News links March 22 2014 – 1

1. Troupe of topless Femen protesters get dragged kicking and screaming out of Berlin’s Islamic Week meeting after covering themselves in anti-Islam messages

Posts: After the event, Femen attacked the Berlin local government for lettings its buildings be used for Islam Week

2. Muslim invaders to Spain carry deadly meningitis

(Notice the arse lifting at 1:14)

3. Egypt: University expels students who hoisted al Qaida flag

The director of the university, Gaber Nassar, had asked security and investigators to view videos taken by facility surveillance cameras to identify the perpetrators of the act.

4. Killing of Crimean Tatar alarms Turkey

“Crimean Turk-Tatars who were able to return to their homeland after suffering huge grievances in history have been voicing their views and demands on peaceful grounds. We find it unacceptable that our kin have been exposed to pressure and threats during ‘the referendum’ process and afterwards and have even been deprived of safety despite their responsible attitude,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a written statement released late March 19.”

(Translation Turkey to Russia: ‘You have taken from us, land that we rightfully conquered and ruled over as muslims!)

5. Man who had cosmetic surgery to look sort of like a woman, asks the state to pretend along with him  that he is now something different to the extent that the former unaltered male appearance is to blame for the murder of 3 prostitutes and the post surgery mutilated man is somehow not.

Thank you Fjordman, Maria J, Don L, and all. More to come.

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  1. 1. Note the request for “donations for Syria” sign on the right at the entrance. So, let me air my “raaaacist and iiiiilsaaaahmophobic” thoughts here:

    These muslims are highly likely to live of the German taxpayer’s money (polygamy practiced but disguised in 3 or 4 single mothers). They give some of this money to “terrorism in Syria”. Not long ago we read here on Vlad of 2 young REAL Germans, having joined the savages, being killed, by some other mouselims. Conclusion: This “ISLAMIC WEEK” is collecting money to kill REAL Germans.

    2. “Muslim Invaders” is the correct description – lets stop with the false advertising of “pooooooooooooooor rrrefuugeeees”. It’s an invasion, it’s systematic, strategic and acceleration. Aided by what some in France now call the “Col-allah-borators”.

  2. 4. In the nutshell analysis of muslim modus operandi:

    “Translation Turkey to Russia: ‘You have taken from us, land that we rightfully conquered and ruled over as muslims!”

    “Translation Turkey to Russia: ‘You have taken from us, land that we rightfully conquered and ruled over as muslims!”

    “Translation Turkey to Russia: ‘You have taken from us, land that we rightfully conquered and ruled over as muslims!”

    Okay, so it’s in THREE Nutshells (I couldn’t find the “bolding” function), but you distill brilliantly, Vlad, worth coming here alone for your witty cuttings-to-the-bone.

  3. Translation Turkey to Russia: ‘You have taken from us, land that we rightfully conquered and ruled over as muslims!”
    Curious, how any moslem invasion and taking land is “rightfully” conquered, while when the Russians and Europeans have thrown back moslem invasions and retaken Jihad- or rather slave and plunder expeditions into neighboring countries, then it suddenly is a crime against the “poor” moslems.


    The other side of the femme et Femen coin…

    Another convert!

    The Kurd recovered the Frenchwoman’s ID card, as as well as her sncf cards, (big family), her driving license and a travel document for one of her daughters. (The last one implies a minor as permission is needed for a child to leave France ). Mrs mrigolaud arrived in Syria in May 2013along with her husband who answers to the name of Margery and their 4 kids.

    Les Kurdes ont retrouvé la carte d’identité de la Française, ainsi que sa carte Navigo, son permis de conduire, et un document de voyage d’une de ses filles. Mme Rigolaud est arrivée en Syrie en mai 2013 avec son mari qui répond au nom de Margery, et leurs quatre enfants.

    One good comment is

    J’encourage tous les Rigolauds à aller faire leur Djihad HORS de France.

    I would encourage all of the rigolauds to go on jihad outside of France.

    There is also a play on the name, as it means funny.

  5. #1
    Comment at the daily mail.. About the so called bemused veiled women filming

    Nothing in Sharia law about taking photos on your iPhone of naked women then?

  6. @ LenaN. 1. Le Figaro – always a good news paper – seems to stick out more lately as courageous – is that because nearly ALL the other media has become blatantly dhimmified, so that a “normal” news paper sticks out …”‘

    2. “…parents of jihadis form a group to stop radicalisation,..”

    I am in two minds about these parents, I do understand their Angst which is mainly about their children – but, emotionally, I share much more the Angst of the poor old “normal” French (and other Western) non-muslim folk. And lately I too have become more radicalised – but in the other direction. For me now fight against “radicalisation” is not enough any longer, it’s too late for that, we need to fight “Islamisation”, because in the end, Islamisation – if it “is” not already radicalisation, will lead to it.

    I have read an excellent article about this today (no time to translate it at this moment, but I recommend it for anyone reading French – it’s definitely food for thought:
    The author says that: “as the majority of Germans at the time were no barbaric , so the majority of muslims are not either…BUT” (and it’s of course what follows the “but” that makes this article very interesting)

    3. “…Nothing in Sharia law about taking photos on your iPhone of naked women then?…”

    Nothing more conducive (conducive?) to sticky keyboards and “satisfied” wives than the “moving” pictures of non-muslim females – even adult ones.

  7. Have look at Putin’s face in the last pic in the Daily Mail.

    He seems to be enjpying it – a thoroughly normal guy, compared to our effiminate metrosexual leaders.

  8. The article in BarbWire by pastor Jeff Allen highlights the issue of cross dressing but not the cause.

    “Since 2001, the three “core values” of the [Nazarene] Church have been identified as “Christian, Holiness, Missional””

    These are cross-dressing issues too. Ones which St Paul took on the road to Damscus and avoided his punishment of crimes by saying the ‘old self Saul did the murdering, not Paul”.

    And Donna may never kill women again, just as St Paul never killed Christians, but the warped sense of awakened and improved womanhood he now has, the perfect sense of peace, he-she will evangelize as the true ‘Life, Truth and The Way’ (conversion, rationalization and justification) to redemption and an awakened desire for children’s souls, who after all, would not buy into this BS unless intimidated. And you never know, some dictator may too pick it up if the followers are known for their dutiful submission and compliance, as a holy rite for all men to undergo, another symbolic lobotomy of Faith, a physical castration on top of the original psychological one of prostration, of women never being harmed ever again and a better world for it.

    Look out for the Church of Better Day Donnarians.

    And more to the point, What is the Donnarian Name you carry?

  9. @dp 111
    The bit that is revealing about Ukraine is the US open support for the military…



    Either way, it seems, one former major player will be on the sidelines. During the Ukrainian prime minister’s visit to Washington last week, his government urgently requested military assistance. The Pentagon refused, instead offering military ration kits.

    Is this is a piece of disinformation? What’s the pentagon doing covertly? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is Islamic terrorism in the equation. Similarly to how the west supported the KLA in Kosovo, with military training of anti Russian groups in the US and in Europe.

  10. more pics on facebook :


    Topless Jihad hat nicht nur begonnen, es wird weiter geführt! WOMEN’S SPRING IS STILL ALIVE!

    Solange die Gesellschaft nicht gegen Verbrechen kämpfen, die Millionen von Frauen, im Namen der Religion angetan werden, wird FEMEN weiter Aktionen durchführen.

    Diese Verbrechen sind zum Beispiel, die Steinigung von Frauen nur weil sie gleichberechtigt behandelt werden wollen, die Ermordung von Frauen, weil sie angeblich die Religion und Kultur “entehren”, die Verstümmelung von weiblichen Genitalien, das Schlagen von Frauen für ihr “ungehorsam”, der Zwang einen Menschen gegen ihren Willen zu heiraten, Frauen vorzuschreiben wie sie sich zu kleiden haben, die Verurteilung von Vergewaltigungsopfern zu 100 Peitschenhieben, die Ermordung Homosexueller Menschen für Dinge wie Blasphemie und Apostasie. Das sind alles Beispiele die ihren Ursprung in der Unterdrückungen durch Religionen haben.

    Bedrohungen und der Mord an Menschen, die nicht mit den radikalen Ansichten bestimmter Religionen einverstanden sind, müssen aufhören! Es ist ein Angriff auf die Freiheit, die jeder Mensch besitzt.

    Nein zu Scharia-Recht!
    Keine Angst vor Brüsten – keine Angst vor Freiheit!
    Lasst uns frei von religiöser Unterdrückung sein!

  11. Rita

    Normally I don’t read the figaro but lately I cannot help notice a blip on the msm radar.

    I saw this and as I like history, I have been educated yet again, Voltaire makes an appearance:

    Just how far do we have to turn the circles in history, if the Crimea was part of the Ottoman Empire until 1798. Are the political elite so out of tune not to realise what was the Ottoman Empire all about, nor the Islamic legacy.

  12. Putin is playing a very dangerous game in his bid to once again become a major player on the worlds stage, so far he has managed to carry out his plans, but what is going to happen when Iran has the bomb and defies him? What is going to happen when the west gets a strong leader to oppose him?

  13. As to the cause of Donnarianism, that is easy.

    If males look to women for completion, they make them their God.

    To try to rid themselves of the grappling hooks they allowed into their flesh by fantasising in pornography until it became deeply degrading, then going to prostitutes to role-play and then be defecated upon by the sickest; then to kill their tormentors, at least try to see if that works to kill the Whore of Babylon in themselves. But that does not remove the power of the female form over such an imprinted male, slipping down the path of feminization: an earring here, a tattoo there, piercings in the erogenous zones. Putting women on a pedestals, beating them, putting them under submission, does not work. They cannot be normal around them. The deficiency of all women, complained of loudly, so as to separate themselves in the eyes of others for becoming female, these cross-dressers in secret. Only a sex with girl-child is left. She is no threat, for they have not formed a mind to despise the pig, only to fear them. There are no accusing eyes upon them as they descend deeply into role-reversal in wearing femaled clothes for surrender to enjoin with the spirit to become one, with their Creator, is the true promise of everlasting peace. Allah is all smoke and mirrors as Freemasonry is to the fine art of stoneworking. Mohammad has an eternal place at the LBGTQ table. Today, he would be welcomed and totally forgiven as “Aishanna” For now to be truly better and superior to all womenkind comprised of those dumb breeders, looking across at all those other deviants filled with their pride of completion. A psychopath. Very Islamic, And by submission, they are all on that path. Very unhealthy preoccupation with women.

    And the Christian? Look at the Christ-suit and see it doesn’t fit.

  14. @Lena N:

    Enjoy this brave voice of “Riposte Laique” as long as we can – if Taubira and her shamefully politicised Judiciary have their way – they will finally succeed in strangling this brave voice, Riposte has the might of a corrupt govt. against them.

  15. @ Martin: re femen – your links bring quite a new angle to the motivation of this particular femen protest – Thank you for that. As soon as I have time I will translate the relevant information from the people who did the video – unless someone can beat me to it.

    Using this occasion to say: You always bring amazing links ! thank you.


    Hello there……its me again………..Don Laird

    Well boys and girls, the honeymoon is over……nothing like waking up to a third world septic tank backed up right into our living rooms………..oh joy!!!!!

    Well, in this case, the septic tank is overflowing into Spain……..nothing beats dancing the flamenco and shoveling down mouthfuls of paella while you watch your beloved country sodomized, looted and burned by the Third-World????

    Of course it wasn’t really much of a honeymoon now was it?…..nope, no sirree!!!……no, those socialist/leftist/liberal self-loathing, politically correct, peddlers of White Guilt and its lunatic bitch sister, Multiculturalism, sang us a song that had us all bright eyed and bushy tailed and skipping down the bunny-trail to our brave new future as permanent defendants in every fucking Truth & Reconciliation shakedown show trial from Johannesburg, South Africa to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    And we believed them…..that our culture and our ancestors were somehow responsible for all the woes of the world, that we were responsible for all of the failings and shortcomings of every Third-World culture and country around the world and that we deserved to be punished, to have our collective heels thrown up around our ears and be given the biggest ass-pounding in the history of Mankind and only when we were cross-eyed, limping and speaking Swahili, only after we had been robbed and looted like some hapless John at the hands of a gun totting pimp…..then and only then, blood running down our legs, would we be allowed to limp off into the sunset…….but only after we had paid and paid and paid and paid and paid and then……..paid some more…….because after all………….. WE’RE WHITE AND WE’RE VERY VERY VERY SORRY!!!!!……HOW MUCH SHOULD I MAKE THAT CHEQUE OUT FOR?

    Actually, while the disease we suffer from is commonly known as “White Guilt”, this entire fiasco has little to do with colour, very little to do with colour, and more to do with culture, Western-Anglo Saxon-Judeo-Christian-Conservative culture to be exact.

    So then……once again……..all together now!!!!!









    In closing, I wonder how the citizens of Spain feel knowing that an outbreak of meningitis will ravage their towns and cities if Melilla is not quarantined?…..and how will it be possible to quarantine all of these highly contagious house-warming gifts our new guests have brought with them when they are swarming over all the border fences while the soldiers and police officers stand idle on orders from their guilt ridden political masters?

    You know, black or white or beige or yellow or red…….we Westerners are getting sick and tired of having the lunacy of the Left rammed down our throats. I am sick and tired of apologizing for all we have managed to accomplish over these last 3000 years

    And these apologies are profuse and uttered as we lick the boots of true lunatics and psychopaths who really do advocate mass murder, only their brand of mass murder, terrorism and mayhem come wrapped in the cloak of the “oppressed Third-Worlder struggling to make their way in the face of First-World (white) oppression. How ridiculous.

    The truth is that folks like Louis Farakhan, Al Sharpton, Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela, Jeremiah Wright and many others are devout advocates of mass murder its just that their charming little political dispositions don’t get much airplay from the Leftist Mainstream Media……FACT.

    Did you know old Winnie Mandela is an enthusiastic fan of using “necklacing” to dispose of those unfortunate enough to suffer her withering gaze. FACT.

    In the interests of fact and truth…….listen to a brief rundown of Saint Mandela’s quirky little hobbies and pastimes, which, again……don’t get much airplay due to their awkward and inconvenient nature.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  17. Rita

    Thanks for the link Putin singing Strawberry ..


    Russia has no need to deploy armed forces as it many instruments it can use

    1. Lots of Ukrainians go to Russia to work

    2. Ukraine’s industrial economy cannot survive any interruption of trade with Russia

    3. Ukraine and the EU are dependent on Russian gas and oil

    4. The US needs the air corridor link to Afghanistan

    5. The US also needs Russia on other issues such as Iran and N Korea.

    All this sabre rattling from the US, EU and NATO are just that, and nothing else.

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