. As Jesus said, ” let he who has not sinned cast the first stone” are you such a man Don?


    (Darcie Williams is a Registered Nurse and works with the British Columbia Nurses Union. She resides on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada)

    Dear Darcie Williams,

    Where to begin?……lets explore!!!!!

    I am somewhat off balance regarding the production of your resume but taking the opportunity that resume provides perhaps I can provide a balanced response.

    We know the family is Jewish, we know that but not as a result of anything your community did, rather our own diligence.

    As for my assumption, mine along with millions of Canadians, as to the religious conviction of the lunatic(s) there is only one group in Canada that seeks to disrupt an entire nation, not to mention a single school, owing to its distaste for pork and anything and everything remotely non-Islamic.

    That group is Muslims, FACT.

    In fact, I cannot recall a single incident in which a Jew or group of Jews ever complained about pork, ham, bacon, Christmas, Christmas Carols, Jingle Bell Rock, Christmas pudding, pictures of pigs, a piggy bank on an office desk, Santa Clause, Rudolf, the curl of an ice-cream cone at Dairy Queen, a cartoon, panties, braless women or a (gasp) Christmas tree. Yet all of the aforementioned “hate-crimes” and legions of other “hate-crimes” have been complained about rigorously and rioted over by Muslims. FACT.

    With respect to the Jewish nature of the lunatic.

    Why the tight-lipped stupidity regarding the religion?, as it was the “religion” that was of pivotal importance considering that that same religion was the mechanism of leverage that this lunatic woman was using to turn the entirety of the school district upside down.

    Let us not mention that your same inability to include with particularity, the religion, for fear of breaching the Leftist Code of Conduct, speaks volumes to the allowance of special interest groups, faux religions or single individuals to trump and trample the will of the majority and or the firmly established traditions, laws or customs of the host country.

    At the conclusion of this response to you I will post a small essay, “Braless Become Gutless” which could not be more apropo in the light of your revelations regarding your clitoris, your faith, your leftist/socialist/liberal politics, the vast depths and breadth of your education and your view of Islam as a “race”.

    Speaking to Islam as a race or rather, in dealing with your delusion regarding the “race” of Islam, exactly Darcie, which race is Islam?

    Or perhaps you have misspoken, perhaps it has escaped your attention that Islam is neither a race nor a religion.

    Islam comes wrapped in the robes of a bonafide religion, shrieking and demanding all of the benefits, privileges and protections afforded a genuine religion, but it is not a religion, not in the sense of Buddhism, or Christianity, or Hinduism, or Jainism, or Judaism, or Taoism, or Sikhism, or Shinto or Confucianism or any of the other bonafide religions.

    The fact is that Islam is supremacist political ideology that seeks, at any costs, and with any mechanism at its disposal, global supremacy. Or had that, in the pursuit of that vast education of which you are so proudly trumpeting, escaped your attention.

    As you say, you are “well aware of the practices in other cultures”.

    Really Darcie?, seriously Darcie?, I have canvassed the Internet and cannot find one single example of your authoring op-eds’ or essays’ and or your responsibility for the organization of vigorous demonstrations protesting the abhorrent and charmingly criminal facets of some cultures that now reside in Canada.

    I could not find, anywhere, your outrage at the epidemic number of “honour killings” of women and young girls that now plagues sunny, multicultural Canada. Including the recent case, in eastern Canada, of the attempted murder of a young woman by her Saudi father. They say, Darcie, that silence is the language of cowards, that silence is a cowards agreement.

    (Here’s a little fly in the ointment Darcie, bet you didn’t know that the lunatic that slaughtered 14 women at the Ecole Polytechnique was a Muslim…….oops!!!!…….you can look it up……or is that more “racism”)

    I could not find, anywhere, your outrage at the epidemic number of young women who are disfigured by pails of acid that are thrown in their faces by their fathers, sons, brothers, uncles and various other family members whose sense of “honour” has been bruised. They say Darcie, that silence is the language of cowards, they say that silence is a cowards agreement.

    I could not find, anywhere, your outrage at the number of unborn girls who are slaughtered by Hindu and Sikh parents simply because they are girls. I expect your silence on this particular point is warranted as it would require you to betray your Leftism twofold. One; the sacred cow of a Leftist feminist, abortion, Two; the other sacred cow of Leftism, multiculturalism, that, regardless of how horrific, how grotesque, how barbaric, how murderous, how obscene the facets of a non-Western culture, that culture is perversely on the same plane of advancement and enlightened intellectuality as Western culture. This lunacy is simply the manifestation of another facet of Leftism; self-loathing and masochistic denigration and degradation of Western culture. Or, in the parlance of a red necked Albertan; biting the hand that feeds you.

    I could go on Darcie Williams but I won’t as the insufficiency of your record of avocation of the defenseless in Canada and around the world speaks deafening volumes. They say, Darcie, that silence is the language of cowards, that silence is a cowards agreement.

    As for my letter to Joe Rhodes, keep it handy Darcie Williams, it will make great reference material when the Muslims show up at your school with their list of demands, and rest assured, they will.

    As an afterthought I have never met your clitoris and am glad of that, as were that fleshy little orb gifted with the powers of speech then no doubt I would find myself deafened with two voices that shrilly condemn me for racism in my criticism of the murderous lunacy of the race of………Islam.

    Now, I bid you and your clitoris goodnight Darcie Williams and leave you with the tiresome, utterly filthy, narrow minded, anatidaephobic, conservative, right-wing extremist, homophobic, blue-collar, heterosexual, coulrophobic, red necked, intolerant, criminally rigid, meat eating, wild animal killing, drilling for oil, quiche hating, vagina loving, musically flatulent, brandy swilling, conformity hating, doesn’t buy his coffee at Starbucks, screed of……….THE BRALESS BECOME GUTLESS………..

    I look forward to your reply Darcie Williams……..from either you or your clitoris……


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada


    Several years ago, livid with rage at the cowardice of the Western woman, livid with rage at the gut wrenching cowardice as these “liberated and enlightened Western women”, ever fawning and fashionable, wrap their heads in scarves in groveling deference and servitude to a vulgar collection of bearded lunatics, pedophiles and mass murderers, I wrote an rambling piece called “Braless Become The Gutless.

    It was, in part, a result of watching the furniture giant Ikea, Photoshop women from their catalogs to satisfy the murderous sensibilities of bearded Muslim blowhards and windbags.

    Here now………….


    I marvel at the world we live in these days and I marvel at the people who live in it.

    It is during times like these that many of the mysteries of human nature and the questions these mysteries raise, questions that plagued me as a child, and to some extent, still do today, are provided with an answer.

    I used to wonder how in God’s name people could meekly shuffle off, devoid of fight, to meet their end in crematoria. How mothers could, clutching children, wait for the bullet that would vacate the contents of their skull.

    I used to wonder how fathers, husband’s, son’s and brothers could watch as those they professed and promised to love and care for were, like so much cattle, led away to slaughter.

    I used to wonder how all the “good people” could stand to the wayside and watch this happen and I wondered of what they would tell themselves in order to ease the guilt and quiet the echo of the screams of those they betrayed.

    I used to wonder how, in God’s name, priests and rabbi’s, these Devil’s advocates, could, knowing they were leading their flock into the jaws of Hell itself, preach of tolerance, understanding and cooperation.

    I used to wonder how educated men and women, students of history, could stand and watch as before their very eyes, new life was breathed into blood soaked pages from books historical, of lesson’s learned and why, in God’s name, the need to learn those lessons once again.

    Perhaps I had too much time on my hands as a child.

    In these last twenty years of my life answers to those questions have been provided, simply by watching the world around me, simply by watching those who are so blind, those who will not see.

    One of those willfully blind groups are the defenders of all things feminine, the feminists.

    As the cancer of Islam slowly chews its way into our lives one of the groups that has utterly failed in its obligations to all women, are the feminists.

    Their failure can be heard in the thunderous silence that is their objection to the supremacist political ideology of Islam. An ideology that seeks to render them invisible, that seeks to close the universities to them, that seeks to award them second class citizenship, that seeks to make them proprietorial charges of their male owners, that seeks to strip them of any vestiges of self determination, that seeks to render them as simply life support systems for vaginas, vaginal life support systems gifted with the powers of speech and a variety of domestic skills.

    One need to look no further than the Valley Park Middle School in Toronto, Ontario for evidence of Muhammad’s love of women. Little girls, menstruating, are separated, even further back from their non-menstruating peers in Islamic ritual…..and why? Because they are, according to the poisonous vulgarity of Allah and the madness of Muhammad, untouchable filth. Imagine that, being classified as untouchable filth for something as natural as a heartbeat and not one single whimper from the feminists.

    The Shafia women, with throats cut, as they sank to the bottom of a canal in southern Ontario, were brought face to face with the religion of peace. The feminists didn’t even have the decency to lay a wreath at their gravesite. Allah be praised!!!

    I could go on and if I did, blood soaked volumes would be filled with the madness of Islam, the weight of which borne by women and children, the weak, the helpless, the defenseless.

    Oh what craven wretched cowards are these legions of Muslims who call themselves men, these Muslims who call themselves members of the Human Race. And in that vast legion of cowards are the feminists, the handmaidens to these brutish Muslim malcontents.

    I ask you, where was Olivia Chow, the staunch feminist and cuckolded wife to a metrosexual Leftist, when the rotting corpses of the Shafia women, were retrieved from the canal?. No doubt doing as all good, emancipated, socialist feminists are wont to do when confronted with their own hypocrisy; noshing on carrot cake and communist manifesto.

    Where was Margaret Trudeau when young Aqsa Parvez was lowered into the ground?……perhaps getting in another orbit or two around Saturn aboard the USS Prozac….in search of her spine……in search of her sanity……in search of her panties.

    Where was Margaret’s darling little child Justin, Member of Parliament and Champion of the People, when the Khadr family screamed their seething hatred at Canada and called for all our deaths?……perhaps furiously flagellating, in a state of sexual euphoria at the thought of being called to fill his daddy’s shoes….oh per chance to dream a little Liberal dream.

    Where was that gut wrenching, diesel-dyke Libby Davies and her rabid defense and promotion of all things female when little Neha Munir, with her mutilated vagina and useless reproductive organs, finally landed safe in Canada? No doubt too busy setting off the gag-reflex of 33 million Canadians as she, committing crimes against humanity and decency, was borne aloft, partially nude, on a float in a Pride parade somewhere. I won’t even bother to ask about Hedy Fry.

    Where was Canadian Member of Parliament Lisa Raitt as revelations were made of the Muslim mother in Montreal, Johra Kaleki, wrapped in the love throes of Islam, as she tried to stab her daughter, Bahar Ebrahimi, to death for misbehaving?

    Where were the political enthusiasts Helen Guergis and Ruby Dhalla, now sidelined and licking their wounds, as the knife of “disrespected Muslim husband”, Peer Khairi, worked its way down through the muscle, windpipe, cartilage, veins and arteries of a terrified Randjida Khairi’s neck, Peer’s wife of 30 years? Randjida, nearly decapitated, the mother of the 6 Khairi children, who speaks for her?…….oh Allah be praised!!!

    In the last moments of Randjida’s agony, as arterial spray provided her killer refreshment from the murderous labors of an Islamic honor killing…..did she ever imagine that the backs of hundred’s of thousands of the “Liberated” would be turned in answer to her slaughter?…………oh Allah be praised!!!!

    These political parasites, these emancipated, modern women clad in haute couture, skilled in the art of political sleight of hand and empty rhetoric, consumed with planning their political comeback, cannot be troubled with the trivialities of attending a gravesite or of attending just one day of Peer Khairi’s trial. Not even 5 minutes to show support, to show solidarity, to look that cowardly bastard directly in the eyes and tell him he is a wretched coward.

    And, as I know how many of you reading this are women in attendance as academic’s in universities across Canada, where, in the name of Christ, were all of you during any one of these events? Wait, don’t answer that, staff meetings and professional development junkets in Banff trump the quiet agony of butchered women, your antics might be amusing were you not such pathetic, self serving hypocrites.

    To each of you… all of you……I say this.

    The hard won battles fought by your mothers and grandmothers for the rights you enjoy today are being squandered by your cowardice.

    Or was never it about the advancement of women in a civilized society? Was it all just a bloody punchline?, or is it all about you?, and to hell with your daughters, with your granddaughters, are you little more than savvy cowards who know how to pick your fights?

    Ahhhhh yes!!!…..the real battlefields of the oppressed Western Woman!!!!….don’t make me bloody laugh!!!…….scampering about Parliament Hill on sunny days, giving old men heart palpitations, burning your undergarments.

    Or how about that old money-grabbing knee slapper, that “nudge-nudge, wink-wink” of “Equal Pay For Work Of Equal Value”, oh you little ideological contortionists you!!!.

    Or peppering the corporate infrastructure with lawsuits and harassment complaints because you find something, absolutely anything, that bruises your delicate feminist suffragette sensibilities in everything from breakfast cereal to long-distance calling plans……..what a lucrative little charade………and then your terrifying legend precedes you as your reputation grows for the indefatigable, hell-on-wheels pursuit of aging paunchy retired corporate executives who deny you entrance to the local “Men’s Golf and Country Club”,

    Oh Ladies, how so very, very brave you are!!!!

    But come up against an enemy like Islam, come up against the delusional madness of Muslims that seek to turn back the hands of time and draw a smothering cloak of darkness, savagery and barbarity across all that we have built and stand for in North America, come up against Islamic bearded buffoons and blowhards who have no compunction about rearranging your dental work for not remembering your place as women, come up against the love of Muhammad and try and run that little “Equal Pay Equal Work-Value” con game on the administrative wing of an Islamic caliphate and you’ll truly know workplace violence.

    In other words, face a malevolent opponent who hates you with every fiber of its being, face an enemy whose resolve is unshakeable, face an enemy who values you as much as they value the excrement of a dog and who, through beguiling, politically correct doubletalk, guilt, harassment, violence, intimidation, threats and lies, seeks to enslave you, in other words face Islam and its murderous, oppressive male disciples and you cut and run, the bra-less become the gut-less.

    My, my, my, my, how your great grandmothers and grandmothers must loathe you, I certainly do.

    But do not despair as in every dark cloud there is a silver lining; I have good news from the entertainment front Ladies!!!!

    In honor of your cowardice Helen Reddy has rewritten your theme song; “I Am Western Woman…Gutless and Groveling, Hear Me No More”……….

    No more will we rise in celebration as our daughters, seeking the limits of their talents, in pursuit of academic excellence, seeking enlightenment and fulfillment, seeking the depths of their courage and character, are awarded degrees in medicine, engineering, science, the humanities and law.

    No more will we hear our daughters rise in houses of Parliament and Legislatures and speak passionately to the cause of citizens in a free society, to the cause of democracy and human rights, to the cause of the oppressed and to the full inclusion of the weakest amongst us.

    No more will we rise in deafening applause as our daughters champion themselves and their countries on the withering fields of athletic endeavor.

    No more will we stand, breathless and trembling, knuckles white along bleacher railings, as our daughters, not long from cribs and track and field meets, seeking the limits of Man and the depths of their souls, ride our monstrous creations, thundering and tearing through the atmospheres into the blackness of space, reaching for the stars and, as the poet said, “slipping the surly bonds of earth and touching the face of God”.

    So take a good long look at the IKEA catalogue pictures ladies and see your future and the future of the generations of women to come, hear the ridiculously laughable lies told that have you wrapped, shuffling and humiliated, in sackcloth, revel in your gut wrenching cowardice as “liberated and enlightened Western women”, wrap your heads in scarves in groveling deference and servitude to a vulgar collection of bearded lunatics, pedophiles and mass murderers; Muhammad’s precious little jewels!!

    Look at the pixilation and photo-shopping of your faces as you cease to exist save for your vagina and anus, the only two facets of womanhood valued by Muslim men, that, basic domestic skills and the ability to bounce back from a good ass-kicking.

    Take a look at the manifestation of those gutter dwelling Saudi’s and their vision of womanhood, as so aptly illustrated by that portly purveyor of Saudi sensibility at the Kamloops Saudi Center, the little poisonous Wahhabi tyrant, Trad Bahabri, as he coughed blood when spying with his little Muslim eye, a photograph of a woman, a Kamloops university arts student, in a niqab holding up a brassiere.

    Oh Ladies, oh ladies, oh ladies!!!!!…..your hypocrisy and cowardice know no bounds, slowly the lights of Western civilization and enlightenment are going out one by one, soon the trials, tribulations, the remarkable accomplishments and contributions of Western women will just be a bad joke told in every mosque across the United States and Canada, a triumphant legacy ground into dust ‘neath the bootheel of Islam. Islam, the religion of peace.

    In closing my dear sweet ladies….in answer to some of those tedious ponderings I so tediously pondered at the beginning of this rambling screed…….I only have to look to you for my answers………..Sweet Jesus Christ!!!……I need a very large brandy………

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  8. Don,
    Laughed beyond tears, howling, gasping. [Reminder: keep asthma inhaler close when reading DL.]

    Darcie’s quite a piece of work, a union activist who stood up for her clitoris like a man, thought she’d shock you back. Not in this lifetime, sweetheart!

    There are so many dead-eye hits I know I’ll laugh each time I read it. Be sure to send it to Dymphna and the Baron.

    Thanks, so much.

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