More on the Syrian crucifixion

This is an important thing to get right. Not that long ago, a lot of websites were reporting on alleged crucifixions that took place outside the palace gates in Cairo during Morsi’s Ikhwan regime. There was no evidence of it whatsoever but it was widely repeated because as a prescribed punishment in islam, it isn’t that unbelievable that it would happen.

Truth however, is still the most important element to preserving a secular state, even when those truths do not necessarily appear to support the secular agenda. For example, as religious people have more children than atheists do, then religion according to Dawkins own evolutionary theories, is a highly evolutionarily useful device for creating offspring that are well looked after. Depending of course, on the religion and your definition of well looked after. This is likely an uncomfortable truth for some of the more strident atheists.

So thank you M for sending auxiliary materials on this Syrian crucifixion in the previous post. We want to get this right. If indeed muslims are now crucifying people and there is evidence to support it, people need to know just as its equally important not to tell untruths about what muslims do, because it creates an easy out for those who do not believe Islam is a problem by thinking its all untrue because some of it is.

English articles:

ICB Group: ICIL crucify man


Militants of Al Qaeda splinter group, the State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)   have reportedly crucified a man in Raqqa in northern Syria after shooting him in the head. 

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  1. We keep getting more and more evidence about barbaric behavior around the world. We are walking down a slippery slope to a Dark Age, I wonder how far down we will go before we turn around and try to re-civilize the world?

  2. He wasn’t actually crucified in the traditional sense, but was tied up to a cross after they killed him.

    Richard – you are correct that we are “walking down a slippery slope to a Dark Age”. There is rot everywhere, and it will take a lot of determination to clean up the swamp.

  3. How about leaders who can tell the truth without getting crucified themselves by our own lovely mainstream media? The mainstream media, for reasons that are beyond my knowledge, seem to want these Sunni savages to prevail, as does their man, Barack Obama, who should have been quietly backing Bashar Assad from the very beginning. It is the “rebels” who have turned Syria into a burning hell, not Bashar Assad, cruel and heartless as he may be. But, you know, the fact is that a kind-hearted leader would last about ten minutes as President of Syria, so what can you do?

  4. Any leader that would satisfy us would be crucified by the MSM they are part of the problem, they support the post Christan world and its barbaric policies. Reality is going to slap them in the face but it may be too late to save civilization when it does.

  5. Richard – we don’t have any leaders who have the determination or the courage to do the right thing.

    “I am not sure, do our best to keep small islands of civilization in the massively nasty new world.”

    That may be the only solution Richard.

  6. It may indeed, we have the leaders who would be fine in this mess but they are determined to follow the laws faithfully and the left has things so loaded that one of the ones we need would have a hard time getting nominated, once nominated they would win easily.

  7. Jane I am thinking about some of the retired military officers who have refused to be involved in a coup to remove Obama. They are right under the law but giving him another3 1/2 years is going to cause a lot more damage.

  8. Yucki that is an awesome weapon, I hope the US is working on one in a black program Obama doesn’t know about, if he doesn’t know about it he can’t kill it. I do know he refused to buy an airborne laser defense system that was working against incoming missiles.

  9. Richard – Now I understand. You are talking from an American perspective. I thought that you knew of Canadian politicians who were willing to take a stand to defend Canada.

  10. Jane:

    I suspect that the problem lies with us. We probably can find Canadian politicians ready and willing to defend Canada and probably even Stephen Harper if he is not sick to death of being PM already as I know I would be if I were he.

    The problem is public belief thanks to Frankfurt School penetration and subversion and the solution is down to us. We have to make the facts legal to say and reason and debate acceptable to the culture again. Once we achieve that finding politicians who can lead us out of this will be like shopping at Costco.

    So yes, emailing links around, talking to neighbors, wearing T shirts and sporting materials and art that diminish the fear of islam can work and will work. Just try saying ‘Islam is peace’ in the UK and see what reaction you get. The trick is, we need to get to that before we have been that penetrated.

    If we aren’t already past that I mean.

  11. I do send stuff to friends, not en masse but according to their interests. Problem is, my only friends in the USA are Russkis, and they already know the score.

    All the rest now live abroad; they love their email treats. I’ll leave here only if it gets intolerable, and if I’m convinced there’s nothing I can do to help. Takuan Seiko always reminds his readers that he’s “living in exile” in Japan.

  12. Here’s one man’s sobering view: “The Shape of a Post-American World”

    The post-American world will be many things, but multilateral isn’t one of them. There will be no world government and international organizations will be good for little except sucking up the last drops of wealth and prestige of the United States. It will be a chaotic place with everyone out for themselves.

  13. Ok. Let’s think of ourselves working in caves with stinky old candles. [First pray for all the lost souls, then pray for a solid internet connection.]

    What do we do first? Then what? Next?

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