News links for March 26 2014 – 3

1. US forces set to redefine roles for last remaining effective combat troops. (I don’t really understand what the admin is saying, but it smacks of ‘community organizing’)

2. Bill Warner speaks on how churches may be the best bulwark against encroaching islam.

3. Kenya restricts Somali refugees to camps

(What does Kenya know that we don’t seem to be willing to admit to knowing?)
A general view of the Dadaab refugee camp Some half a million Somalis live in the Dadaab refugee camp

Kenya has ordered all urban-based Somali refugees to move into designated camps in a bid to end attacks by militant Islamists.

Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku said the directive had been issued because of the “emergency security challenges” facing Kenya.

A refugee group condemned the decision as illegal.

Somalia’s al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group has carried out a spate of attacks in Kenya in recent years.

4. Leader of Egyptian Military announces candidacy for president of Egypt.

(Whats that thing Gomer Pyle always used to say?)

5. US response to Egyptian trial verdict.

(She isn’t entirely wrong but it may be entirely necessary)

6. Hate crime hoax at US university. Woman who reported anti-black graffiti wrote it herself. Meanwhile, this could very well be a real hate crime. But as the victims are not described we can’t know for sure. All the attackers are black and there is nowhere in the report where it lists what they said if anything, or what the victims look like. Read it and offer your best guess. One thing is for sure. The girl did not bash her own teeth out with a brick while walking home from school.

7. He’s the only hate preacher in the village: Firebrand Muslim cleric buys church hall in heart of Midsomer Murder country to broadcast vile rants to Middle East

(If memory serves, Henry II  had something wise to say about  turbulent clerics)

Sheikh Yasser al-Habib spent £2million buying a disused hall in Fulmer and turning it into a mosque which is also the base for his controversial satellite TV channel.

Last week, Ofcom revealed it was powerless to stop the cleric’s incendiary broadcasts, which are said to stir up conflict between al-Habib’s Shia sect and rival Sunni Muslims.

Now locals in the small village – favoured by celebrities such as Vernon Kay and Ozzy Osbourne – are concerned that Fulmer will become the unlikely setting for a vicious war of words between the two sects

8. After 44 Years, This European Country Is Finally Getting Its First Mosque

(Yeah cause you know, we are the intolerant ones)

Like Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina has a significant Islamic population with its own cultural and religious touchstones. The Ottoman conquest reached almost to the eastern gates of Vienna in the 16th century, and Slovenia, south of Austria between Italy and Hungary, remained a holdout. As a result, she says, “there is still that idea of Islam as totally other, as dangerous, you know, with all these stereotypical ideas and images.”

9. BDS Movement Targets Rolling Stones

BDS Movement Targets Rolling Stones

Well, that didn’t take long.

Yesterday, after months of speculation, the iconic British rock group, the Rolling Stones, confirmed their forthcoming trip to Israel, performing on June 4th at Tel Aviv’s legendary HaYarkon Park.

Not even a full 24 hours later, unfortunately, the campaign for them to cancel is already in full force.

(To the BDS protesters. Might I suggest the following?)

Thank you Richard, M, Fjordman, KitmanTV, UK Pete, LinaN, and of course, Keith, Mick, Ronnie Bill and Charlie Watts. 

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  1. #1 I hope that on my next visit to the VA I run into some of the special operators, I really want to there what they are saying about this development.

    #2 People use to talk about Christendom, meaning the entire western civilization composed of nations that were mainly Christian. Thanks to over a Century of attacks by the left people are afraid to mention their faith.

    #5 It probably is necessary.

    #6 There is a race war going on and only one side is fighting.

  2. #2 Did the Church got together to fight Hitler and his National Socialist/ Arian Religion?
    No, the Catholic Church sheltered many Nazis. it was the British and American Culture. They stood up to fascism and in the following decades, Communism. Their culture of free speech that united people who understood this inheritance must be defended at all costs as the price of freedom. They would not permit cameras for government spies in the streets.

    I enjoyed a drink with a killer today. Now 81 he informed me he was in Malaysia in the 1950’s as part of search and rescue and saw first hand what genocide of the communists against the locals. It was not his faith in fancy that he shot back in rage, but for liberty. He was not imprisoned but sent home to recover, from witnessing inhumanity and unilaterally mowing a fleeing attacker down. That is what our politicians have thrown away, unashamed to be fleeing the comeuppance of their infidelities. What is within is without. They are the rot needed to be removed, not a resurgence in another God and good ol’ time religion. The resurgence of men. Jesse Owen wrote a book about walking with fartherless kids, now we have a whole nation of absent fathers. No wonder the warlords of Mohammad are a temptation for a get-balls-quick male-hood. It is not God, but the gentleman, that is needed. To be humane and civilized. This is the battle: undermined or overpraised. Demoralized or puffed-up emotional vanities. These, will rally behind one charismatic leader of brazen deceit.

    An army of individuals is more powerful than an army of drones. All we need is to teach people is to respect themselves and thus each other, that there is no such thing as marriage beyond that of a contract to protect one man and one woman to raise children, and their relatives constitute a family, and their aquaintences and friends a society, and their community part of a nation. Any pretence where children are exposed to sham, splits that nation and it is conquered from its inception. The mind of the child is screwed.

    You don’t resurrect a dinosaur to fight a digital war. You raise a conscience. One where every sane person knows. As I teased my son’s friend after taking them to kung foo, “would you like me to go to you school to show them what a father looks like?”. The adopted child by a single immigrant council – housed mother, guffawed. Non of my son’s many friends have fathers at home. The women have been bribed into socialism and are no more than Musselmas following the money and rationalizing their pedastalled, enhanced preference as a birthright. Dead from the neck up and many going to church to sustain their lifestyle. That’s Bill’s army to defeat Islam: The whore and the Forgiver of Whores. How cool is that? ‘Did you not know I ‘d be in my Magic Lord’s House, who loves me as I am?’

    If Constantine’s army could save the day. Dark ages would surely follow.

    Only an army of Jesuses will do. And they wont be found in church. Too busy doing what needs to be mended.

    Do these odd people understand what they say when they pronounce solutions that didn’t work then and still wont work now? It is the war between the civilized man and the uncivilized man. Period.

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