News links March 21 2014 – 2

1. Last night we published an English translation of a Dutch muslim video advocating the assassination of Geert Wilders. Here is an article that helps explain contemporary Dutch culture and put that video in context.

2. Doctor at NHS hospital and another man become first ever to be charged with carrying out female genital mutilation Here is a Telegraph article on the arrest and doctor.

(Your UK tax dollars at work, cutting the genitals of muslim girls to make them islamicaly certified for savages and throwbacks)

3.  Wilders asked supporters of his Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom) whether they wanted more, or fewer Moroccans, both in their city and in the country as a whole. His followers responded by chanting: “Fewer, fewer, fewer!”. Wilders concluded: “Then we’ll see to that.”

4. Muslims dismayed over store’s alcohol license fearing anti-social behaviour

(Pig blood activists take note. Dumping pig parts, blood, heads or bacon bits, will not stop a mosque from being built but it likely will put you in jail for some nebulously worded Orwellian thought crime. However! Opening a liquor store next to a mosque will not only stop one from being built but may get them to move altogether. Enough liquor stores and they may all have to go back to Saudi Arabia where this crap started!)

The secretary of the mosque, Shamim Ahmed, has warned that the decision may well prompt them to look at moving to another area.

In January, the council’s licensing sub-committee granted the new Southern Co-operative store, due to open in the summer, a licence to serve alcohol from 8am to 11pm on Monday to Sunday, despite a petition with 58 signatures objecting to the move.

While the Bangladesh Welfare Centre had no problems with the store being built, it said it feared that the sale of alcohol next to a place of worship would increase crime, antisocial behaviour and racial hatred.

5. McGill Campus Quebec: Apologizing for apology: McGill uproar reflects growing oversensitivity on university campuses

6. Sunnis targeted across Iraq

(CNN) — A wave of violence swept across Iraq on Friday, resulting in at least 38 deaths, police said. Most of the casualties occurred in Sunni towns and cities, according to police in Baquba, Ramadi, Mosul, Samarra, Kirkuk and Tikrit.

• The deadliest attack occurred about 105 miles (170 kilometers) north of Baghdad in Anjana, where a suicide bomber drove a truck loaded with explosives into federal police headquarters, police officials in Tikrit and Baquba said. Officers were among the 14 people who were killed and 18 others wounded, the officials said.

7. Islam in Mexico:

8. White house watching Russian troop movements with “skepticism”

Thank you Wrath of Khan, Fjordman, M and many more. More to come.

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  1. #4: The secretary of the mosque, Shamim Ahmed, has warned that the decision may well prompt them to look at moving to another area.

    Oh dear.

  2. #1 and 3 Note hiow the Belgium people are considered racist for defending their nation and culture while the Moslems are considered nice for trying to destroy all nations and cultures that aren’t Arabic. The ordinary people are getting real mad about that double standard.

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